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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


A few weeks ago, my wife Liz, Kevin’s wife Dawn, and I were out for an evening jog.  Coming back from the run, I spied a couple walking in circles on the side of the road and staring at what appeared to be a smartphone.  Now being a veteran to the game, I knew immediately that this couple was trying its hand at geocaching.  I also knew that there were no geocaches where they were so, of course, I couldn’t resist helping out.

I swear this is a 100% true story.

So anyway, I saw these greenhorns walking in circles on the wrong side of the road, opposite the U.S. Army Corps office here at the Francis E. Walter Dam.  I do know that there is a geocache stage over by the building, Bloodhounded’s Man’s Best Friend.  So like I said, I knew what was going on and called out as I jogged by –

“You finding anything?” 

Of course, the guy tried to play it coy but instead came across all clumsy –

“Uh… Wha’ you mean?” 

I started to laugh. 

Then the woman came clean with the whole gig, selling out who I assumed was her husband, and she was… well… to tell the truth, pretty annoyed –

“No, we are not.  We are not finding anything.  THAT is the problem.” 

Then I really started to laugh. 

So I responded, “You’re geocaching, eh?”

With that, the husband finally lit up –

“Well yeah!  Man’s Best Friend?”  (With “Man’s Best Friend” coming out as a question.) 

Me:  “Did you find stage 1?”

Guy:  “I didn’t know there was a stage 1.”

(The woman gives him a glare.)

Me:  “Come on.  I’ll show you where you need to be.”

I was still trying to jog, so the whole time I was jogging in place and suddenly off I went jogging toward the office.

They just stood there.

Me:  “Come on!  It’s all right!”

They just stood there some more, and I jogged over to Man’s Best Friend stage 1 GZ and finally stopped.  No newbie couple to be seen.  Huh.  Weird.  Where are they?  I started to walk back to look down the driveway when I finally saw them on their way.  The woman still looked mad so I guessed it wasn’t her idea to go geocaching.  Not sure.  About that same time, Liz and Dawn came jogging by and I heard the guy say to them something like “I thought it was somebody’s house” referring to the office where GZ is nearby.  Eventually they made their way to me –

Guy:  “Hey, uh, I’m just learning how to use this.”  (Referring to his smartphone GPS.)

Me:  “Hey, no worries.  We all had to start some time… Now listen… Right HERE is Ground Zero.  Right here.  The hint is something like, ‘it’s SHOCKING’ or ‘the dog is named SHOCKER or SPARKY’… something like that… SHOCK-ing…Get it…?  SHOCK-ing…  Shocking…?  Get it?  It will ‘shock’ you.  Shock?  Don't ya get it?”

Two blank faces stared at me while the woman threw her hands up in that exasperated “well there’s nothing here” kind of way and just gave me a look.

Then I found myself shouting –

Me (pointing to my head):  “THINK, THINK, THINK!!!  SHOCKING!!!”

Two blank stares, and I jogged away.  They must have thought I was the weirdest person on the planet.

As I got down the driveway, I couldn’t resist one more hint –


And that was it.  I saw neither a Found It nor DNF log the next day.

If you’re out there, mystery couple, let us know!  We’d love to get you back in the game!

Did YOU ever run across some rookies?

Based on my hint, do YOU know where the stage is hidden??


DctrSpott said...

Oh man, I remember that one... to be fair, I thought it was someone's house too, when I stopped by.

Jenni Fregin said...

Lol thats funny.. well hopefully they have now looked again or gave up.. but sometimes the ones with the best clues are hard.. i am still a newbee :D

BigAl said...

That's funny. We ran across some newbies one time while out caching so we all worked together to find the cache. We found it. It was there first cache find. We congratulated them and then we moved on.


Welcome Jenni Fregin!

I love it when you hear stories like this. Its like a secret society or something. WE know what we're talking about and they must think we're crazy, cache crazy that is, lol! They would have had a great experience finding that one. Stop by the cache page (link in the post) and read the story, one of my better works from the Bloodhound point of view.
I love geocaching....
Thanks for sharing this! Priceless!

Lea said...

I hope they go back there again sometime and do not give up. Maybe they are still thinking about the hints you gave them until now :)

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

I'm a little scared to go there now... never know what crazy obsessed geocaching fans you'll meet :)

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