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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Hypnosis Possession

A Hypnosis  Possession

I was in the 5th grade at the time. I had a sleepover with two of my friends Mary and Tasha. Now mind you, I was always into hearing ghost stories and what not, but I never did those Ouija boards or seances or anything... Now my friend Mary, was heavy into the paranormal, her house is haunted, and being that strange things always happen in her household was regular to her... Now Tasha, was one of my other friends, was the total opposite of Mary. She just liked staying up talking about school, and didn't like the talk of the paranormal.

 So it was around 2am when we all became bored and Mary suggested we play a hypnosis game. So here we are, all three of us sitting on my bed looking at each other. I told them I didn't want to really take part in it but just wanted to watch, so Tasha said she will be the one that was to be put to sleep while Mary was at the coach. Tasha lay straight on my bed while Mary sat Indian style with Tasha's head lying on her legs with a pillow underneath it.

 Mary takes her fingers and places them on Tasha's temples and starting telling her she is getting sleepy. At first Tasha gusted out laughing and so did I because Mary was getting serious and we just weren't buying it.

 After 20 minutes of sudden outbursts of laughter, Tasha started feeling pretty sleepy. Mary started counting from 50 and by the time she got to 0, Tasha was pretty sleepy. But we were talking to her as she was sleeping. We asked her what she saw, she said she saw green grass extremely tall like she was on a farm, then she said oh no, a storm is coming. Now mind you Tasha's eyes are closed of course but they are moving as if she is either dreaming or really there.

 We then asked what was wrong because we can see her eyes moving rapidly, she said dark clouds were coming like it was going to storm. Then she started shaking. Mary said "what's wrong- what do you see?" Tasha said "Someone is chasing me and every time I turn back it gets closer!" So I'm like dead silent just looking and Mary tells her not to look back and run to a church. "There should be a church near by and a priest waiting for you".

 Tasha said she saw the church and she was running as fast as she can, by the time she said she got in the church she said the priest closed the doors. By this time she started crying and kept saying omg omg omg omg omg omg omg!

 Mary and I are looking at each other and we both said "What's wrong? What do you see?" Tasha then said the priest's eyes were turning red and blood was coming out of his eyes... I didn't like how this was turning because I knew for a fact Tasha was not faking the whole thing because I started tickling her feet because she was extremely ticklish so I can see if she was bul*ting us... But no reaction she was still trembling and crying. That's when I couldn't take it anymore, so I shook her and told her it's a dream get out of it!

 Everything was extremely still for 3 minutes. Tasha was still laying there with her eyes closed but this time she was just silent eyes closed with no movement. Mary at this time was still in Indian style position with Tasha's head on her lap. She was calling her name "Tasha...Tasha? Tasha is everything ok?" Tasha said "Who is Tasha? This isn't Tasha..." she said in a low monotone voice.

 Mary and I looked at each other and I started shaking my head to stop, but Mary said who are you? Tasha (or whoever was in Tasha) said "Who do you want me to be? I am what you cannot see, unless you want to see me."

 By then I couldn't take it anymore. I slapped Tasha in her face to wake her up, she shot straight up started screaming at the top of her lungs, ran out my room, down the stairs and out my apt. door. We had to run after her because by then it was a little after 2:30am and my parents were asleep and so was the whole building.

 She didn't want to go back into my house, but after we calmed her down she came back in the apt with us, I kept on asking her what happened? Why did she run out like that? She said she felt as if something put a hand over her mouth so she couldn't say anything, but she could feel her mouth moving but she wasn't the one who was speaking. After all this I was like ok well let's all go to sleep because I've had enough.

 A week went by and I went up to Tasha to ask if she was fine and she said yes why wouldn't she be? So when I asked her if she remembered what happened that night she gave me a still look and said she doesn't remember anything. Tasha never spent the night at my house ever again. I'm still friends with Tasha and Mary to this day, but Mary and I still talk about the encounter that happened but Tasha on the other hand doesn't recall anything.

 I just want to let everyone know that if you have small kids please don't let them watch any kind of scary movie that they can imitate like for instance "The Craft". Some young kids actually try to rein act those things and they sometimes get the surprise of their life. And back then by me being so young I felt it was harmless but I've had my days back then and happy to say it was back then.

 That was the last time I ever participated in hypnosis, or any type of thing that did or could deal with spirits.
pictures from Google images
Written by: Surenda Challas  from Thailand  

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Eye See Dead People

Eye See Dead People
This may not be one of the best stories but me and my friend want to share with you. We live in Sweden and we both go to same college (room mates). Our dining room that our college shares with a University is a place we go to three times a day to eat.

