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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Did you Weather the Storm?


Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and batten the hatches; tie down the kids; fill those water buckets for there is a Super-Storm coming.

                        Super-Storm Sandy also known as Frankenstorm
Well I don't know about you, but we made it through Frankenstorm Sandy and we only lost our power for 5 days. Yes, I said 5 days. That is the longest time we have gone without power. I had to work the first three days of it and I had to report in to our corporate office every two hours. We lost power at work about 3 hours before we lost it at home. We also got it back at work after only two and a half days. What a fiasco that was. I did learn what all is on the generator and what is not on the generator at work. We could run most of the kitchen and we had some lights. What we did not have was heat or hot water. You can bet I'll have that added real soon.

We are mandated by the State of PA to be able to provide our residents with a minimum of 70 degrees of heat. The first day and a half was not a problem, but as the outside temperature dropped so did the temperature in the building. We ended up having a generator brought in that was the size of a tractor trailer to be hooked up to our building so we could have heat. You've probably seen these at your local or county fair. They sure are loud.

Well it arrived very early on Wednesday morning and while the guys were hooking it up our power came back on. Poor guys; they never even got to fire it up. I was very thankful to them and to all of our residents and how they reacted to the whole situation. They were real champs.

Well at the Alfred household things were different. My wife, Craftimom, still had did homeschool with our son, Cacheking1998. The first day without power they did it by flashlight at home. The second day they went to the library and did work. The third and fourth day they went to Baptist Bible College to do their work. And the last day we went to my mother-in-laws house and worked there.

Now I must let you know that since we had advance notice of the storm we made sure several things were in place. We had seven 5 gallon buckets filled with water on the porch. (This would be for the toilet brigade.) We also had three cases of bottled water for drinking, and some gallon jugs for rinsing your hands. Once I got home from work I brought in our oil lamps for light. They worked great. My wife and son had done a wonderful job of keeping the fire going in the fireplace for heat. We used the fireplace to do some cooking, as well as the outdoor grill, and we had a little butane cook stove too. We were all set. It did get cold at night, but we just buried ourselves deep within the many layers of covers.

I am very thankful for a friend of mine who loaned me a small generator that I was able to use for my freezer and fridge. We did not loose any food at all. We also had plenty of ice in the cooler. The lowest it got in the house was about 41 degrees. When it was that cold we did not bother putting the food in the fridge; we just left it out on the counter.

All in all we were fine. We played games, talked, and used our laptops until the batteries ran down. (Then we would go somewhere to charge them back up.) This really caused us to be thankful to God for bringing us through; especially with no water damage. But then you have the folks who were not so fortunate who live in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia. Probably some other places too. They lost homes, lives, cars, and a lot of their possessions. I'm sorry for their loss. I pray for them just as much as I prayed for the power line guys who were out there doing their best to get everyone back on line with electricity.

                         TREES AND POWER LINES DOWN

                         TAXIS FLOODED

                         HOMES FLOODED

                        REAL HEROES

So here is a list of things you should keep around your house for those times when you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Flashlights and extra batteries (6 volt LED's are best)
Matches or lighters
Firewood if you have a fireplace
Plenty of drinking water and water for the toilet brigade
Warm blankets
Food (even some freeze dried food from your local Outdoor store)
Lanterns and extra fuel
Kerosene heaters and fuel
Rope (you never know what you'll need it for)
A 12 volt LED bulb and a 12 volt battery if possible (They are extremely bright)
Fun games for you and the kids
First aid kit
Charged cell phones
A generator if possible
And lastly would be a sense of humor.

Also, make sure after the power goes out to turn off as many lights as possible, and unplug large items that have a motor and might have been on. You don't want to have a power surge when the power comes back on and burn them out. That happened to our septic tank motor.

Hopefully you'll never have to experience anything like this, but if you do you can be prepared ahead of time and make the best of it.



Great article BigAl! We were lucky here at CacheCrazy.Com World headquarters. some wind damage and power outage for just two days however compared to many, small stuff. I pray for all those folks who have lost so much and thanks God for the safety of all the linemen and women who literally "lay it on the line" for others.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Glad you weathered the storm in high spirits and everything was ok. It does pay to be prepared and you sure provided a great example of that.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

So glad you were prepared and everyone safe. Fortunately we don't get such dangerous storms in the UK.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

So glad you were prepared and everyone safe. Fortunately we don't get such dangerous storms in the UK.


I'm adding hand sanitizer and/or saniwipes to your list. Germs can get nasty after a few days, lol!

Dodger said...

Great list, Al. We have a coal and wood stove, an oil lamp, flashlights... losing power can be a fun adventure... for awhile. The water is a BIG deal. Man, 5 days. That's tough, but you're tougher. Way to hang in there!

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