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Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Vacation Time


Grab a fruit smoothie, or a nice cold ice tea, lay in your hammock and let the sun shine.

As I mentioned last week we stayed at my sisters in Florida, and after spending several days with her and her sons we headed to my brothers. My nephew, whom I had taken out for a couple of caches, wanted to stop at a memorial along the way. This was a really neat place to visit. I decided to check it out on my smartphone and see if there were any caches nearby. Wouldn't you know it there was one only 60 some feet away. As we began looking my nephew called out that he had found it. This young man is turning into a real cacher. We signed the log and then he put it back. After a few photos we headed on to my brothers in Orlando.

We arrived at my brothers and after getting settled in my sister-in-law gave my wife and me a tour of their house. Little did I know what was in store for me.

Somebody was about to turn 50 and that someone was me. Everyone decided to celebrate my birthday a few days early since they would all be there. The candles say "Over the Hill", and yes I did blow them all out without any help. We enjoyed the evening and then went to bed.

The next day found us headed for a museum in Orlando. This was a historical museum that really taught us a lot about Florida. When we got inside we were fortunate to catch Ponce de Leon before he entered a meeting.

There were many things to do and see while visiting the museum. We were even able to record our own little video for TV. I don't know where they will show it, but they said it would be played somewhere in the museum. Probably in the kids play room to make them laugh. Here are some of the photos from there.

The above photo was taken from a Dr Seuss book in the little kids section where they play. Notice the blue sign in the upper corner?

                  Florida's own Captain John Young who walked on the moon.

We even learned about some of the Indians who came to Florida and how they lived. I even got to help out grinding some corn.

Enjoying a venison meal. 

I found out that they even enjoy a good squirrel soup once in a while. Sounds good to me. Bring on those squirrels.

                     These are fruit crate labels that were used at different times during the season.

We also visited a court room to learn who was guilty of not putting the cache back exactly where it belonged.

CacheKing1998 was questioned first by KyoKat. He gave a good defense of his side of the story.

Then it was up to Craftimom to see if BigAlJr would crack under her techniques of slapping the table. He held firm to his convictions by saying he put it back where it belonged. Then we found out who really did it. The same guy who engraved his name in the defense table.

This is the actual table where he sat when he was tried. And of course we all know what happened to him. Long story short; put the cache back where it belongs.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about Florida. Next week we'll see if we can hit 50 caches for the guy who turned 50.


Lea said...

That's an awesome vacation! :) Have you tasted the squirrel soup?


Super post BigAl!
It's always great to get away on a vacation and enjoy some quality time with the family. Thanks for sharing!

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Great little story Rob, you know how I feel about history and you found some on your holiday, Oh and a late HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Happy birthday Big Al! This trip looked like a lot of fun.

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