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Wednesday, October 24, 2012




As I sit twitching due to all I've seen, I look up and saw what caused it......... 

I woke up gasping for air. I just had a dream but I can't remember what it was. I shake off the disturbed feeling I had and I look at my clock, it's 3 am. I've never been afraid of the dark but tonight something wasn't right. I felt someone was watching me. 

I live in a two story house with many 
mirrors. My dad set them up so that if you stand in certain spots, you can't be seen but you can view the entire room. 

I have an acute sense of hearing. For example, I can hear my cat jump off the couch in the living room while I'm in my room on the second floor. I always have a sort of "spidy sense" when things aren't right. 

I had that feeling now. The phone started ringing. I mindlessly got up to answer it. As I picked it up all I heard was a breathing at the same rhythm as mine. I hung up. All the lights were off. I could've sworn I left the living room light on. I go downstairs to turn on the light. 

The back door was wide open and now so are my eyes. I jump over the furniture to avoid the usual path and shut it quickly. I thought, "This won't make much difference at this point..." I guess it was reflex. 

It was pitch black so I let my ears adjust after hearing my heart in them. I touch the walls to guide myself to the kitchen. I grab the biggest knife out of the sink and get ready to attack. The water seemed thicker. I try to control the sense, the fear I 
have. I then hear a steady *drip drip* coming from the sink. I reach up to turn off the faucet to find it was already completely off. I grope for a light switch and flip it on. I hold my terror as I saw what caused the dripping. 

My cat was strung up by a noose above the sink, cut in a straight line from the neck down. The blood had filled the sink and the steady *drip drip* was the blood dripping from the tail. My hand and the knife were covered in blood. 

There was something written on the counter in my cats blood, " See with your ears, not with your eyes. Or you are in for a real surprise". Just then the power went out. As my eyes adjusted I strained my ears for any sound. 

A loud BOOM came from the back door and I jumped and hit the fridge. The boom kept happening but grew quieter and quieter until it was practically 
unnoticeable. I felt along the wall for the closet door, I opened it and grabbed my baseball bat. I walked with it in front of me to the back door. 

As I opened it I couldn't help but scream a little. My dad was hanging with an internet cable tied around his neck. It was connected somewhere in his room and he was outside the window. As he spun I saw another note. It was nailed into his heart. 

It read, "One in this house down, two to go. You are last so enjoy the show". I then heard an evil, high 
pitched, down right disturbing, laugh. It came from all directions. 

I again strained my ears and heard foot steps from the top floor stepping 
quickly but covering little ground, like a loud taunting tiptoe. 

I ignored it and went to check the circuit box. When I opened it there was a note "The lights are off for a reason turn them on if you please. 
But I promise the sights will bring 
you to your knees." 

I ripped off the note and flipped the switch. The same voice that laughed yelled, "I warned you!" In a childish way. I walked back in through the back door and immediately turned on the light. 

I fell down to my knees. Ten people I didn't even know were strung up in different ways all around the room. Some by their necks, others by their toes, a few even by their hair. All had their eyes dug out and open gaping mouths. All were hanging about a foot above my height. 

I was crying but I got back up. I was determined to destroy this madman. As I walked to the stairs, staring at all the bodies, I heard a sound like something was dropped down the stairs. 

It was a blood covered arm. I heard the sound again, this time a leg. Then an arm, then a leg, and finally a head. It was my Mom's. I backed into one of the 
corners and looked at the mirrors. All the mirrors were blocked by bodies and all of them turned to stare at me. 

I broke down and started crying and twitching. As I sit twitching due to all I've seen I look up and saw what caused it. I looked up at the only viewable mirror and saw the man, the beast that caused this. It was me. 

My dream rushed back to me. I was a serial murderer on the loose. I murdered house by house. I killed each living thing in each house as brutally as I could, taunting them before I killed them. I was attacking my next victim when I woke up. 

In the mirror I saw myself covered in blood standing with a wicked smile on 
my face. Then in my own crazed tone of voice I said, "Told you, you were last," and then I slit my own throat, smiling and twitching as all color left my body. 

The outsides of my vision began to darken as I heard a demonic voice say, "Welcome home!"

written by: Susan Randall


Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Oh - that was chilling and I'm still shaking, not sure what to make of that, certainly not for children's hour!!!!!!!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

This story would actually make a pretty good short movie. Well done!

Susan Randall said...

This was fun to be a part of and thank you for your comments. I like to write and I enjoy reading all you your posts too.
Sue R


How did I NOT comment on this story! This was an excellently written piece of work. 3AM is the witching hour and is evident here. Even the really gross parts were well done with class and very professional ending. I liked this story a lot!
Thanks Susan, I hope you share more of your work with us!

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