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Today is a very special day for us and that is because our daughter Katy, and son Carl, have returned from college.

Our youngest son, Levi, has been home with us and our house has never been so quite. My two oldest boys, Paul and Sean, have been out on their own for quite some time now and we do get to see them every now and then. So today the five of us will be spending the day with my wife's parents and her brother and his family to celebrate Thanksgiving.

As many of you know today is Thanksgiving, and I thought I'd share a Thanksgiving skit with you that I wrote for our puppet team (Countryside Puppets) since we normally perform it around this time of the year.

I'll introduce the puppets to you so you have a better idea of who they are.



                                 John and Jenny

                                 The kids

Grandpa and Thanksgiving
By Rob Alfred

Martha:  Roger, Roger!

Roger:   Yes Martha.

Martha:  Could you come in here and help me?

Roger:   Yeah, I'll be right there.

Martha:  Roger, Roger!!

Roger:   What Martha?

Martha:  Are you going to come help me?

Roger:   But I'm watching the football game. (Football game sounds)

Martha:  It's just that I could really use your help in the kitchen.

(Roger enters the kitchen wearing his TV headset; football sounds are muffled)

Roger:   I know Martha, I'm sorry. Here I am.

Martha:  Thank you. Now I need some help getting some of the food ready for today. (Martha lifts her head up from her work.) Roger, get those things off of your head! It's almost noon and John and Jenny and the kids will be here soon.

Roger:   Oh, alright. But why do they have to come to our house for Thanksgiving? There will be kids running around, loud noises, and toys everywhere.

Martha:  Now Roger, you know we don't see the kids very often, besides you should be more thankful that they do come and visit us. Some folks don't eat together as families anymore, let alone getting together for the holidays. By the way, did you ever thank John for that big screen TV he got for you? You know the one you're watching the game on.

Roger:   Oh, I guess I forgot to tell him thanks. It sure was nice of him to buy that for me for my birthday last month.

Martha:  And how about what the kids got you?

Roger:   Oh yeah, more neck ties. I really needed those. With what the Pastor has been speaking on lately I guess I should be more thankful, especially at thanksgiving time. I almost forgot that verse he talked about last Sunday. You know the one that goes something like "giving thanks... um, giving thanks...

Martha:  You mean "Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Roger:   Yeah, that's the one. Boy, it says to give thanks always, and for all things. I guess that means anytime, and for anything.

Martha:  It does Roger. Hey, were those car doors I heard?

Roger:   I think you're right.

(Door opens with loud beep, beep, sounds coming in.)

Kids:    " Grandpa, Grandma, we love you and miss you."

Roger:   Me... (Interrupted by Jenny.)

Jenny:   Whoa, watch out. There's a little one coming through.

Roger:   Me too, kids. Thanks for coming over today. I really missed you.

John:     Hi Dad.

Roger:   Hi son. Hey, I don't think I ever said thanks for the TV you bought for me, and I want to say it now. THANKS! It has been an awesome gift. Come on in and let's watch the rest of the game until it's time to eat.

(Lots of laughter and kid sounds.)

John:   What was that Dad? I couldn't hear you because of all the noise.

Roger:  I said...

Martha:  (Interrupting) Roger, watch out for that...

(Lots of commotion)

Martha:  ...toy.

Roger:   Oh well. Here we go again.

Well I hope you enjoyed that little skit about Thanksgiving. I know the kids really like it.

I do want to say a little bit about what Thanksgiving really means. Did you know that thanksgiving is really two words in one? It is. Although many people think it's just a time to get together and watch football games and eat food, which it can be, there really is much more to it.

The first part of the word is "Thanks". This means to be thankful for something. Like food, family, fellowship, and friends. (I love to illiterate.) We can be thankful for many things that we have. I personally am thankful for each day I have to live.

The second word is "Giving". This means we are to be giving to others. One year our church collected food to give to others who normally wouldn't have had a nice thanksgiving. What about you? What was the last thing you gave to someone who was in need?

As you gather with family and friends today remember to be thankful for all that you have. And, think of some way, or something, you can give to others. Your expression of love can change a life forever.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my fellow cachers and friends.


Lea said...

Cool! :) Happy thanksgiving!

Sonny Davis said...

I'm thankful for your post and your blog, and I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends here at CacheCrazy.Com and all of our talented authors!
God Bless You!

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Thanks for the Thanksgiving reminder Al. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

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