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Monday, December 31, 2012

CacheCrazy.Com ~ A Look Back on 2012 ~

So, another new year is here! Where does the time go? I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

2012 was an awesome year at CacheCrazy.Com World Headquarters here in the beautiful mountains of northeast Pennsylvania! New Honorary Authors, great articles by all and a dedicated readership who I'm certain enjoyed every bit of it.

I will try my very best to reflect back over this year past year and highlight (via hyperlinks) for you what I felt were the best in developments, happenings and posts. Sounds easier than it really is because there were so many great moments it's hard to consolidate them into one post but, here goes!

The year started out with BigAl 437 recovering from eye surgery. Smithie23 offered his geocaching confession and I introduced our readers to our newest Honorary Author, Ann who shared one of her adventures with us. January was also the month when we met our dear Honorary Author, Heather as she described the perils of geocaching and Dan shared his view of The Geocachers of Children's Television much to our delight! Erika Jean added another fine addition to her series, "Excerpts from" for all of us to enjoy and Dave D brought down the house with two tunnel posts in secession, The Screaming Tunnel and Blue Ghost Tunnel. I offered an update to my tending to ducks post to keep all informed and I was happy to offer a great post on Extreme Geocaching!  All in all, this was a great month for CacheCrazy.Com and a great way to start off the new year!


Bloodhounded nominated and selected as one of the final three contestants for Geocacher of the Month? This was a huge honor and started the month off perfectly! It truly turned a "Rebel Cacher" into a respectable member of the caching community. And, even though the Packers lost the Super Bowl to the NY Giants I couldn't help but feel sad for Smithie as he mourned the loss of Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da and made a confession that he is an FTF hound and why he caches! Meanwhile, Heather offered some tips on Muggle Distraction and Kim shared the deep dark secrets of what was in her geocaching bag! Little did I know that my Valentine's Day post would be one of the most popular posts of the year and I introduced our Honorary Author, George as he provided a crash course on how to Wherigo. There were 29 days in the month this year and Hedge offered his version of a Geocaching Treatise to top off the month. And, if that wasn't enough, we also celebrated one year of CacheCrazy.Com (in it's current form).  BIG Month!


BigAl kicked off the month with his awesome review of The Leap Day Event that he attended and had us all were wishing that we could go to Buttermilk Falls with him! Kim offered a few great posts but The CGW Train post and her travelbug and mobile post were awesome! Heather told us about her geocaching with history and Smithie defended the urban hide. I explained why I haven't been geocaching and told a story of a geocache maintenance surprise that really blew my mind! Erica told us about Arizona's oldest geocache and smithie told of his other passion genealogy which I think is fascinating. Our friend Shell from LoveMyGuinness offered two outstanding posts on the sport of geocaching and a caching day gone bad.  A very busy month with so many great articles!


In April we introduced CacheCrazy.Com's free geocaching logs made by George and have had over 400 downloads to date! Smithie introduced us to Munzee and wrote an excellent article on Private Property geocaches. Dave D took us on two totally awesome epic geocaching adventures to GC Headquarters and to the original stash but introducing all of our readers to his new daughter, Abigail was the best! I introduced our readers to Miragee and her first post with us and tufelhundin talked about a travelbug graveyard of sorts. Jamie also made her debut at CacheCrazy.Com and one of the all time favorite posts by BigAl was posted in April. He took the time to offer an in depth discussion on Lyme disease and the tick invasion. All in all, a super month!


Dave D kicks off the month with an excellent post on the art of logging and added another great post on Indian Folklore Edition. BigAl had some BIG news to share with the world on BigAlJr1693 and Kyo-Kat and share he did! He even found time to post a two part series in Got a Map I and II. Great stuff! Jamie returned with a great family fun post and I shared a live camera feed on an Eagle's nest in Monday's are for the birds. Dan talked about a geo trout fishing derby which was awesome and shared his spring gobbler story with us. George showed us his world wide flash mob efforts that looked like a lot of fun and Johnnygeo told us about the dangers of lamp post caching and caching safety in general. Heather added another great post on the Then and Now series which I personally love.  Smithie told us the tale of two rocks and shared a great chicken recipe with us to top it off.


