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Monday, November 19, 2012

A Fungus A-Mungus

A DIY cache container by: Bloodhounded

Notes from the author: This is a neat little cache that you can set most any place and get great log results. It’s easy to make and fun! Why not make one of your own?

Jeff from nucci6 is a friend of mine from State College PA. He found one of my caches where I use a similar container and made mention in an email that he would really like one. So, I made a replacement and gave it to him. Now it resides at GC2RZP1, The Mushroom Cache at Penn State University mushroom research center. A very cool location indeed.

Here are just a few logs from recent finds:

·         April 10 by carels (14462 found)
# 14115 FTF Thank you for the cache. I liked the container.

·         April 11 by JBT (1784 found)
Aah, the fungus is among us! We met up with engineco3 and TheGeoSleuth near GZ and had a nice visit. Thank you for the fine hide and great cache container!

·         April 21 by kmbartek (191 found)
crazy cache container.

So, if you want to get this kind of results and place an evil cache that really looks cool, here is the DIY step by step for The Mushroom Cache.

1.       Use quality self drying clay that you can find at any craft store. Follow the package instructions. Use a water tight container. I used a chemistry set sample containers.
2.        Mold your masterpiece. Follow the package instructions for the best results. Be sure to press the bottom of the container into the clay to make and indent. Later you'll use this as the attachment location.
3.    This is your chance to inscribe your cache name of anything else (like maybe the coord to the next stage, hehehehehe [evil laughter]. Tip - don't worry about the messy "scrap" you get from etching. You can sand that off later, or leave it on as texture.
4.    Drill a small hole right through the cap (half the diameter of the nail you plan to use) 
5.    Work a nice sized nail through the hole with the point exiting the top of the cap.
6.    The end result should look like this.
7.    This will be the first time you will use the 5 minute epoxy. Get the feel for it and know it's cure stages. Epoxy the nail in place so it is solid and firmly in place. 
8.     Now it's time to paint the mushroom cap (my fav). The one on the right is the refurbished original mushroom I gave nucci6. I had to fix an area of the cap that was coming apart. I fished them both together. Any acrylic paint will work.I like to mix the paint with white glue. It adds a layer of protection and make a cool opaque look to the mushroom. 
9.      Paint it any way you wish. Glow in the dark paint would be cool for a night cache, right? I decided to match the natural as close as I could.
10.   This picture sucks but basically you want to epoxy the mushroom cap to the BOTTOM of the container. Then once it's dry "paint" the entire cap with epoxy. This works as a sealer and the epoxy makes a solid, durable surface.
11.     I like to paint the whole project and cover it totally with two coats of epoxy. Here is what it looks like when it's done. The epoxy makes it bullet proof and last for years.
12. Here is a picture of the refurbished original that resides at GZ
13.    I like to personalize stuff and love the way the paint darkens in the etched clay. This cache container complete with log was given as a gift to DctrSpott to place in the state of Wyoming while he attends grad school there this fall.

The container is naturally waterproof with the cap shedding the rain but I still like to place the log inside a small zip lock bag to add another level of protection. The nail works as a spike so it wont move, fall or roll away. 

That's all there is to it. You too can be the proud owner of this unique container that attracts favorable logs and is fun to find. All it takes is a little time between the stages and some creativity and there you go, a mushroom geocache container of your very own!

Have fun!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Love, love, love this idea! I have to do this.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

I know I've used this before, but there doesn't seem mushroom for the log, but I think your such a fun-guy to make this clever cache.

Great cache idea, thanks for the idea.

kyle powell said...

i love finding caches like that,If i found that cache in the wild i would give it a fav point.very cool.

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