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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY ~ My Typical Morning

I was up early, like most days, and watched the sun rise from my deck. I brewed a fresh pot of coffee and settled in with my laptop to do some early summer morning reading. I can't surf too long because I have some friends who depend on me so, I had to get to work. Time to feed all of my friends and do my morning chores and I figured today I'll share with all of you just how awesome my mornings are.

First I had to take care of ME!
This is what I wanted to have......

and this is what I actually had to start my day. Fresh brewed coffee with hazelnut creamer and a sprinkle of cinnamon with a banana on the side.

  This is the Northeastern view I was treated to from my deck as the sun rose

Simba eats at the top deck so he's always first

I do not suggest that you feed wild animals but Daisy is different. She came to me one morning nearly starving and with good reason, she is supporting two beautiful baby fawns (not shown). So I give her a little duck food now and then, sue me.

Speaking of ducks, we have 10 mallard ducks that are free rangers. They can leave anytime they want to but they never do. 
They love it here.

And with digs like this, two squares a day and lots of love and care, why would they go anywhere else?

The Southeast view from my deck! isn't it beautiful?

Then my best buddy Kovu has his breakfast. He often brings me a mouse or shrew as an offering in exchange for his meal. As much as I appreciate his offering, I just pass it off into the woods for some other lucky critter to have for breakfast. 

It's a wonderful place to live!

and the beauty of the forest never disappoints.

The dogs eat a well balanced diet and I enjoy "cooking" for them!

But first I have to wake up their lazy bones....

Daisy says "Good Bye" to me as I leave for work.

I'm treated to many beautiful sights on my way to work but this view of the dam near my home is always a favorite!

When I get to work I unload my breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner into my snack drawer, crack open  my first of several bottles of water and it's time to hit it. I work hard, play hard and fuel my mind and body with beautiful sights, good whole natural foods and cold spring water! Life is good!


Sonny Davis said...

Wow! That is beautiful indeed! Who wouldn't want to wake up to views like that?! Just reading your post energizes me enough that I may be able to skip my last cup of coffee...I'm ready to get outside my door and see what life has to offer today.

By the way, living in the city doesn't afford me the opportunity for views like that. Perhaps that is why I love my time in the outdoors so much.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Wow what a wonderful place you live and all your little friends are so well looked after. I've packed my bags and I'm on my way, I don't take much looking after and promise not to bring in any mice etc.

I don't take up much room and I'm quite tidy, well sometimes - hang on a minute, I live in the Cotswold Hills with beautiful walks and scenery right outside my door.

Hope your not to disappointed Bloodhounded, but I've just put my passport back in the draw. It was only a nice dream anyway.


Thanks, it's a great place to live and raise a family. Another benefit is Dan (Dodger), his wife Liz and their wonderful little girls live within walking distance from us. We're all great friends and kinda look out for one another.
I'm blessed.
you guys can come and visit anytime you like :)

Ann said...

Beautiful views and of course all your animals.
We were delivery a baby gift this morning, and as we drove along I looked out of the car window and took in the countryside views, everything is fresh with rain from yesterday plus the sun was out, a lovely view. There is a large forest we drive past, so as we have never been there ( heck it is only along the road as well!) this is a must very soon as I am sure there are caches in there. :-)

Mbjaeger said...

Those are beautiful views! So are all of your babies. It's nice to see someone who is thankful for what they have. It is a blessing! Thanks for sharing.

BigAl said...

BH, you rock. I loved this post. The pictures were awesome too. I love the fact that you have so many critters who visit you in your yard. Currently we are not allowed to have any pets :(
But, I do enjoy the wildlife that does come to visit us once in a while. When we build our home we'll have whatever kind of animal we want to. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a beautiful glimpse into your world. The views from your house are gorgeous. I wish we had views like that here in Chicago, but it's not even close.

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