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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Hypnosis Possession

A Hypnosis  Possession

I was in the 5th grade at the time. I had a sleepover with two of my friends Mary and Tasha. Now mind you, I was always into hearing ghost stories and what not, but I never did those Ouija boards or seances or anything... Now my friend Mary, was heavy into the paranormal, her house is haunted, and being that strange things always happen in her household was regular to her... Now Tasha, was one of my other friends, was the total opposite of Mary. She just liked staying up talking about school, and didn't like the talk of the paranormal.

 So it was around 2am when we all became bored and Mary suggested we play a hypnosis game. So here we are, all three of us sitting on my bed looking at each other. I told them I didn't want to really take part in it but just wanted to watch, so Tasha said she will be the one that was to be put to sleep while Mary was at the coach. Tasha lay straight on my bed while Mary sat Indian style with Tasha's head lying on her legs with a pillow underneath it.

 Mary takes her fingers and places them on Tasha's temples and starting telling her she is getting sleepy. At first Tasha gusted out laughing and so did I because Mary was getting serious and we just weren't buying it.

 After 20 minutes of sudden outbursts of laughter, Tasha started feeling pretty sleepy. Mary started counting from 50 and by the time she got to 0, Tasha was pretty sleepy. But we were talking to her as she was sleeping. We asked her what she saw, she said she saw green grass extremely tall like she was on a farm, then she said oh no, a storm is coming. Now mind you Tasha's eyes are closed of course but they are moving as if she is either dreaming or really there.

 We then asked what was wrong because we can see her eyes moving rapidly, she said dark clouds were coming like it was going to storm. Then she started shaking. Mary said "what's wrong- what do you see?" Tasha said "Someone is chasing me and every time I turn back it gets closer!" So I'm like dead silent just looking and Mary tells her not to look back and run to a church. "There should be a church near by and a priest waiting for you".

 Tasha said she saw the church and she was running as fast as she can, by the time she said she got in the church she said the priest closed the doors. By this time she started crying and kept saying omg omg omg omg omg omg omg!

 Mary and I are looking at each other and we both said "What's wrong? What do you see?" Tasha then said the priest's eyes were turning red and blood was coming out of his eyes... I didn't like how this was turning because I knew for a fact Tasha was not faking the whole thing because I started tickling her feet because she was extremely ticklish so I can see if she was bul*ting us... But no reaction she was still trembling and crying. That's when I couldn't take it anymore, so I shook her and told her it's a dream get out of it!

 Everything was extremely still for 3 minutes. Tasha was still laying there with her eyes closed but this time she was just silent eyes closed with no movement. Mary at this time was still in Indian style position with Tasha's head on her lap. She was calling her name "Tasha...Tasha? Tasha is everything ok?" Tasha said "Who is Tasha? This isn't Tasha..." she said in a low monotone voice.

 Mary and I looked at each other and I started shaking my head to stop, but Mary said who are you? Tasha (or whoever was in Tasha) said "Who do you want me to be? I am what you cannot see, unless you want to see me."

 By then I couldn't take it anymore. I slapped Tasha in her face to wake her up, she shot straight up started screaming at the top of her lungs, ran out my room, down the stairs and out my apt. door. We had to run after her because by then it was a little after 2:30am and my parents were asleep and so was the whole building.

 She didn't want to go back into my house, but after we calmed her down she came back in the apt with us, I kept on asking her what happened? Why did she run out like that? She said she felt as if something put a hand over her mouth so she couldn't say anything, but she could feel her mouth moving but she wasn't the one who was speaking. After all this I was like ok well let's all go to sleep because I've had enough.

 A week went by and I went up to Tasha to ask if she was fine and she said yes why wouldn't she be? So when I asked her if she remembered what happened that night she gave me a still look and said she doesn't remember anything. Tasha never spent the night at my house ever again. I'm still friends with Tasha and Mary to this day, but Mary and I still talk about the encounter that happened but Tasha on the other hand doesn't recall anything.

 I just want to let everyone know that if you have small kids please don't let them watch any kind of scary movie that they can imitate like for instance "The Craft". Some young kids actually try to rein act those things and they sometimes get the surprise of their life. And back then by me being so young I felt it was harmless but I've had my days back then and happy to say it was back then.

 That was the last time I ever participated in hypnosis, or any type of thing that did or could deal with spirits.
pictures from Google images
Written by: Surenda Challas  from Thailand  


Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

I never used to believe in hypnosis until about 5 years ago when I suffered stress from my job. I was referred to a private hospital for a couple of sessions with a hypnosis specialist and can confirm that it was fantastic. As for this story, very creepy but I believe - thanks for the scare!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

We used to have sleep overs and have seances and levitate people. Honestly. We also went in the bathroom and chanted "I believe in Mary Worth." Do YOU believe in Mary Worth? Good job on the story!

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

Mary Worth? Isn't that a comic strip about a business lady?

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Dave: I never heard about the comic strip. When I was a kid we chanted to Mary Worth/Bloody Mary. I have no idea how we heard about her, but here's a link I found:

Sabina Yasmin said...

Eheberatung doing one of the things that I love to do, watching people

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