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Thursday, December 27, 2012



Last week I gave you the following two scenarios to think about. I hope you did think about them. Here is what happened.

This first one happened while I was in the United States Air Force.

I had been working at the base for quite some time and I was now working the day shift of 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. One day I was coming out of our office building and I was heading to my car when I saw something laying on the ground. I was still a good ways off and it appeared to be a wad of money that someone had dropped. As I was approaching it I started thinking about what I would do if it really was money. Would I pocket it and act as if it never happened? Would I try and find out who it belonged to? Would I just walk on by?

Well as I got closer I realized it was not a wad of money; it was some trash. I walked right on by toward my car. (I was not into CITO at that point.) I began to think how it would have been best if it had been money to try and find out who lost it. But then again maybe no one would have seen me pick it up and I could by something for myself. Hmmm.

As I got closer to my car I noticed something laying on the ground. No, it wasn't a wad of money, but it was a very nice hunting knife. It was somewhat long, and very sharp.

Then my thoughts came back to me. What should I do? I knew what I would do if it had been money that I found, but this was not money.  Should I just pick it up and get in my car? Should I try and find out who it belonged to? What should I do?

I picked up the knife and went home for the day. The next day I went to work early even though it was my day off. I met with each shift throughout the day and told them what I had found. I then told them that the person who had lost the knife could talk to me later about it. The stipulation I gave was that in order for them to be able to get it back they had to describe it exactly to me.

Pretty soon I started receiving calls from guys who said it was theirs. I would ask them to describe it and they would say "well it's about 5 inches long with a black handle." Sorry, was my answer. Another one said "it's double edged with engravings on the blade." Sorry, was my answer again. I don't remember how many calls I received, but none of them could describe it to me. There was not even one who was remotely close.

After enough time passed my commander said I could keep it since no one could describe it. So I kept it and I still have it to this day. By the way, if you call me and think it's yours you'll have to describe it exactly to me. And the picture above is just that; a picture of a knife. Hey come one now you didn't think I'd post a real picture of it did you?

This second scenario happened here at our local Walmart.

It was approaching Christmas time and my wife and I were out doing some shopping for the kids. We had picked up some items for them and were actually heading to another area of the store when it happened. I looked down and laying on the ground in the isle was a wad of money. Yes I'm back to the money thing again.
My wife saw it too.  I picked it up and counted it. There was a lot of money there. Then I began to wonder what should I do with it. Hmmm.  Should I just put it in my pocket? It is Christmas time and we sure could use some extra cash. Or I could consider it a gift and buy some other things for the kids they really need.  Should I try and find someone nearby that might have dropped it? But there was no one around. Should I take it to the Customer Service Center and turn it in? Who would know if I kept it? What should I do?

After looking at the money, and counting it once again, we decided to take it to Customer Service and turn it in. It was the right thing to do. I just hope that whoever lost it went there to see if it had been turned in. Maybe they did and maybe they didn't. I was sure of one thing, I was happy with what I did.

I hope you had a great week and I hope you'll do what's right if you find yourself in a situation like I did.


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