One day me and my friend saw a woman, that we never seen before (we could recognize everyone on the university). She was a long and thin woman with white hair, pale skin. She behaved weird. She had a empty and lifeless face, and just sat and look alone by a table.

Same table every day. She never talked to someone or showed no signs of feelings. And every time we sat down (at the same spot every day) she walked past us two and looked us straight in the eyes. And we both felt very scared and weird. This happened three days then she was gone. We couldn't see her on any class pictures. After that we never saw her again (yet).

Another time was in Praq with my family, we walked among the many streets and just looked around. When we walked up a hill to get to a restaurant something just got my attention to a couple with a babywagon. The couple was perfectly normal. The dad had dark hair and looked typical "European", sunburned and happy with his wife. And the wife was a sunburned blonde. They looked like a happy family of three on a vacation. But then I looked at the child. 

The child could be (by guessing) 2-3 years old, it had blonde almost white hair and really paled skin. And the eyes were pitch black. The face was blank and the child just gave me a totally cold look and I felt that it looked like a ghost doll but then I realized that it was real. In my experience with children I know that they always have some sort of expression in their face, but this one hadn't.
Written by: Terry Whickerman 

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Haunted Car

 The Haunted Car
It was many years ago when I was still a teenager living on Murray street in San Antonio.   It was 1944 and my three older brothers were in the service stationed in Europe.  Not too many teenagers had cars back then.  Everyone  pretty much walked where they needed to go.   But I was use to doing a lot of walking.  If I ever needed to go into town, I'd simply  take the bus.  I had been doing odd jobs around town and worked for my father at the tailor shop after school.  Finally, I was making a little bit of money and started to save for a car.   My motivation?  I wanted to start dating and able to take girls to school dances.  Borrowing my dad's car was not an option especially since he needed it for work.   Then I remembered there was a used car lot on Commerce street not far from the "Malt House."

It was a crisp October night.  It was very late and there were hardly any cars on Commerce street.  I crossed the street and strolled to  the car lot  to see what they were selling.  There weren't too many  lights on the  lot.  Thankfully, there was a full moon.  By the light of the moon, I'd peek inside a car to see the interior. The cars lined up at the front were usually the ones in better condition but also the most expensive.  

Then from the distance on the back row I saw it, a shiny beauty.  It was parked apart from the rest of the vehicles.  "Hmmm, they probably just got this one," I thought to myself.   I made a beeline and walked towards the car.  The moonlight gave the car an alluring sheen.  I admired the car from all angles and even kicked a tire or two.  When I saw the price on the card sitting on the base of the windshield, I couldn't believe it.  It wasn't expensive! Maybe my dream of owning my own car would come true.  I could actually afford this one.  I patted the hood as if it was already mine. 

 By now it was around 2:30 in the morning.  I knew I'd have to get home and sneak in so as not to wake up my mom or dad.  I thought I'd give it one last look.  

I peered inside the driver's side of the window.  For some strange reason, there seemed to be a dark shadow in the front seat.  Was someone inside?   I looked closer at the front seat.  There was no one.  I could see the front seats and the dashboard.  It looked like it was in mint condition.  I cupped my hands on the window to get a better look.  Gradually the outline of  a man began to appear right before me.  Staring back at me at close range were a pair of  eyes!    I fell back almost hitting the ground, I was so startled.  This was not my reflection.   I finally mustered the courage and approached the car once again. I cupped my hands and looked inside.  There was nothing inside. I got a real creepy feeling.  What had I just seen?   The next day, I went to the lot.  The car was gone.   I  later found out that a few years before, a man had been  murdered and his body was found in that same car.  Had I seen his ghost?  That was many years ago when I had that awful experience.   But the image of what saw that night stayed with me for many years.  I never forgot it.
Written by: Jeff D

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Slender Man

The Slender Man
So, my brother and his girlfriend were over the other week and introduced me to the urban legend that is Slender Man.

Have no idea wtf I'm talking about? Watch this Youtube clip. I'll wait...




I watched it. Laughed at him and promptly forgot all about it.


Hubbs had one night off this week. After he got a nap in during the day, he woke up just before the kids bedtime and was all like "Hey! Let's go grab some Wawa and go night caching!" and I'm all like "Otay!"...

Mostly, I wanted the Wawa.

