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Thursday, September 20, 2012



Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and see if you can count to 50.

Last week everyone learned how old BigAl 437 really is. Yes, I turned 50. One of the goals the kids and my wife thought I should do was to find 50 caches during our vacation to and from Florida since we would be there during my birthday. Here's how it went down.

Due to our wanting to get to Florida quickly we did not do too many caches on the way down there. We figured we'd hit a lot while we were there and then we'd hit more on the way back home.

Now I'm not going to bore you with all 50 caches because that would be, well just boring. I'm going to highlight some of the nice caches we hit while there and give you some great pictures to gaze upon.

Now before I get into my story let me state that we grew tired really quickly of not finding caches that were supposed to be easy finds. I mean come on, a C&D is supposed to be easy if it's listed as EASY, and it's listed as a 1.5, 1.5. Then tell my why is there a cliff nearby that I could easily slip down to my death? This just seems to be our luck this whole trip. We really had to work hard at finding nice caches, and big ones at that.

Tell me why would you also put a cache where there is trash? Now I know that they will say "it wasn't that way when I placed it there", which may be true, but don't you go back and check your cache and also do some clean up while you are there. I didn't have enough bags to clean it up all by myself. (Yes I did pick up some stuff.)

Okay, enough ramblings from the Mad Geocaching Non-Pensioner. But let me say if you're going to hide a cache please make it worth my while and for the sake of my kids put some decent swag in there. There I go rambling again.

One nice cache we did was GC23FG9. My niece's husband had already found this one, but he was not going to help me. He wanted to see me find this one by myself. He did take me along a different path so we would not have to cross the creek that was there. When he crossed it the water was a lot lower than when we were there. I was sure glad we chose not to cross it.

Once we found the cache we had to take a few pictures. Especially since this was a Story cache.

The theme of this cache has to do with a story. The CO wants everyone who finds the cache to write one sentence in the notebook. It can be anything you want it to be as long as it is friendly. One person had written about a Geocaching Bigfoot, so I just had to take a picture of this guy.

He really looks like a Bigfoot, but he is actually Spanish Moss. I think if you ran into him trying to do a night cache you might be in for a scream. This was a really nice area and if the water is clear you can even find a spot to swim. We did not since I am not favorable to seeing if there are gators in the water.

Since there was a TB in the cache I decided to take it and help it move along. I also placed one of mine in the cache since he has been waiting to be set free.

The CO also says that at the end of the year he will publish the entire story, so I have set this cache on my "Watch Listing" to check it out when it is done. I sure hope he does it since there were some pretty cool sentences written.

Another nice cache was GC22ZHF. This hike took us through some very tall grass and if we had known how wet it was we would have saved it for a drier day. We thought we could hop along on the clumps of grass and make it to the dry land where the cache was. WRONG! We both ended up getting soaked to the knees. I made it to the cache first and as I was opening it I heard my niece's husband yelling. I asked what was wrong, thinking maybe he had seen a snake, and he yelled "bees". He took off running like I have never seen anyone run before. He had gotten stung several times including on the face. I went ahead and signed the log and put it back. If you are ever in the area just remember there are bees close by whom I believe are watching over the cache.

We also found one outside of Reptile World, which I wish we had had time to go inside and check out the snakes. Maybe next year. That's probably as close to a snake as my wife will ever get.

We also decided to do something I have never done before; to do a cache run. At least I think that is what it is called. There are way too many caches to count on this road, but we tried to get as many as we could get. These were all small containers and for the most part they were easy to get to. There were a few that we had to pass up  on due to the amount of rain they had received, which left the caches just out of reach.


Here I am trying to balance on a very small branch that spanned the deep water around the cache. We did get it and log it.

Then Johnson gave his hand at the next one. He really had to stretch to be able to reach it. Once again we did get it. It was really not nice to be able to see some of the caches, but realizing they were just out of reach. They're on the list for next time.

I do have to give credit to my wife, Craftimom, for taking a lot of our pictures. She was even able to get some nice wildlife photos.

Florida Vulture

                        Sandhill Cranes

We soon had to leave Florida and head home. While on the way home we stopped at Quantico, VA and found a cache just outside of the base. It was an ammo can and a nicely placed cache.

We did stop and pick up several other caches, but if the truth be told we only found 5 nice size caches and the other 45 were all micros. All in all we had lots of fun. We got to visit family, swim in the Gulf, eat a lot of food, have fun, and find interesting places while Geocaching. It was a grand vacation. Thanks to all my family who made it possible for us to have such a good time. A big thanks also to the COs for placing nice caches.


Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Now look her BigAl, there is only one Ramblings of a mad Pensioner and that's me and your nowhere near being a pensioner yet. Love these glimes of your caching holidays, but keep the snakes out of it next time, I hate them like I hate spiders.

Loved the pictures as well, right holidays over and it's back to work for you, oh it's hard work being a pensioner.


Thanks for giving a shout out to all the CO's who placed great caches. I think great CO's deserve more recognition in our sport but that's another rambling all it's own.
Happy belated BDay and thanks for sharing your awesome adventures in FL with us!
Great post old man! LOL!
50 is the new 30 brother, that's my motto.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Way to go on that 50 milestone! Love the photo of the little guy holding the cache. What a cutie!

Lea said...

Belated happy birthday! Wishing you more caches to come! :)

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