JUNE 2012 Featured post ~ Geocache Launch Party and Cool CacheCam Video


As the weather got warmer you would think that things would cool down at CacheCrazy.Com, right? Wrong! Check out Kim's caching Lake Michigan and hot dogs! That is living right there may friends! Big Al told us about poison ivy and how to identify it in Leaves of Three and his wife, craftimom writes about a milestone for them bothGrandpa Thrifty was introduced to our readers as was Josh who tells his tale of a geobash that he attended with his family. Dan shared his adventures at the Philadelphia Zoo and I puplished my secret Buffalo Chicken Wing Recipe.  Heather adds another entree to her Clever Caches collection and Dave D shows you how to make a clever geocache of your own. Hedge offers some snarky geologs we would like to see and Connie from shared her first FTF!  Smithie has a great story to tell about a cache he found and then found it again and we wrap up with a fun little geocache maintenance story that I wrote. Wow, what a great month!

BigAl started off July with a great post on the best DNF ever while Dan wished us all well from Morocco! I explained why the 4th of July isn't really Independence Day and Heather explains the ins and outs of why and how. DctrSpott surprised me with a great post with the Sheep Mountain Disaster and Smithie was busy rattling off several great posts and told us about the best cache he never found, showed us a cool unique cache container and shared some of his wedding adventures in Myrtle Beach, SC. Miragee offered two outstanding posts and awesome pictures during her adventure geocaching with Dillweed and she visited two historic caches in southern CA. I introduced our readers to Sonny and he offered his post on their geocaching vacation and I also introduced Nishollow who is an artist in his own right with his crazy cache containers. We also had celebrity status when BigAl437 was on TV and wore his CacheCrazy.Com Author hat proudly for all the world to see. I loved that! I had a similar personal experience when our blog was selected and featured as The Blog Of The Week on a regional televised Internet reviewer! That was awesome! Otherwise BigAl couldn't find his own cache, Heather took us on a walk on the canal side and Dave D announced that Aliens have landed in Denmark! What a wild month!


The month starts off with Jamie sharing a nice little story about a mushroom and BigAl and family head to the big city to meet with a doctor. Smithie tell us about his milestone cache while on the Trilogy Of Terror tour and then takes us on an adventure to do six cache types in one day! Dan takes us on an adventurer close to home with a rails to trails geocache family fun day and I did a pretty cool DIY of a bird nest cache that was well received. We featured the Outdoor Adventure Magazine which was a CacheCrazy.Com exclusive and Connie contributed an awesome photo collection of an old Gold Miners Camp. She also rolled out her series of  Monday Morning Adventures with MrsMamaHen that carried over several weeks. Speaking of morning adventures, Ann showed us one of her geomornings and Dave D came back with two great "tunnel" themed posts in "Tunnel Of Light" and "The Mosier Tunnels". Wait! That's not all! Smithie talked about the benefits of a premium membership at, BigAl pointed out the finer details of why patience is a virtue and I shared my typical morning. Yes, an action packed month and don't forget to check out the featured post on the Trilogy Of Terror which was a CacheCrazy.Com organized adventure with Dan, Smithie and myself. Great times they were, great times.


Right out the the gate I did a post of a group of folks who coordinated an effort called Space 2081. The goal is to place one cache of every type and every difficulty and terrain rating, pretty cool right? Monday Morning Adventures continued right through the month and Ann was back at with a short but sweet caching day afield. I checked into some antics that Nishollow was up to and BigAl took us all to Florida on his family vacation that just wouldn't be complete without grabbing some geocaches, 50 geocaches to be exact! We paid our respects to 9/11 and  Dan talked about his experience while bumping into a few rookies. Kim stole the show with two fantastic articles on the historic Mineola Hotel and the Crystal Lake Park District Geocache Series! While BigAl was showing us how to turn a fire extinguisher into a clever cache container, DctrSpott post a surprise astrological adventure on Cassiopeia. I asked everyone to please log those DNF's and Smithie was surprised that his cache survived a recent flood. Finally the month ended with Heather's moving story in Lee's Memorial Travel Bug Journey. Man, what a month! There was so many great features that my Google reader was smiling from ear to ear!