After we eat, we get out into the deep dark woods, pull the kids out of the car and equip ourselves with as many flashlights as we own (which at the moment, seems to be a whopping THREE, wth?).

Hubbs' got the baby strapped to his back in the carrier and insists that he can navigate in the darkness, allowing the boys and I to keep the lights. This makes me paranoid if for no other reason than he's blind in one eye, so he's already working short handed. I stick close to him while the boys run ahead on the well beaten logging road.

Every goddamn time that I hear a leaf rustle in the breeze or a twig fall or a cricket chirp, I whirl around and almost immediately start hyperventilating because I'm expecting to see this...

Call me crazy if you want to, but there's always some sort of truth behind an urban tale. Plus, this thing takes kids and I'm in abundance.

We haven't proven that Big Foot, the Chupacabra or hell, even the Loch Ness Monster DON'T exist. We've just documented that we can't find them.

We see how well that works, right?

We finally make it a half mile into nowhere and the crisp fall air is starting to fog up a little. My headlamp is blurry light at best, D's flashlight has all but died and K's swirling around the maglite as if he's shuttling aircraft carriers onto a runway. I had the biggest headache ever.

Hubbs goes trampling off into the darkness with the baby and the boys follow in pursuit. I'm in the rear, sandwiching the kids for protection, obviously.

If you guys haven't guessed yet, I'm terrified of the dark. Funny, because we live in woods miles and miles from a town. Go figure.

And then...

We get turned around in the dark. The trail has a whopping two trail markers and there's sapling brush everywhere. The kids were tripping and whining. K was afraid because our two flashlights weren't enough light. D kept marching off into the dark woods alone. Hubbs didn't have a light and I couldn't see him, only hear Baby A crying in the dark.

After 15 minutes of hunting other trail markers, I said eff this. Collected the boys and marched back to the path. I was secretly hoping that Hubbs would just give up and follow me, which he eventually did. Probably because I had the lights.

On the way back to the car, I'm basically silently sobbing like this idiot...

...because I'm still terrified of the dark and this random monster that my brother has stuck in my head.

We made it out just fine, clearly.

We took a leisurely drive home and sipped on pumpkin spice coffee.

Do you ever scare the crap out of yourself unintentionally?

I do it frequently.

-Shell from LoveMyGuinness


Wednesday, October 24, 2012




As I sit twitching due to all I've seen, I look up and saw what caused it......... 

I woke up gasping for air. I just had a dream but I can't remember what it was. I shake off the disturbed feeling I had and I look at my clock, it's 3 am. I've never been afraid of the dark but tonight something wasn't right. I felt someone was watching me. 

I live in a two story house with many 
mirrors. My dad set them up so that if you stand in certain spots, you can't be seen but you can view the entire room. 

I have an acute sense of hearing. For example, I can hear my cat jump off the couch in the living room while I'm in my room on the second floor. I always have a sort of "spidy sense" when things aren't right. 

I had that feeling now. The phone started ringing. I mindlessly got up to answer it. As I picked it up all I heard was a breathing at the same rhythm as mine. I hung up. All the lights were off. I could've sworn I left the living room light on. I go downstairs to turn on the light. 

The back door was wide open and now so are my eyes. I jump over the furniture to avoid the usual path and shut it quickly. I thought, "This won't make much difference at this point..." I guess it was reflex. 

It was pitch black so I let my ears adjust after hearing my heart in them. I touch the walls to guide myself to the kitchen. I grab the biggest knife out of the sink and get ready to attack. The water seemed thicker. I try to control the sense, the fear I 
have. I then hear a steady *drip drip* coming from the sink. I reach up to turn off the faucet to find it was already completely off. I grope for a light switch and flip it on. I hold my terror as I saw what caused the dripping. 

My cat was strung up by a noose above the sink, cut in a straight line from the neck down. The blood had filled the sink and the steady *drip drip* was the blood dripping from the tail. My hand and the knife were covered in blood. 

There was something written on the counter in my cats blood, " See with your ears, not with your eyes. Or you are in for a real surprise". Just then the power went out. As my eyes adjusted I strained my ears for any sound. 

A loud BOOM came from the back door and I jumped and hit the fridge. The boom kept happening but grew quieter and quieter until it was practically 
unnoticeable. I felt along the wall for the closet door, I opened it and grabbed my baseball bat. I walked with it in front of me to the back door. 

As I opened it I couldn't help but scream a little. My dad was hanging with an internet cable tied around his neck. It was connected somewhere in his room and he was outside the window. As he spun I saw another note. It was nailed into his heart. 

