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Thursday, December 13, 2012



Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, lay back on the operating table and let the surgery begin.

As you may know I was in the hospital 2 years ago for heart surgery. I had had an ablation procedure, which thankfully is NOT being cut open. Jump back to August of this year and that was when I found out my surgery date for this year. I was scheduled for another ablation on 12/12/12. That's right. I was supposed to have surgery on the one day when I did not want it the most. What a bummer. I could not make it to any Geocaching Events because I was going to be laying on a table while some doctor worked on my heart through my femoral arteries. What a bummer.

We had grown use to the fact by now and just figured it was a done deal. No Geocaching on 12/12/12. But then Super Storm Sandy happened and believe it or not the Manhatten VA got slammed. They still are not open as of today. Well I received the call from the doctor stating that they would need to reschedule the surgery for another time and it would be done at the Brooklyn facility. I was told that they still do not have all of the equipment set up that they need to perform the surgeries. They do not even know when I might get back in. They assured me I am on the list, but they just don't have a date yet. You know what that means...

Geocaching on 12/12/12/. Well we still could not make it to any events due to my work schedule, but we knew we would have to go out and find some caches since a day like this will not be around for quite some time. When I got home from work I searched out some caches, loaded them into the GPS, and we headed off.

We chose three caches that are not too far from our house. We found the first one, GC3GHNC, without any problems. Actually, my son BigAlJr1693 found this first cache. Did I mention that it was only 26 degrees out and it was night time? We knew we could only do these caches at night in order to be able to get them in on 12/12/12.

From there we headed off to another cache, which was GC3XXRH4. This was another easy find made by Cacheking1998. So far we had two micro caches and we were saving the last one since it was bigger, and we had some TB's to drop off. It was GC3XXR4. This was another nice cache hide, which did not take us too long to find.

                       Craftimom looking for a cache

                                  Cacheking1998 and me
                            Signing the infamous 12/12/12/ logbook

                        12/12/12 Logbook

After finding our last cache we dropped off a TB, and some SWAG, and then we headed back to the car. Boy was it warm in that car. My wife then made the statement that she knew why she was so cold; she forgot her long-johns.

This made for a spectacular event for our family. We found three caches on 12/12/12, it was at night, and we did it as a family. This beats having surgery by a million miles. Yes, the surgery will happen eventually, but until then we will cache on into the night, or day. See you on the trails.
Wait a minute, check out that log, was I there? LMAO here is to wishing!



Oh man, that was a year ago? Dude, you lucked out and it looks like you made good use of that time. I on the other hand was not able to get a cache, booooo. No 12/12/12 again for another 100 years. I'll have to get it then, lol!

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