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Friday, December 14, 2012

Kiss That Frog Goodbye!

Here at, we've offered up several opinions on Geocaching Challenges.  I can honestly say that most of those opinions were NOT pro-Challenges.  The slogan behind Geocaching Challenges was "Go Somewhere, Do Something."  A very generic slogan, for an addition to a game of which the premise was to go somewhere (specific) and do something (namely, find a cache). 

Personally, I never sought out to do a Geocaching Challenge.  It was nothing more than an unecessary addtion to the game.  I didn't have the urge to snap a photo of me standing at the highest point in my home county, planking on the courthouse square, or...erm...kissing a frog.

Smart guy!

So, when I stumbled across this post on the Groundspeak forums, I wasn't the least bit surprised:

In our effort to inspire outdoor play through Geocaching, we are often faced with decisions about what to focus on next, and what to focus on less. It is through these decisions that we explore opportunities to grow the global game of geocaching.

Occasionally, during this process, we are faced with the reality that certain ideas don’t catch on as we had hoped. In these situations we owe it to ourselves and to you to make tough decisions about the future of every project and the resources to be applied to each. Sometimes, as a result, cool features must become casualties.

In this spirit, we have decided to retire Geocaching Challenges. 

This means that, effective today, we have disabled the ability to create new Challenges. We have also removed the Challenges application from all mobile application stores. In approximately 7 days, we will be removing all traces of the Challenges functionality and related content from

On an office wall here at HQ is a sign that reads, “Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow.” By accepting that we will sometimes get it wrong, we can allow ourselves to learn from and imagine new opportunities in the world of Geocaching. Our hope is we can take the lessons from Challenges and create better tools to guide you on your next adventure. 

Fly away, little buddy.

It's good to see Groundspeak admit they got this one wrong.  We can all put this silly experiment behind us and move on.

What is your take on the end of Geocaching Challenges?


Ann said...

I liked them ! I had done over fifty in different countries and had plenty of laughs doing them but to see my little badge of challenges disappear from the site is annoying. Oh well onwards and upwards. Grrrrrrrrr

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

I never cared for challenges. I did 6 just to check em out. They were not my thing so I did no more. They were easily ignored since nothing about them was integrated into the rest of, so I forgot about em, and it never impacted my day-to-day world.

Mistakes happen to the best folks (Google Buzz, Apple Maps), and the best outcome is that lessons are learned, and the folks involved go on to make better things in the future (Google Plus, Apple... blah, its the exception that proves the rule).

Now that they have freed up some hardware resources, and possibly some engineering time, I just hope they put it to more awesome uses, like bringing back virtuals & web cams, and improving *GEOCACHING*, and not spending countless hours trying to bolting other crap onto it.

BigAl said...

Didn't try them and didn't really want to. They just did not seem like something we could get into. I mean we're finding it hard enough just to get out and find a cache let alone do something that seemed silly. Now maybe they can focus their attention elsewhere.


to me, Groundspeak shows it's human side and says, "hey, it never took off like we thought it would". I can surly relate. I've had a few misses myself but, I know I'm going to keep moving forward and they will too. I'm beginning to like the lackey's:
* I get nominated for Geocacher of the month last January (earlier this year, that was pretty cool)
* I get a personal note from a Lackey named Jackie (lol), hand written, inviting me to take part in their promotion through educational outlets, educaching esntually. I'm in!
* They send me some cool swag. Some travel bug dog tags, a few cool stickers,a nice personally signed post card and a 2011 Lackey Geocoin! Nice!
* And now, they get ride of a portion of their game that, well, let's just say was, "undesirable".

I Myself only ever did one......


Phew, now that that's off my chest, moving on (and forward)I'm eyeing a great 5/5 winter cache here the Pocono ski country, wanna come play in the snow?

JS said...

I tried challenges - got about 5. The thing I found was that I could satisfy some of the challenges set by not even leaving my front room. I already had photos asked for in a couple of the challenges I did.

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