It read, "One in this house down, two to go. You are last so enjoy the show". I then heard an evil, high 
pitched, down right disturbing, laugh. It came from all directions. 

I again strained my ears and heard foot steps from the top floor stepping 
quickly but covering little ground, like a loud taunting tiptoe. 

I ignored it and went to check the circuit box. When I opened it there was a note "The lights are off for a reason turn them on if you please. 
But I promise the sights will bring 
you to your knees." 

I ripped off the note and flipped the switch. The same voice that laughed yelled, "I warned you!" In a childish way. I walked back in through the back door and immediately turned on the light. 

I fell down to my knees. Ten people I didn't even know were strung up in different ways all around the room. Some by their necks, others by their toes, a few even by their hair. All had their eyes dug out and open gaping mouths. All were hanging about a foot above my height. 

I was crying but I got back up. I was determined to destroy this madman. As I walked to the stairs, staring at all the bodies, I heard a sound like something was dropped down the stairs. 

It was a blood covered arm. I heard the sound again, this time a leg. Then an arm, then a leg, and finally a head. It was my Mom's. I backed into one of the 
corners and looked at the mirrors. All the mirrors were blocked by bodies and all of them turned to stare at me. 

I broke down and started crying and twitching. As I sit twitching due to all I've seen I look up and saw what caused it. I looked up at the only viewable mirror and saw the man, the beast that caused this. It was me. 

My dream rushed back to me. I was a serial murderer on the loose. I murdered house by house. I killed each living thing in each house as brutally as I could, taunting them before I killed them. I was attacking my next victim when I woke up. 

In the mirror I saw myself covered in blood standing with a wicked smile on 
my face. Then in my own crazed tone of voice I said, "Told you, you were last," and then I slit my own throat, smiling and twitching as all color left my body. 

The outsides of my vision began to darken as I heard a demonic voice say, "Welcome home!"

written by: Susan Randall

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby Swamp Buck

Baby Swamp Buck
It was the fall of 1986 and I was stationed at Griffiss Air Force Base near Rome, NY. I was a Security Specialist and we worked a 6-days-on/ 3-days-off schedule.  On my time off I loved to go hiking or hunting. Several friends of mine and I had decided to go on a three day Black Bear hunt in the Adirondack Mountains.

We chose to go to a place called Wells, NY where two A-10 Thunderbolt aircraft had crashed earlier in the year. The guys who had been to the crash site said there was a lot of bear sign, so we knew that was a good place to hunt. They also told us to be on the look-out for a strange animal that they had heard, but never seen.  We just said "Yeah, right."

We arrived on our first day off and set up camp. We had had a long hike up the mountain and, yes, we were deep into bear country. When we got everything set up we got a fire going and then sat around enjoying the heat it provided as we ate our dinner.

A little later we heard something way off in the distance. We were not sure what it was, but it sounded very eerie. We blew it off, and we all went to bed. The next morning we were up VERY early, and we all headed off in different directions to hunt. Little did we know what was about to happen. This was a day I would never forget.

What I want you to realize is that we did not have a GPS with us. We all had topo maps and compasses. Do you remember what those are? And if you know anything about the Adirondack Park you know it is a vast mountain area. The Adirondack Park is 6.1 million acres large. That's 9, 375 square miles of mostly woods.  It is the largest park in the contiguous United States. Could you get lost there? You bet.
The four of us guys knew what time to be back at camp for dinner. We also knew we were each on our own for the day. Stupid mistake! I had walked for quite some time when I decided to stop and sit for a while. I had a beautiful view down over this ridge with extremely large boulders. It just looked like a place  where a bear would want to hang out.  

After sitting for over an hour I decided to walk some more. I was getting a little cold and I knew that walking would warm me up. After all, this was October.  I walked, still-hunting, for a few hours. As I came around the corner of a large boulder I heard a noise. I hunkered down and raised my rifle hoping to see my first bear. I peaked around the rock and I could not believe what I saw. There was a bear laying near a large tree and he was not moving. He appeared to be dead. I watched him for a while to see if he moved and all the time I had my rifle trained on his heart.  I inched ever closer to see that this bear had not just been killed; he had been torn apart by something very large, perhaps another larger bear. As I walked up to it I could smell a stench that I did not recognize. By the looks of it the bear had been killed the night before. I wondered if that was the noise we had heard before going to bed last night.  
As I was looking him over I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I turned around, but did not see anything. Now I was getting a little tense. I decided to head back to the camp and bring the guys with me. That was when everything happened and it happened so fast I could not react. From out of nowhere a large animal lunged at me and knocked me over. It had hit me so hard that I lost control of my rifle. I heard it smack against a large rock and I knew that was not a good sound.

