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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Summer That Was

Nights are getting long,
Swallows have gone, following the sun
There's a chill in the air
Dog days are off the leash, chasing snowballs on the beach

-Summer's Gone, by Gaelic Storm

The summer, for all intensive purposes, has come to an end.  The kids are back in school.  Fall sports have begun.  I'm back in a weekly routine which will last until next June, in some form or another.  I must say, it's been one fantastic summer.  Between taking an awesome vacation to the beach, getting married, enjoying the hot, hot weather and much more, the Summer of 2012 seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye!

I cut back on my cache runs this summer.  Part of that was due to an increasingly busy workload.  Assuming a few more responsibilities at work necessitated me being at the office more, and less time working from home.  That added up to fewer mornings and afternoons available to go hit a few caches to, or from, work.  In addition, I stepped back a little from the numbers game.  I still enjoy hitting the FTF's and filling in calendar dates, as well as seeking caches to complete requirements for various puzzle/challenge caches, but for the most part I took a break.  I freed myself from the urge to find a cache every single day and/or find every single cache around me.  I realized both weren't going to be feasible.  I feel this has prevented me from getting a case of cache burnout.

Someone had fun at the beach!

What has not been lost in the mix is how many quality caches I saw over the summer.  Not only quality caches, but quality caches newly placed, and by cachers new to the game.  For how often people talk about how this type of cache and that type of cache is ruining the game, I feel things are actually going in the opposite direction.

Meeting fellow geocachers-always a good time!

I compiled a short list of my favorite caches found this summer.  My problem was I must have given out a dozen or more favorite points over the past few months.  A good problem to have, right?  In the end, I narrowed the list down to the four which I thought stood out above the rest.  The caches, or cachers, are not all necessarily new, and are in no particular order.

GC3E1MG- A Little Bit of Everything by Redknight

Sometimes favorite points are rewarded because of a cool cache container.  Sometimes they are awarded because the cache takes you to a cool place.  Sometimes it's because of the cache hunt itself.  In the case of this 10-stage multi cache in Sussex County, New Jersey, it's all of the above.  This cache first caught my eye back in March, when it was first published.  The posted coordinates take you to a park, where you need to count objects and solve a math equation to get the coordinates for stage two.  I counted the objects, did the math, and came up with a different solution almost every time I tried.  Eventually, after about the 20th time, I came up with a number set which stuck.  I was positive I had it. As it turns out, I was right.  I had the stage five.  After some conversation, via email, with the cache owner, I was assured I was on the right path, and picked away at this cache until I got to the final.  This one did, indeed have a little bit of everything, even a few decoys, one of which was unintended!  This one would also get bonus points for the large amount of swag available for trade at the final.  Well done!

GC3T9TF-MacGyver This! by magicman/sewjourner /  GCC8GK Pour Me A Cold One by trail_hound

I grouped these together for a reason.  Both caches are found in Sussex County, New Jersey.  Both are Traditional caches, which require the finder to perform the same feat of skill, in order to sign the logbook and claim the find.  Also, I unintentionally found both caches within a few short days of each other.  They both got my creative juices flowing.  As a result, you may, or may not, be seeing a new cache coming soon to a park near you.  I even thought up a crazy way of improving on their methods!

GCYMDH- Treefrogs of Equinox by treequest

Again, we go back to Sussex County, New Jersey to this Traditional Cache, located just off a trail in a Wildlife Management Area in Sparta.  This cache requires you to perform, what I'd like to call, a feat of strength, balance and patience, not so much in retrieving the cache, but rather replacing it as found.  The cache itself is a small decon container with a logbook.  As I was failing miserably in resetting the cache, I was thinking to myself about how I hoped there wasn't anyone close by, for the sound of a decon container falling on a boulder bares a great similarity to the sound of a shotgun being fired.  There's something to be said for having a sense of accomplishment after finding a geocache.  In the case of Treefrogs of Equinox, it was probably related to a sense of relief in not having to email the cache owner, in shame, telling him his cache couldn't be reset to its original position.  It took me, perhaps, a dozen tries before I put it back.  I was starting to wonder how far a decon container would fly in the woods on a hot summer day!

What's your favorite cache you've found this summer?


Dodger said...

I thought Satan's Crack was a lot of fun. That is a summer favorite for sure.

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