Saturday, February 9, 2013

Meet Ryan "Duffy" our very first Canadian Guest Blogger! He is debuting his talents here by sharing his 100th find! Remember that one? Of course you do! Well, join me in welcoming a new author and friend to CacheCrazy.Com as he shares his with you. BH
Name: Ryan Duffy
Geocaching Name: Tha Duh Feez
Where you reside: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Special interests: Poetry Slams & Cooking 
Name of your Blog: Tha Word According Duffman

Just over a week ago, for the first time in a long time, I spent the day Geocaching.  The wife was off scrapbooking with a friend and the little one was spending the day with my mom.  I had a HUGE list of caches I wanted to tackle but precious time to find them.  the day wound up being far from what I had planned but much more.

Biggest Container Yet (Ever?)

I had made a Pocket Query a few days beforehand.  So I loaded it into my iPhone and off I went.  However, I forgot to check on the recent logs of the caches.  Or else I would have known that many of the caches of the one series I was interested in were in somewhat disrepair.  Oh well, there are plenty of caches on my 'To Do' list.

So after dropping the little one off with Grammy I whipped out the iPhone, loaded up the app, and did a search for nearby caches.  Up came 'Sticking Around For The Beer'.  Yup, sounds like a good cache to start the day off.  It was a nice and easy walk into a suburban park and (aside from the familiar feeling of pine needles on my skin) was a nice start to the day.
Very Clever Hide

Next up were some caches in the Caching Migraine series.  You see (up-to-this-point) I logged my one and only FTF (First-To-Find) on #2 in the series.  So I've wanted to try some more and show that it wasn't just a fluke.  This is when I found out that many of the caches in the series are in need of some maintenance.  I'm not about to spend a rare day of caching hunting for hides that may not even be there.  The 2 caches I did find in the series were worthy of their name.  It was nice to check a couple of them off my list.

By now I was getting close to that triple digit number and I could almost taste it.  But I needed a couple more so I went for cache known to be rather large.  Judging from the maps I thought it was just on the outskirts of a sports field.  However, it proved to be quite the trek through bush with many trails going this way & that.  When I finally arrived at GZ I was slightly disappointed that part of cache that made it interesting (other than it's size) had been disabled :(  On the way back to my car I realized that I had parked about 10 metres from another cache.  And despite being out in the open it had me scratching my head for a few minutes.
Caching Down Memory Lane

With 97 finds I started to head towards my goal cache.  On the way I grabbed a cache beside one of my favourite burger joints and met another cacher while I was there.  I then grabbed a cache from my high school stomping grounds.  Then I headed off to the goal cache.

I had been here once before and had left only slightly stumped because I had forgotten the tools I had known I'd needed.  This time I didn't leave anything to chance.  But the cache was right behind a persons backyard, with a low fence, and a muggle relaxing on a lawn chair DOH!  This is going to take some stealth.

Armed with a multitool I made my way to cache in a semi crouch style walk.  I carefully released the cache from its resting place.  All the while watching the muggle to ensure I don't draw any attention.  Once in hand I dash back to the car.  A clever cache indeed!  I signed log and carefully put it back.  Not before taking some photos for personal reference.

I wound up grabbing one final cache before going to have dinner with the family.  A great ending to a great day!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Sounds like a great caching day. Welcome to Cache Crazy!!

BigAl said...

Welcome to CC. Great article and glad you reached a milestone in your caching career. Keep it up and pretty soon you'll be breaking several hundred. Welcome to the team.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Welcome to CacheCrazy Ryan and con grates on your 100. I do hope you enjoy your time with us, good first blog from you thanks.


CrazyCris said...

Very cool post!

After having spent quite a long time yesterday searching round the same spot looking for what was supposed to be a relatively easy cache (my first!!!), I can only hope I get better at it, otherwise I don't see myself finding this many caches in a single day!

Milestones are a lot of fun! Bravo to you on #100!!! :o)

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Welcome to Ryan, we look forward to more of your excellent work in the near future. You are the official Canadian ambassador of CacheCrazy.Com! We have quite a following there and I love Canada and all the beautiful natural resources there! Get out there and enjoy them! BH

Ryan Duffy said...

Thank you all for the warm welcome. I'm chomping at the bit to get out and do some more caches. Not to mention break in my new GPS I got for Christmas (thanks mom!).

CrazyChris - keep at it. My first attempt was with my iPod and Google Maps saved on the screen. I looked for 45 mins for an LPC (light pole cache). That I swear to this day I checked and saw nothing there. So keep at it. And those record breaking number days will come.

CrazyCris said...

Ryan: noted!
I used the iPhone geocache app and it got me quite close to the cache! I thought it would be less precise so I actually started looking in a wider circle! :p

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