I got up and looked at the animal who was now standing over the dead bear. I could not make out what it was. It was deer-like with antlers, but it had teeth like I had never seen before. It also appeared to have a long tail. Could this be the animal the guys had talked about? A Swamp Buck?

I thought that maybe, due to my being knocked down, I was just not seeing straight. The animal began ripping into the bear. I began backing away from the area. The last thing I wanted was to get in the way of some vicious animal as it was eating its meal. I also knew I did not want to become its next course.
As I slowly backed away another one appeared, but this one was a lot smaller. Probably a baby of some sorts, but still not anything I wanted to mess with, especially without my rifle.

(The only picture of a Baby Swamp Buck)

I knew I had to get out of there fast. When I was a good distance away I turned and ran as fast as I could. As I was running I heard a blood curdling howl, which made me run even faster. I even think my pants were a little wet. I looked back to see that the big one was now on my trail. I began zigzagging in and out of trees and brush. This thing was closing in on me fast.
I dove under a large uprooted tree and crawled back in as far as I could get. All the while this thing was chomping at the hole I had just come through. His eyes were so evil looking and his breath made me turn my head in disgust.

 I took off my hunting jacket and threw it in his face. I then noticed a small opening behind me, so I slipped out the back and began running. The animal was still chewing on my jacket. I knew this was my chance to make it to the Ranger cabin I had seen on my topo map.
When I got to the cabin I found it was all boarded up. I looked back and saw the animal was now running in my direction. I knew I needed to get on top of the cabin to be out of his reach.  I began climbing up on top of a wood pile and then I jumped for the roof. I grabbed a hold of a branch that was sticking up out of the roof and began pulling myself up. That was when I felt the piercing pain in my leg. I let out a scream and looked down to see that he had a hold of my leg. He began biting harder and I screamed even more, and then he began pulling my leg... just like I'm pulling yours
I hope you all have a safe and fun fall and keep an eye out for those Swamp Bucks while you're out caching. 
Written by: BigAl

Monday, October 22, 2012

Slaughter House

Slaughter House
There was something odd in the tone of the dispatcher’s voice when he called to tell me a person needed to be picked up at Swetland St. late one summer night in 1947.

I shuddered when I heard the name of the street. I did not want to go anywhere near that area, especially at midnight. But I drove a
Yellow Cab and it was my job to pick up a call when it came. So I swallowed and headed toward the slaughter House on Swetland St.
I’d been out of town when “the incident” happened. I call it an incident, but it was murder, plain and not so simple.

A fellow by the name of Smith who drove a cab with our company was robbed and stabbed to death in his cab. A man named Mark Gold was picked up by the police the very next day and was put in jail for the crime, although he denied doing it.

Then a bunch of hotheads who drove cabs for our company gathered together, passed around a bottle of whiskey, and started talking about “getting” the fellow who had stabbed Smith. One of the men went out and borrowed a shotgun, and the mob drove to the jail. They grabbed Mark and threw him in the back of one of the cabs.

The hotheads took him to the slaughter House and they dragged Mark forcibly from the cab and started beating him. A man pulled a knife and waded into the mob with it, and Mark shouted: “Lord, you’re killing me!”
That’s when the fellow with the shotgun put a bullet in Marks' head, reloaded, and shot him twice more. When the mob was sure he was dead, they climbed back into their separate cabs and fanned out, each heading back to the city by a different route. Eventually word got out and thirty-one fellows were arrested for the crime. But they were all acquitted by a jury of their peers.

After the incident, the slaughterhouse section of Swetland St got a bad reputation. No one in the cab company much liked driving there, especially at night. Folks claimed it was haunted by the ghost of Mark Gold. I shivered as I pulled onto Swetland St and slowed down to look for my passenger.
I parked the cab and got out to have a quick smoke while I waited. All at once, the temperature around me plummeted. I froze in place, suddenly terrified, as someone moaned in terror from the other side of the road.

The sound scraped my nerves raw. I could hear the unmistakable thud of hammering fists and the darkness was filled with swirling black silhouettes pounding on something...or someone.

I fumbled for the icy-cold door handle as a man shouted agony: “Lord, you’re killing me!” I threw myself inside the cab as a gun exploded, cutting off the man’s cries. The shot was swiftly followed by two more. I squealed the tires as I spun the cab around. A tall, battered figure glowed just enough for me to see its lolling head.

