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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Caching in Florida


Grab a cup of orange juice, or mango juice and come along to Florida for some fun.

We have been planning a REAL vacation for quite some time. Our plan was to go to Florida and visit my sister and her family and my brother and his family.  We drove to North Carolina to spend the first night at a camp ground near the ocean. Along the way we stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel, which is one of our favorite spots to eat at.

After lunch we went outside and I used my new smartphone to check and see if there were any caches nearby. Well wouldn't you know it there was one about 67 feet from our location. It is GCYBMB. We went to GZ and began looking. We searched all over and just could not find it. I then read some of the logs and realized we were looking a little too far away. Once we started looking in the right area I made the grab. This was a nice spot for a cache. I love being able to find a cache when we make a stop. We then hit the road again and headed for the camp ground. We were going to be staying at Cedar Point Campground in North Carolina. 

We found the camp ground and drove in to our spot. We had registered a few weeks in advance so I was sure they had a spot for us. We were spot number 10. We set up our tent and went to sleep. We got up really early and packed our tent and then headed on our way. There are a few caches there and we did not have enough time to get them now so we will pick them up on the way back through.

We made it to Florida without any problems. Once at my sisters we visited for a while and then went to bed. The next day we went out to find some more caches. We ended up only finding one more cache. We could not believe how many caches led us to some "not too nice" places. My question is "why would you take someone to a smelly place, or a place that is nothing but garbage?" These were all micros and I won't mention how many we tried to find and yet we only found one. This really upset us. We then went to another one that was not only a garbage area, but there was a huge spider hanging there. My kids said "see you later dad; we'll be in the car." Well I gave up looking for it when I kept getting caught in the rope like cobweb. This was beginning to really put us in a bad mode. We finally gave up and headed back to my sisters.

On Labor Day we all headed out to an Automobile Museum to see some really fancy cars. After driving for a long time we arrived at the museum. 

We pulled into the parking lot and noticed it was empty. My sister said she would go read the sign on the door. It said they were closed on Labor Day. Can you believe it. CLOSED!! Well I took a few pictures and then as we got ready to leave I checked my smartphone again. Yes, there was a cache just a few hundred yards away. We headed down to it and found it with no problems. Finally another find.

We went back home for lunch and then headed to the beach. My nephew and sister were taking us to the Gulf side to a place called Holmes Beach. This place was beautiful. We spent numerous hours there swimming and collecting sand dollars, which made the day worth it all. Here are some pictures to enjoy from part of our trip. 

We are now heading to Orlando to spend some time with my brother. We can't wait because my niece and her husband (check out Hooked Anyone Lately) are taking us out for some caches. This is going to be lots of fun. See you soon. 


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Beautiful photos so far - I especially like the sand dollar.

Anonymous said...

That muscle man in the sand is a funny one! Have fun on your adventure!!

Jamie :)


Nice! Spending quality time with the family and grabbing a few caches along the way sounds like a great tome.
TFTP! (Thanks For The Post)

Erika Jean said...

Looks like fun! The sand dollars are pretty cool! I have nabbed a few in FL myself. For the most part they were all good ones! I liked Venice, FL the most though - we hunted for caches.... and then sharks teeth ;-)

By the airport in Orlando there is an orange selling place where you can sample free oranges and juices and there is a cache there to ;-) check it out if you are nearby!

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