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Thursday, October 4, 2012

An Experience with Nature's Drama


Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and enjoy the day.

I have a good friend who lives in Thompson, PA and he had quite the adventure at his place about a week ago. Since we all enjoy the outdoors I thought we might all like to hear his story. 

Stu says:

I had this unique chance encounter with nature in my back yard this week. It was so interesting and awesome I thought, that as fellow nature lovers, you might also enjoy it. No matter how long you live, there is always a new adventure around the corner. I apologize for the poor picture quality, but I had no time for proper settings, light, focus etc, I just had the rare opportunity to take these quick snapshots on the "fly"! Hope you enjoy the story as much as I did.

All summer long we have been plagued with the howling, barking and “carrying-ons“ of coyotes. Not only has this caused our dogs to bark back and awake us at all times of the night, but has also caused us much concern for the safety of our old cat, who insists on being a night prowler outside, as well as for our many young calves which arrived very late this summer. Our fears peaked when the coyotes starting appearing around the buildings in the daytime. The breaking point occurred when a disabled coyote appeared right on our front doorstep at noon last week, only minutes after my wife and 2yr old granddaughter had been out there playing. Although I do not usually aggressively pursue these natural predators, I have been forced to go on the offensive.

The following pictures were taken during a unique wildlife drama that I experienced this week. This all occurred by our backyard. As I was hurrying out the back door to attend a meeting (7:30 am), I noticed 8 or more deer standing in a strange huddle, nose to nose. Seeing the nice buck, I ran back to get my camera. When I returned, the huddle had broken up and this is what I saw.

Suddenly, some of the deer started acting strangely, staring toward the center of the field.

Soon, all of the deer were staring in that direction and slowly walking in that direction.

As they inched forward, the larger buck stomped his foot, snorted, then they all bolted into the woods.

Carefully moving to the right from my yard, I could now see their concern.
               Not one, but two coyotes

I quickly dashed back to the house to get my rifle, got zapped by the electric fence on the way there, but still was successful in shooting the one coyote, the other one had already disappeared.  Being late already for my meeting, I left the carcass out in the field.

The next day, while working outside, I noticed a number of vultures circling overhead and landing to feed.  Later, I heard a loud shrieking noise and looked up to see a bald eagle doing aerial battle with the vultures and eventually driving them off.  The eagle then settled in for a 2 day feast.

In my first attempt to photograph the eagle, I crawled on my hands and knees across the backyard to an old apple tree stump and discovered I had forgotten to put the card in the camera, so I had to crawl back get the card and then crawl back again.  The phrase “eagle eye” is very appropriate because the eagle immediately spotted me and flew up in the trees.  This nature drama was a fantastic experience for this naturalist and nature lover.

Wow Stu, that was terrific. To see this whole adventure unfold in your backyard is something you'll never forget. Thanks for sharing this with us. 

I'll just include a few pictures that I took this past Saturday when a friend of mine and I were on my property planting some violets for my wife. We were standing by a black walnut seedling that I had planted sometime ago when my friend stated how it looked as if something had walked through this area recently. I looked down at the ground and we were amazed at what we saw. I told Steve I'd run back to my truck and get our cameras.

I arrived back and gave him his camera and then we both started taking pictures of this animal. Steve was originally standing less than two feet away from him. Can you tell what it is by the picture?

                                       Meet Mr. Porcupine. 

                        Such a cute little face. Can you see his eye?

                     The business end you want to stay away from.

                            Here's a short video of him climbing the tree.

I hope you all have enjoyed this little snip-it of being outdoors and remember, always carry your camera.


Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Wow! There's certainly some different creatures over there in America but how nice to see them all and sharing them as well, thanks I enjoyed the stories.

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