The blood-stained dead features,and the knife-torn clothes blocked the road in front of me. I gasped, floored the gas pedal and swerved around it, heart hammering so hard it hurt my ribs. I was still trembling when slammed into the office a few minutes later and told the dispatcher I was quitting. Then I grabbed my things and headed for home lickety split. There was no way I was going to Swetland St ever again.
The End
written by: Kyle Powell 

Welcome To Fright Week 2012



Now in it's third consecutive year,"Fright Week" started as a challenge issued to some of the most insanely talented Authors I know. Then I opened it up to the world. I received many great stories from the US and UK, one from Thailand and another from Sweden. It was so tough to select only TEN however, I finally narrowed it down to the TOP TEN! 

I could never pick a "best" one so I entered all 10 into an online randomizer and will post them in countdown style to number ONE Starting Monday OCT 22nd. The top three receive a prize (TBD) and number one has the honor of posting on Halloween. 
Fun, fun, fun and more spooky fun.

The Top Ten Authors know they are in the running but have no idea where they place on the list (Top Secret Information) so for them, that's even more fun to see where they randomly landed! 

Who will be #1?

I'm DYING to find out....
Welcome To Fright Week

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Foliage Bus Trip 2012


Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and let the water roll.

This past Saturday I had the privilege of going on the annual Fall Foliage Bus Trip that is put on by the Susquehanna County Forest Land Owners Association. This year we were expanding our route into New York. Specifically the Oneonta area.

Today I am going to share about one of our stops along the way. One of the areas we visited was Hanford Mills Museum, which is a working saw mill that is powered by a water wheel. If you have never seen a working water wheel that powers a saw mill then this is the place for you.

Come along as I walk you through this magnificent place and visualize what it must have been like when this was the norm.

This saw mill has been in operation since 1846. In 1860 David Hanford purchased the site and ran not only the saw mill, but a grist mill, feed mill, woodworking shop, and a hardware store. Then in 1898 they used the water from the nearby creek to start producing electricity. Progress was being made.

As I mentioned this saw mill is powered by a large water wheel. At half gate they are running about 3000 gallons per minute, and at full gate it's about 6000 gpm.

It can also be powered by a large steam engine.

When using the water wheel they open the flood gates and allow a certain amount of water to pass through the wheel, which then powers the wheels and belts as it awaits the operator to fully engage the drive, which then begins cutting the wood as seen below.

We began our tour by dividing up into three groups and then heading to different parts of the mill to see how it operated. Dawn Raudibaugh, Mill Manager, along with a co-worker, showed us how wooden shingles were made.

                                Our tour guide

We then moved into the area where "Heads" are made. Heads are the wooden tops for wooden barrels. They take two pieces and run them through the tongue and groove machine. Then they use a specific hammer to knock them together. This ensures that they are water tight after being cut into round pieces.

                         Cutting the tongue and grove slots

                         Getting ready to cut the head

                       Cutting the round head

                       The finished product

We then watched as they prepared to cut a large log. When the log is in place they rev up the wheel and begin cutting.

                               Running the big saw blade

                       Those sure are big teeth.

This was truly a neat place to visit. There are many more areas of the saw mill that we visited, but I want you to check it out for yourself. I hope at some point in your life you'll visit Hanford Mills Museum; you won't regret it. Just make sure you have plenty of time to devote to seeing it all, and be sure to bring a little spending money with you to visit their gift shop.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY ~ Thank You For Hiding A Geocache

 Thank you for hiding a Geocache!
 In a game centered on how many “finds” you have, stats geared towards “finds”, badges issued for “finds” in other states and rewards given to those who make the “find”. Not to mention the Holy Grail of Geocaching itself, the coveted FTF - First To Find! 
I ask you!
What does the game do for the hider? 
Issue special badges? How about hider stats, rewards or even recognition? Nope.
And, they have to fight with the reviewer (I do anyway), get special permission and even pay for permits at state parks in some states like PA to put out a decent hide, with a nice hike and a beautiful location.
The hider asks for nothing in return but to receive a cool log, maybe a picture and anything more then “TFTC” will pretty much do.
Like I said, Thank you for hiding a Geocache!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Falling In Love AGAIN!

My God, I just can’t believe its fall! What happened? Mother nature you sneaky bugger! I turn my back, take a short trip out west and BAM, there goes another season! Time waits for no man.

