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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Slender Man

The Slender Man
So, my brother and his girlfriend were over the other week and introduced me to the urban legend that is Slender Man.

Have no idea wtf I'm talking about? Watch this Youtube clip. I'll wait...




I watched it. Laughed at him and promptly forgot all about it.


Hubbs had one night off this week. After he got a nap in during the day, he woke up just before the kids bedtime and was all like "Hey! Let's go grab some Wawa and go night caching!" and I'm all like "Otay!"...

Mostly, I wanted the Wawa.

After we eat, we get out into the deep dark woods, pull the kids out of the car and equip ourselves with as many flashlights as we own (which at the moment, seems to be a whopping THREE, wth?).

Hubbs' got the baby strapped to his back in the carrier and insists that he can navigate in the darkness, allowing the boys and I to keep the lights. This makes me paranoid if for no other reason than he's blind in one eye, so he's already working short handed. I stick close to him while the boys run ahead on the well beaten logging road.

Every goddamn time that I hear a leaf rustle in the breeze or a twig fall or a cricket chirp, I whirl around and almost immediately start hyperventilating because I'm expecting to see this...

Call me crazy if you want to, but there's always some sort of truth behind an urban tale. Plus, this thing takes kids and I'm in abundance.

We haven't proven that Big Foot, the Chupacabra or hell, even the Loch Ness Monster DON'T exist. We've just documented that we can't find them.

We see how well that works, right?

We finally make it a half mile into nowhere and the crisp fall air is starting to fog up a little. My headlamp is blurry light at best, D's flashlight has all but died and K's swirling around the maglite as if he's shuttling aircraft carriers onto a runway. I had the biggest headache ever.

Hubbs goes trampling off into the darkness with the baby and the boys follow in pursuit. I'm in the rear, sandwiching the kids for protection, obviously.

If you guys haven't guessed yet, I'm terrified of the dark. Funny, because we live in woods miles and miles from a town. Go figure.

And then...

We get turned around in the dark. The trail has a whopping two trail markers and there's sapling brush everywhere. The kids were tripping and whining. K was afraid because our two flashlights weren't enough light. D kept marching off into the dark woods alone. Hubbs didn't have a light and I couldn't see him, only hear Baby A crying in the dark.

After 15 minutes of hunting other trail markers, I said eff this. Collected the boys and marched back to the path. I was secretly hoping that Hubbs would just give up and follow me, which he eventually did. Probably because I had the lights.

On the way back to the car, I'm basically silently sobbing like this idiot...

...because I'm still terrified of the dark and this random monster that my brother has stuck in my head.

We made it out just fine, clearly.

We took a leisurely drive home and sipped on pumpkin spice coffee.

Do you ever scare the crap out of yourself unintentionally?

I do it frequently.

-Shell from LoveMyGuinness



Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The video was a nice touch on this one! Great job!


Shell nails this story in a special way that caught my eye. The video adds a sense of realism in a story that I'm sure we all can relate to. I have freaked myself out on more than one occasion! Then I just laugh at myself.
Nice job!

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