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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pay Off


Bundle up, sit back, and stay warm.

This year marks my third year of hunting with my son Levi. The past three years have been fun, but not very profitable for our freezer. If you'll remember last year at this time I had just had emergency eye surgery and I was recovering and wearing an eye patch. Since the surgery was right after Thanksgiving I was not allowed to hunt last year until the very end of the season, and that was only for one day. It was not my kind of year.

This year would be different though. As usual we spent Thanksgiving day with my in-laws and we had a great time. It was also when I set up our deer blinds that we would be hunting out of come opening day. My son Carl would be hunting by himself and Levi would be hunting with me. Levi was actually helping me along as I have had a cataract creep up that is starting to mess with my left eye. Maybe one year I won't have any eye problems for hunting season.

We made it to our blind before it got too light out and we got all set up. I prepared for the cold day by putting my orange bibs on to keep me warm. We both had our hand warmers going to keep the chill off of our hands. We were set.

Well we did not see any deer for quit some time. Around 9:15 I decided to put my sunglasses on, which help take the glare off, and they allow me to see better. Then at 9:25 I spotted a deer to our left. I looked at Levi and noticed he had drifted off to slumber land. I poked him, but not through Facebook, and told him there was a deer to our left. He sat up and said he saw it and that it was a buck.

Now Levi is about to turn 15 so a legal buck for him only has to have antlers that are three inches long or longer. I could not see the buck and I asked him if he could still see it. He said yes. I then asked him if he had a clear shot and he said he did. I then told him to go ahead and take the shot. BANG!! went his 30-30 rifle. I saw the deer run and stop a short distance away, but then it ducked out of sight. He said it appeared to be a 5 point buck, but he wasn't totally sure.

He then said there were more deer coming from the same direction and I looked, but could not make out if they were all doe or not. He said they were doe. That kind of blew it for me since you can't shoot doe right now; that opens this Saturday. We waited for a few minutes and then I told him to get out of the blind and I would get out too. I had him stand right in front of the blind and I started walking toward where he had shot. I was quite a ways away when I looked back and saw he was motioning me to the right.

I did not see any signs that he had hit the deer so I started walking in the direction he was pointing to. As I got closer to a steep wooded area I heard a loud snort and when I looked I saw a buck jump up and try to run. Well it did not run very far before going down again. I realized then that he had done it. All those years of target practicing at the shooting range had paid off. This was his first deer ever.

As I walked toward the deer I yelled at Levi to get down here with me. It was then that I realized just how nice of a deer it really was. Levi was wrong. It was not a 5 point buck. It had 8 points and just happened to be one of the largest deer that has ever been taken on our property. Finally, meat for our freezer, which is most important, and a nice trophy for well deserved young man.

We brought the deer to Grandma's and Grandpa's and then went to finish out the day. We did not see any more deer, but we still had a great day. Seeing how happy he was really made my day. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to hunt with all of my children. It has given us time in God's woods and allowed us to see many things He has created. I'm also thankful that when it came down to it Levi was able to make a clean shot that was a little over 100 yards. The deer weighed 154 lbs, has a 17 inch antler spread, and will put lots of meat in our freezer.

Thanks Levi, you have made your dad proud and you are turning out to be one fine young man. Okay Carl, now it's your turn.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Looks like your freezer will be happy this year :)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Congrats to Levi - that's a very respectable deer and he has every right to be proud. You raised one hell of a deer hunter my friend!


100 yards! Holly cow, that boy of yours is like a freaking sniper! I do not hunt however, I totally respect the tradition and the sport for TRUE sportsmen like yourselves.
Congratulation Levi, you've earned your fathers respect and are the pride of Alfredland.

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