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Friday, November 9, 2012

Munzee Schmunzee

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about the game Munzee.  For those not in the know, Munzee is a smartphone-base game where you scan barcode game pieces, known as Munzees, for points.  Under normal circumstances, five points are awarded to those who deploy the Munzee, as well as those who record a capture.  Three points go to a player when one of his or her deployed Munzees is captured.  From time to time there will be a designated time period where the point values are doubled, or deployed Munzees are randomly selected as "special" Munzees, and are temporarily assigned a unique point value, until scanned.

For a period of time, I got really interested in the game.  The game bears many similarities to geocaching, but in many cases, without the extended effort (see Activity, Physical). It isn't very time consuming.  Those who fancy the "cache and dash" would appreciate the game's fast pace and instant reward.  My problem, however, was the lack of Munzees deployed in my area.  Both near my home and place of work, before long, I had to look far and wide for available Munzees, in order to continue playing the game.

Your results may vary.

I "Munzeed" out my home areas, sort of speak.

Being the nerd I am, I sat and thought about it.  Perhaps there are other players out there with the same dilemma.  After all, someone had put those Munzees I found out there, in the first place.  Maybe, if I start deploying my own Munzees, other players would come out of the woodwork, show their faces, and capture mine, and be inspired to deploy some more of their own.

Boy, was I wrong!

I must have put out no less than a dozen Munzees.  Sure, I got some captures.  I networked/campaigned a bit, and a few players got out and scored some points.  Other than that, I may see my Munzees get captured once every 45-60 days.  It wasn't quite what I was looking for.  With game that awards points, has double points weekends, and offers a public ranking system, I've been strongly discouraging from continued to play the game.

Where have all the Munzee players gone?

I think, somehow, the whole system is wrong.  All things even, the game strongly rewards those who play the game in a densely populated area.  More human beings=greater likelihood said humans play Munzee + greater urban infrastructure to deploy Munzees.  The little guy sitting in a small community gets hosed because he wants to play the game, but can't because there aren't many people living around him, and therefore, fewer potential players.  He's got to get in his car and drive to the nearest urban center in order to get his scan on.

Is there anyone out there who still plays Munzee?  Are you experiencing similar issues?


Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

I feel pretty much the same way. Munzee is a nice notion, I just can't get excited about it.

Also, the client software on the phone is downright pathetic, and the website isn't much better. I may grab a munzee if I get bored, but I doubt I am going to go out of my way to grab a munzee like I gladly do to grab a cache.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Absolutely spot on, I have captured 6 over a long period if I want more they are 30-40 miles away in the city of Bristol, UK not going to start travelling those distances just for a game. If I'm in the area OK.


Nice Dave! You got me excited about the game with your previous post. I downloaded the app and headed out to your deployed Munzee near my home. I couldn't wait to check it out. Looking for it was fun (cuz you made it that way) and capturing it was pretty neat too but, something was missing, something just didn't seem right? Next day I checked out the map, not too many Munzees, nothing really stirring inside me to go get'em and that's where I left my Munzee interest. Funny, I like it in concept but it's just not for me and I really don't even know why!

Ann said...

There are 4 in Ayr where I live......and who put them out? !
We got the only 2 in the next town, one other in a village nearby that someone put out and thats it! It just has not taken off. One person has got 2 of mine and that is all.
I like Munzee hunting. But the nearest fair amount are in Glasgow which is an hour away, and even then there are not all that many there, We thought we had got a Candy one but it would not scan as it was so far too faded, even going back a second time a couple of weeks later it had not been replaced.

Dodger said...

I'm re-naming the game - Dumbzee. 'Cause that's what it is.


LMAO! Dumbzee......
Welcome Dodger, good to see you this morning and here in the comments! You crack me up!

CaptainMath said...

I just saw this post now, but I share a lot of the same thoughts. I think it was a good idea to have a system of logging that you can only do on site, but I see several problems...
1. As someone said, the software doesn't always work, or the connection in poor-coverage areas makes some munzees unloggable. I successfully logged a few but after failing on a few due only to software or lack of connection I pretty much gave up;
2. So far the Munzees I've seen have been at pretty lame locations. I imagine there may be some at nice spots but it's hard to imagine hiking to a memorable location to find a little QR code.
3. I like reading good logs on my caches (and others) and I like writing good ones too. Of course that part of geocaching has been losing attention lately with lame TFTC logs or even emoticon or one-letter logs. I haven't seen a single worthwhile log on a munzee yet.
4. A game based on a point-system that encourages competition and luck of timing may appeal to some, but not to me. I typically find the competitive aspect of geocaching distasteful (I have enough fun meeting my own goals, I don't need to outplay someone else), so that aspect of Munzee just turns me off.

I imagine that game may evolve more over time as geocaching has been too, some for the better and some not so much. Maybe Munzee will become a more viable alternative in some locations where cell service is good if the game's leadership finds a way to encourage quality experiences.


Well said CaptainMath, well said.....And welcome!

Chris said...

I'm just checking out this game, and it seem to be more money driven than geocaching. Munzee allows and even Courts business munzees, where that's a no no in the geocaching world. Haven't decided if I will be playing or not

Chris said...

I'm just checking out this game, and it seem to be more money driven than geocaching. Munzee allows and even Courts business munzees, where that's a no no in the geocaching world. Haven't decided if I will be playing or not

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