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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Geocache Story Of Love by: Tangled Mermaid

Good Morning, and happy fall Or whatever time of the day/season you happen to be reading this :D…
I was asked by bloodhounded to become a guest writer, to tell my geocaching story. Boy do I have the stories. Lol.

Here in Wisconsin ( Home of the Cheeseheads) it’s Fall!  

So the story I am going to tell you about is recent. Like Saturday September 22, 2012 (the first day of fall) recent. Lol

In order to get to this story I feel like you guys need a back story so here it goes.

Around Feb of this year I was getting the winter itch I get so busy I don’t get time to cache in the winter
 ( lol all lies it’s too cold I hate cold) and every once and a while I will take an adventure out to find a geocache. Well this is the first time I asked my girlfriend to go with me. She thought I was crazy. But I tried to ensure her I wasn’t. So I did a multi-cache in a cemetery. She was getting annoyed until she found it. We had her grandma and her aunt in the car also so all 4 of us were out looking I knew where I would find it there’s not many places to hide them in a cemetery so the odds of it being right where I pointed it to were great.

So I tell her to go search around that tree. Well it being cold and everything she poked her stick right through the cache. She was poking in the tree and it cracked so I repaired it put the contents in a zip lock bag and emailed the CO. She freaked out when she found it. She just wanted to keep going and finding and finding. So all summer long we have had caching adventures.  We’re working our way up to our first milestone 100 geocaches found.

On to the infamous story now…

I was having car troubles so I drove out to my grandparents’ house so my grandpa could look at my car my girlfriend was gone for the weekend because she wanted to go check on her mom. Well I call her tell her I miss her and that I really didn’t want to go to work haha well since my car was getting worked on anyway I decided that I was going to call in and since I called in she was going to come home to spend some time with me.  I hopped in the shower, did all that fun stuff then she calls me and asks me if I would like to go geocaching tonight I said sure. She’s like I know the perfect spot. So when she gets home I decide to go get dressed I wear a little bit nicer clothes because I am starving and she tells me after geocaching she is taking me out to dinner… (In case the video ever surfaces online and people wonder why I am dressed like I am)

 She takes me to a local park, while driving there she keeps acting all weird. “Look at the trees aren’t they beautiful, todays a beautiful fall day don’t you think?”  So she parks and tells me that she placed a geocache here and she wants me to find it to see if it should stay or go. The one clue she gives me is it’s in a tree. So I start walking I hate not knowing what I am looking for when I have the GPS its different cause I feel kind of in control but she didn’t put cords on it so I am walking around looking like a dumb butt in the middle of the woods.

Then I see the trees with obvious cover so I go to it and open it up my first words were nut-uh… I was so shocked and excited and amazed and and and... that I didn’t really know what to say. Inside the tree was a note on that note it said “Will You Marry Me”. The ring was sitting all nestled in the tree and when I moved the covering the way the light hit the diamond made me so like giddy and all girlish like.

So then I looked at her and she is smiling and all I could think was yes. She makes me the happiest person in the universe.  But of course that is not what I said because when I turned and looked at her I noticed she was videotaping me. UGH who does that? So my first words were shut it off. Eventually I got over the shock ran up and gave her a big hug and a kiss… Now I am waiting for my ring ugh… as impatient as she is I am even more impatient to get my ring back.

So on September 22 , 2012 I said Yes. To the person I’ve been waiting my whole life to find! All because she hid it in a geocache lol.. Well not really but who doesn’t think that is romantic? Lol.

Until we meet on the trail---

Jenni- AKA Tangled mermaid
Team Welch


Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

Awesome story! Thanks for sharing :)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That's a great story - Congrats!!

Erika Jean said...


....If only every cache yielded some bling!

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Lovely story and my congrates to you both.

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