I figured before the season ends I had better get out this weekend and do some geocaching and I know just the one I want to do! Can’t wait! The leaves are just about done in some areas but still peaking in others. If you drive just 40 minutes south of the Poconos it’s just getting close to peak. Near Allentown, it’s about one week away but all in all it’s coming and going too quickly if you ask me. Oh, I know I’ll be raking up that HUGE leaf pile and jumping in it with the kids, fun! Which makes me wonder what folks will think when my kids are all grown up and moved away and I’m still doing it? I always love the way the leaves smell when the warm afternoon sun heats them and you get your nose right down in there! Man, that’s living I tell ya! It all falls on the same lines as “stop to smell the roses”. Live your life my friends like it’s the last day everyday! I wish I followed my own advise.
In the spirit of the season I switched up the blog page to put you in the mood (no, smelling your computer screen won’t give you the same results dummy, lol). All of the wonderful colors of fall are more brilliant this year than in years past. Some say it has to do with the dry summer while others say the heavy rain at the end of the summer peaked them. I really don’t know if there is truly a scientific answer and quite honestly, I really don’t care. I just love to look at them, feel them, smell them taste them (you got a problem with that?) and play in them. While most folks look at their yard full of leaves and curse, I see them as nature’s toys and like all toys, once your done playing with them you have to put them away and get ready for new toys, snow!

I do know that seasonal conditions and chemical changes in leaves are the key factors in the timing and color of fall foliage. Generally, clear, sunny days and cool nights with temperatures in the 40s bring about the most striking autumn color. Here's a sampling of the leaves that will be setting NEPA’s landscapes ablaze with color this fall. Try to see how many you can find and have fun!

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Geocache Story Of Love by: Tangled Mermaid

Good Morning, and happy fall Or whatever time of the day/season you happen to be reading this :D…
I was asked by bloodhounded to become a guest writer, to tell my geocaching story. Boy do I have the stories. Lol.

Here in Wisconsin ( Home of the Cheeseheads) it’s Fall!  

So the story I am going to tell you about is recent. Like Saturday September 22, 2012 (the first day of fall) recent. Lol

In order to get to this story I feel like you guys need a back story so here it goes.

Around Feb of this year I was getting the winter itch I get so busy I don’t get time to cache in the winter
 ( lol all lies it’s too cold I hate cold) and every once and a while I will take an adventure out to find a geocache. Well this is the first time I asked my girlfriend to go with me. She thought I was crazy. But I tried to ensure her I wasn’t. So I did a multi-cache in a cemetery. She was getting annoyed until she found it. We had her grandma and her aunt in the car also so all 4 of us were out looking I knew where I would find it there’s not many places to hide them in a cemetery so the odds of it being right where I pointed it to were great.

So I tell her to go search around that tree. Well it being cold and everything she poked her stick right through the cache. She was poking in the tree and it cracked so I repaired it put the contents in a zip lock bag and emailed the CO. She freaked out when she found it. She just wanted to keep going and finding and finding. So all summer long we have had caching adventures.  We’re working our way up to our first milestone 100 geocaches found.

On to the infamous story now…

I was having car troubles so I drove out to my grandparents’ house so my grandpa could look at my car my girlfriend was gone for the weekend because she wanted to go check on her mom. Well I call her tell her I miss her and that I really didn’t want to go to work haha well since my car was getting worked on anyway I decided that I was going to call in and since I called in she was going to come home to spend some time with me.  I hopped in the shower, did all that fun stuff then she calls me and asks me if I would like to go geocaching tonight I said sure. She’s like I know the perfect spot. So when she gets home I decide to go get dressed I wear a little bit nicer clothes because I am starving and she tells me after geocaching she is taking me out to dinner… (In case the video ever surfaces online and people wonder why I am dressed like I am)

 She takes me to a local park, while driving there she keeps acting all weird. “Look at the trees aren’t they beautiful, todays a beautiful fall day don’t you think?”  So she parks and tells me that she placed a geocache here and she wants me to find it to see if it should stay or go. The one clue she gives me is it’s in a tree. So I start walking I hate not knowing what I am looking for when I have the GPS its different cause I feel kind of in control but she didn’t put cords on it so I am walking around looking like a dumb butt in the middle of the woods.

Then I see the trees with obvious cover so I go to it and open it up my first words were nut-uh… I was so shocked and excited and amazed and and and... that I didn’t really know what to say. Inside the tree was a note on that note it said “Will You Marry Me”. The ring was sitting all nestled in the tree and when I moved the covering the way the light hit the diamond made me so like giddy and all girlish like.

