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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY ~ "OH BEEP" Banana's East Bridgford Series

Mark had sent this in to me asking if we still do guest submission? Are you kidding, I said, we love them and this one is a home run! Thanks for sharing your families most fun times geocaching. Enjoy!

"Mark, look"
"I know, I'm being careful"
"No, look up"
"Oh sh*t" I said in despair.

Then all I heard was whispering and laughing from Amy and the kids.  A phrase was born that would become synonymous with those moments where I do something stupid or funny.  The phrase being "Oh beep".  

What the whispering was about was Sophie saying to her Mum, "Mark just said Oh Beep".  The laughing was about that and my reaction to seeing a set of steps that nearly made me cry (I'll get on to why in a moment).   Sophie had censored the swear word, which only seemed to make the whole scenario even funnier to them.
View from GC1J8W9 the top of the steps, can't see the bottom
From that moment on, whenever we go out caching, the kids and Amy wager on how many "oh beep" moments I have.  They all know that there will be at least one. Like the time I waded in to a stream to retrieve a cache.  The "Oh beep" came when the water started to touch my trousers, which were rolled up to my knees; it was at that moment that I realized I may have slightly misjudged the difficulty of getting the cache.  The kids loved it though.

As for the origin.  We had decided to do our first cache series - we were relatively new to caching and wanted to get our find rate up and also have a nice day out with the kids.  By the time we'd arrived at the foot of those steps we'd had a bit of a trek - one of the caches was at the top of a pretty big hill (GC1JE19 4 Banana's East Bridgford Surprise View) to get to the rest we had to do a bit of bushwhacking, for which we weren't prepared.  Add to this the heat and being bitten by all sorts of critters and we were in pretty bad shape.  Or should I say I was in pretty bad shape.

Seeing the pending climb up those steps - well the kids nearly saw a grown man cry.
Made it to the top - that’s pain in my eyes (not that I'm over dramatic)
Those "oh beep" moments come thick and fast when we are our caching - even I censor the swear now.  They are one of the many reasons we enjoy caching as a family.  Those funny moments, that often come out of the blue, are the ones the kids always refer back to when talking about caches we've found.


Matthew Granger said...
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Matthew Granger said...

Nice post Mark. I sure can relate. Those times when you say OH PEEP helps make it so much fun! lol

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