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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Quick Geocaching Trip with Ayrbrains

As we were in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival yesterday and had a couple of hours to spare, it only seemed right to grab some caches within the area.

The first one was right next to where were going to be later that afternoon for the show.  So watching out for muggles who we passing by, we ventured down to a little garden.  I wonder how many of the visitors to the city even knew this garden was there.  
Down the steps we go past the tents for the different venues, and an easy find.  I grabbed the container and moved away to sign it, then acting like spies with DH keeping a lookout for muggles, I quickly place the container back in it's hiding place.  I am always glad to read that someone else has found caches after us, then I know I replaced it properly, although I always do make sure it is hidden, even giving it extra camo when needed.

Then a look at the GPS and lo and behold there is another one a short walk away.   This one takes us to a play area with a couple of young muggles playing in the park, but they don't seem too bothered with us.
Hmmmmm......... we search this area keeping our eye on the GPS, it hadn't beeped yet so we need to move on a bit further.  We walk past a shop with a couple of folk standing outside, and then pass them again on our walk back!      Just where is this cache?  then we spy a narrow path with steps leading down to the area where we need to be.   But oh my what a place to hide a cache container!    Behind the fence there was litter and cans etc, just horrible, it wasn't until we were home and I logged the find that a previous finder had said they noticed a used syringe on the ground!   we didn't see it though.   
I took photographs of the rubbish for your enjoyment!   such a shame as there in the distance was a lovely view of Salisbury Crag.
                                    The first one was hidden here, and yes that's a CCTV !

The same area

Looking across to Salisbury Crag at the next cache.
A micro hidden along here.......yuck!!!!
It wasn't on the ground thankfully, no way would we search on the ground there! but hidden somewhere here in the photo below.

On our walk back to the train station after the show, I took this photograph of Scotts Monument in the distance across the rooftops of the station. 

We didn't venture along to the castle this time as we were at a different area for the show, but a few months ago we found a cache at the base of the castle.
So that was our trip to Edinburgh, it was very very busy with the Fringe being on.  The Fringe is a festival on every year for about 3 weeks in the city.  Lots of mini shows/plays and the likes are on for the duration.  Taking part are comedians and the likes, some famous, some not so, hoping to get their chance at the big time.  This was our first time being in Edinburgh for the Fringe, the weather was fantastic lots of people giving out leaflets for different things that are on around the city, folk dressed up in different costumes walking around the streets, cafes and bars opened up near the different venues. And the show we saw was fantastic as well.


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