So then I looked at her and she is smiling and all I could think was yes. She makes me the happiest person in the universe.  But of course that is not what I said because when I turned and looked at her I noticed she was videotaping me. UGH who does that? So my first words were shut it off. Eventually I got over the shock ran up and gave her a big hug and a kiss… Now I am waiting for my ring ugh… as impatient as she is I am even more impatient to get my ring back.

So on September 22 , 2012 I said Yes. To the person I’ve been waiting my whole life to find! All because she hid it in a geocache lol.. Well not really but who doesn’t think that is romantic? Lol.

Until we meet on the trail---

Jenni- AKA Tangled mermaid
Team Welch

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Geocaching with Miragee ~ I Took My First Fall Today!

A new cache is just down the road from me. In a straight line it is less than a mile and a half away, but I had to drive about four miles to get to "Blackjack's Back." Sunday afternoon is not the best day to be trying to find a Geocache close to the popular Trading Post, so I didn't look very long before heading down the road to find Big Momma. At my friend's house, it is only a bit more than a mile and a half away, so without looking at the description, I took off up Mother Grundy. The road wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it also didn't go as high as I thought it would . . . and it stopped heading in the direction of the cache.
Instead of turning around, I followed the road all the way out to Deerhorn and then finally thought to read the description. It clearly states the dirt road goes off 94. Doh!

So, I drive out to Honey Springs Road, down to 94 and head in the direction of the Dulzura Cafe. If nothing else, I can get a cup of their good coffee today.

But, no, the cafe is closed. Uh oh! Now what?

I look at the map on the GPSr and realize the dirt road to the cache is the one that goes up to Madre Grande Monastery. Mixed feelings there. I haven't been up that road since the day I moved away in February 1994. Oh well, a cache is waiting.

I take it slowly up that nasty road until the GPSr finally points me to a turnout where the view to the west is spectacular. Looking out towards the coast, I couldn't help but think about what it might have looked like two days ago with the Santa Ana blowing making the sky uncharacteristically clear. 

After finding the cache, I took care of signing the log and rehiding the container. As I was coming back up from the cache location, I saw the Border Patrol vehicle parked at the viewpoint. I was curious whether they knew about Geocaching, and since the cache was safely hidden, I walked over to their vehicle and asked the two very young men if they knew about Geocaching. They had heard about it, but had never run into any Geocachers or Geocaches in their travels around the backcountry. I didn't tell them about the nearby cache, but I showed them my GPSr

After that little conversation, I set off to find the nearest cache.

That one had a "Theme" and contained things pertaining to lights. There was actually some great stuff in the cache, but there was also an inch of water in the bottom of the cache. Water and electrical items don't get along very well.

The cool thing about this cache was its location. I started taking some pictures of the aqueduct and then the rocky outcrop on the mountain in the background and I saw the "Madre Grande." I don't remember ever noticing that rock formation before.

From that cache I took off in the direction of home, but when the GPSr needle made a turn to the south, so did I. I didn't know what cache I was looking for, but I found the spot at the base of an oak tree next to an intermittent stream. I worried about the contents of that cache because I bet it has been underwater this winter, but it was okay. The log was a bit damp, but it was "signable."

The GPSr said the next cache was down the road just a bit, but I didn't have any description for the cache. In fact, I didn't even remember reading about a cache in this area. I had no idea what I was looking for, there was no "Geo-trail" to show me the way, and the poison oak was everywhere.

While I was pondering what to do, I took pictures of the mine opening and these beautiful flowers.

When I decided to proceed--what other option is there when a cache is waiting?--I looked for a way to get past the poison oak. After breaking off a few dead branches, I was able to climb around below some trees. Then, while trying to keep from turning my ankle on the jumbled rocks, I lost my balance and fell. That neoprene case on the GPSr sure came in handy then. I scratched the screen on the case, but it kept the Garmin from sustaining any damage.

After dusting myself off, I scrambled up some very steep rocks, a place I had no business being all by myself. However, in search of a cache, thoughts about my personal safety come second.

The GPSr arrow pointed straight ahead with a distance of about 60 feet, then it was 40 feet, and the arrow turned a bit. After descending another steep tumble of rocks, I saw the hiding spot. Whew! I worked up a sweat finding this one and had to take off my Patagonia jacket before I could retrieve the ammo can.

This one was the third cache of the day where I was the first person to find it since last year. Amazing! I guess all the rain and bad weather kept people from venturing out into the back country.


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