Saturday, September 29, 2012


10 Insane days and nights of torture by crazy authors who want to share their story with YOU!
Oh ya, that's Fright Week 2012!
 It's back!

UPDATE! To date I have received 17 stories! Thank you all who have submitted. Man, it's going to be a tough decision! You still have time to get your story in. I am shutting off submissions at 12:01 EST October 15th 2012 so don't wait any longer!

I encourage everyone to contribute a story to FRIGHT WEEK by going to www.CacheCrazy.Com and click on the badge in the sidebar. Email me your scribblings, I mean, masterpiece with at least one picture. I am going to select the top ten posts and line them up numerically 1 - 10. Then I'm going to feed them into a random selector and post them in the order that the service provides backwards, counting down to the number one post! The top three posts  will receive a prize (to be determined, something cool though) and the number one post will be the FRIGHT WEEK FEATURED AUTHOR/STORY that will post Halloween day at 12 noon until Halloween night at midnight (and receive a special prize).
Sounds like fun? Join in and let your imagination be your guide. Have fun with it!

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post, thank you and have a fun weekend!


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