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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Geocaching ALONE

 Today I did something that I haven't done in awhile, I went Geocaching! ALONE!
And, I had a great time all by my lonesome. Sometimes it's better to just spend time with yourself. I like myself, I'm bright, witty, active, a great conversationist and I make a killer Lobster Scampi over Linguine. I'm OK with ME and contrary to how some other folks might be feeling right now, I actually LIKE to be alone. Weird, right? I've always been a loner......and, I'm ok with that.

 Anyway, like I was saying, I was geocaching at McDade Park near Scranton, PA. Sound familiar? Yep, that's where the hit network TV show, "The Office" is located and not far from my plant in Moosic, PA where MY office is (which has surprising similarities coincidentally). I was playing tourist and seeing the sites around the Lackawanna Coal Mine, McDade parks' many resources and yes, I cleaned up all 5 caches that are current residence there, one of which is an Earth Cache. I wont go into the rich anthracite coal history here but, I will share some photos and give you a few one liners on the subject but the main focus here, is geocaching alone.

I love caching in groups and with friends or at least one companion. Let me say that first. But, geocaching alone to me has always been about me vs the cache, no support, no help at all, just the cache and I. It clears my mind because I have to focus and makes me a better cacher. I cache with some pretty damn good seekers and we can speed through five in no time with me not even finding one. Today, I just wanted to take it slow, get in a nice hike and find some adventure, alone.

It's funny how much of myself I give to my family and career. I am at the peak of family activity schedules and my company's busiest season. ALL of my time is committed to either picking up, dropping off or a combo of the two, working late hours, getting home well after dark and just basically starting at 6am and ending at 10pm! I'm not complaining however, you could imagine the joy that some geocaching brought me today!
Time, just for me.

In closing, what I want to say is this, "You can't love anyone else until you learn to love yourself". And geocaching just seemed to fit the bill today. I had a great time. All this while my son was running his cross country practice at the park, work was on the phone a few times, a couple text messages from my team, I have to stop to pick up some things from the store on my way home and then it's off to the restaurant to put in a nice and busy Saturday night dinner rush at my saute station at my part time job! I say, "Bring it!" Oh yeah, life my friends is good and I wouldn't have it any other way however, sometimes, even if it's just an hour or two, it's great to revisit that great old friend named, ME.........

A cable pulley, pulls you up out of the mine 
Coal cars would go up this ramp, dump the coal and return to the mine
A pretty cool statue stands at the enterance

notice how the seats are angled in this passenger car
A nice pond in the park that has some lunkers in it but only fishing for kids is permitted 
The rock face I had to overcome to one of the caches

This cache had no swag in it until ole Bloodhounded came along
Interesting Eagle Scout project

Government property and full of insects
Same as it was 100 years ago
The tour is very cool
I love the rock structure, it must have been tough to tunnel through

Good bye Lackawanna County!

Take time to learn who YOU are and live a long happy and healthy life my friends!
God bless,


Sonny Davis said...

I love the story and I very much agree! Well said, my friend. Well said!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Great post and some wonderful photos. Loved the coalmine!

Lea said...

What an adventure! I really wanted to try geocaching if only our situation permits.

That coalmine tells a lot of stories. I agree that spending time alone will teach you a lot of things. And experiencing things alone will make you realize about what you can do and what your limits are.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

I,m currently on 539 caches and I would suggest that 500 of them have been lone cache finds. Now I really love company but have found that my friends of a similar age don't do this amount of outdoor exercise. THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE MISSING.

BigAl said...

EXCELLENT post Kevin. I just loved it. There is nothing like spending some time alone. I also enjoy caching with friends, but going out alone is fun too as long as someone knows where you are. Great pictures too. I still have several caches there to find. Thanks for a great story.

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