Dave D kicked off the month by taking us to South Mountain State Park to geocache the High Shoal Falls. He also gave us a great education on Ziplock bags and there uselessness. I did some geocaching alone and blogged about it of course while George shared his photos of caching in San Francisco, CA. The Tangled Mermaid shared a touching geocache love story with us and smithie had a message to sotp bullying that was well received. Kim gave us an education on pathtags and Bigal and I both talked about the beautiful leaves and the fun time that you could have geocaching at this time of the year. The last ten days of the month were reserved for Fright Week and I had to select 10 out of 22 entries of frightening stories by awesome authors. Some of the runners up were Kim's, Mineola Hotel and Lounge and Heather's, The Big Black Hairy Monster Under My Table (which I still owe them prizes for, sorry guys:). There were so many great stories I would check them out if I were you. This was a special month for me in many ways and an unbelievable display of the talent on the CacheCrazy.Com author team!


Oh what a November to remember! We started off the month by publishing some of the stories that I loved such as Dan's, "Was it You??" and BigAl's, "Faceless Lady" and a few more. Heather submitted a story of sports activities that a pensioner might employ or not and Tony offered his insight on trail mix. Veterans Day has a special meaning to all of us and Lea from Indulge Thyself offered a great article on our military working dogs. Smithie addressed the Munzee madness gone stale and Ann took us on a Riverside Autumn Walk where she had some fun and adventure. Kim posted a great article on all different types of cache containers and I showed our readers how to make a mushroom cache container. BigAl showed us his sensitive side while he and his wife took part in a Romantic Cache, he was obviously very proud of his son's first buck and he took the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Dan shares a hunting season tradition with us and DctrSpott takes us on an adventure out west that is sure to please. Dave D shared some tools of the geocacher, I predicted the future of geocaching and smithie talked about his geocaching slump that at one time or another, we could all relate to. Without a doubt a great month at CacheCrazy.Com.


With the holiday's quickly approaching and our schedules getting very busy all of a sudden some friends stepped forward to assist in posting fresh content everyday! Jenny from Jenny Goes Geocaching posted an article on miro managing and an awesome two part story of a multi cache in Bangor, Maine. Our friend Sonny from Life Outside My Door posted 10 tips that he has learned over the years while camping. Smithie said goodbye to challenges in, "Kiss That Frog Goodbye" and Dan offered his hunting story of bagging his buck this year. I posted a story I wrote awhile back on the worst geocaching day ever and talked about the location of a cache in relationship to how much action the cache will receive. BigAl asks a question for you to answer in, "What Would YOU Do?" and I make a bold announcement that I believe in Santa Claus! BigAl does some night caching on 12/12/12 that looks like a lot of fun, Dan and I get into a geocaching feud and we top off the month with Heather showing us ways to get yourself invited, save on gifts and have a nice CHEAP Christmas! Does it get any better than that I ask you?


Well, there you have it! One full year of fun and adventure all wrapped up in one post just for you! I'll leave it up for two days so you can really explore it and have fun but come Wednesday it's back to business bringing you all the best geocaching, outdoor adventure, fitness, family fun and some great food too that you have come accustom to here at CacheCrazy.Com. We are very eclectic so I'm sure you'll find something you like but if you have any ideas or suggestions please send me an email at and I would be happy to hear your thoughts. Thank you all for your support and we at CacheCrazy.Com World Headquarters look forward to another wonderful year finding adventure everyday!
Happy New Year!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a fun re-cap and what a great year here at CacheCrazy. I really love my relationship with this great group of people and its a pleasure to be associated with all of you.

Thank you Kevin for all you do. Your leadership is vital to the group. Happy New Year everyone!

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