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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sport Activities for us Old Pensioners - Right !!!

Having taken up geocaching about 3 years ago and losing 6 1/2 stone in the process, I decided to look closely at other sport activities that any of us old pensioners have attempted. Your'll suddenly realize why geocaching and hiking was the only choice that I could make.

As pensioners we have all taken notice of our doctors comments over the years and stayed really fit, having toned bodies and wonderful athletic appearance, "yeah right". We suddenly realized that we have nothing to do all day but move backwards and forwards to the fridge, just to keep our strength up, yet our bodies have sunk lower down whilst expanding outwards in all directions. So it time to put things right with some physical exercise, so lets take a look at what fellow pensioners are doing and what's on offer to make us oldies ready for the next Olympics Games in 2016.

Power Walking seems to be one that I've observed recently. There was a rather tall grey haired old gentleman with a distinctive stoop spotted walking briskly through the village, wearing shorts, vest and a head sweat-band. He pumped his arms vigorously moving them backwards and forwards and he tried to move his legs quickly, unfortunately for all his efforts he was passed by a young lady pushing a pram who walking normally down to the village primary school.

Aerobics for the Elderly seems to have taken hold in various community rooms and town halls. None of this jumping up and down on steps, or groups dancing around in formation to lively music. It seems that these aerobics involve sitting in chairs waving your arms around like demented windmills, would you believe it some even wear leotards and that's not a pretty sight with all that sagging flesh, I just can't visualise me in a pink leotard, OK you can all stop laughing now!

There are some sports that the elderly do seem to excel in for some reason or the other, perhaps this is what I need.
Lawn Bowls for an example, the gentle art of rolling a ball up and down a lawn that you would think has been cut by a groundsman using nail scissors. First they throw a small white ball away and then take it in turns to get other balls close to it. You can't even throw it straight as someone has cunningly put weights on one side to confuse you as it bends away from where you intended. It's taken so seriously that if the correct clothes aren't worn at all times, your not allowed to play and are removed from the greens.

Golf, I ask you, what's that all about then? You seem to have to thump a little white ball around for miles after miles, only for it to be lost down small holes. I wouldn't mind but all the holes are marked with flags so could easily be avoided. Then, once you had all that frustrating exercise you find yourself back were you started from and have to retreat to the club bar for an unhealthy alcohol drink, putting all those lost calories back on again - pointless.

Rambling or Geocaching for pensioners, now your talking and a great sport that I have decided is for me. Not only does it give exercise for those with aching joints and pot bellies, but also keeps the emergency services busy rescuing  us pensioners from places we shouldn't have gone to in the first place. How often do you see groups of pensioners set off in shorts, rucksacks and stupid hats that would embarrass their own children if seen worn around the house.
So there you have it, all in all pensioners doing sport have some really good benefits, well it keeps our hospitals full and district nurses and doctors in full employment. Perhaps we should all know are limitations and stick to shove-penny in the local pub, knitting circles or really going for it by just watching sport on the television, although that exhausts me at times.

There is one thing for certain I wouldn't go out in a stupid hat on my own, risking accidents, or my family would disown me, HONEST.

I can tell you that Heather looks great! She lost weight, is stronger and more aerobically conditioned. Her geocaching name is Lady_Magpie but I call her by her new nick name, "SKINNY"! Keep it up Heather and thanks for sharing your work here at CacheCrazy.Com!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Heather, you look stunning in your black hat. I'd love to come join you in a caching excursion one of these days!

Ann said...

No no Heather we are not pensioners, didn't you know we are really recycled teenagers? I agree with you and all you have written there, mind you I like to embarrass my family lol only this morning we were along at Dobbies garden centre and I text my daughter down south to tell her I had just taken a photo of an Eddy Stobart lorry in the car park, back came the reply "That is SAD" mind you her dad told me he was going inside and left me to it. For our American friends, Eddy Stobart is a haulage company with many many lorries on the roads, each lorry has a name printed on the front, and if you wave to them they should wave do I know that? Well I wave to them when we are on the motorway.

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