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Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, put your walking shoes on, and follow me.

This past Monday my wife and I went to Manhatten to meet my new heart doctor. Yes, I have to have another heart procedure and it will be done at the Manhatten VA. This trip was our "feeler" trip to not only meet the new doctor, but to see how we could navigate around this big city.

My wife does not like big cities; she's a country girl. She was really stretched when we had to go to Philadelphia for my first two procedures two years ago. I'll have you know that she did a wonderful job and might I add that she even was able to drive around there.

Well Manhatten is a different story. There is no way she is going to drive there, let alone carry all of my luggage after the surgery. But then that will be another story. Monday was different. We first drove to exit 30 on Route 80 east and parked at the Mount Arlington Station (MAS).

A friend from church had told us what we needed to do. We would drive to MAS in NJ, park, and then take the train to Penn Station (PS) in NY. Simple, right? WRONG!!

First he forgot to tell us what to do once we got to MAS. We arrived there and started looking for the ticket person in the station and that was when we realized 'there was not station person'. There were only little ticket boxes where you purchased your tickets. I purchased the tickets, hopefully the right ones, and then we thought "what do we do now?" A guy rode up on his bike and asked us if we were going to Penn Station. We said yes. He then told us where we needed to go to catch the train. Remember, this was our first time doing something like this. I hear some people do this every day; our biker friend.

Pretty soon the train arrived and we got on. I told the ticket master when he came to punch our tickets that we needed to go to PS in NY, and that we didn't know what to do. He told us to follow the guy in front of us. This guy, named Frank, must do this everyday too. He smiled at us and waved.

The train stopped in Dover where we had to switch trains. Something else we were not told. It was good to follow someone who knew what they were doing. We did not have to wait too long for the train to PS. Once we arrived there we just followed the crowd up the stairs to the streets of Manhatten. We had made it! Yippee!!!! Penn Station at Madison Square Gardens.

Our next adventure was to find a taxi and get a ride to the VA. Well finding a taxi in Manhatten is not hard at all.

As a matter of fact I don't think I have ever seen so many yellow cabs. We found out that we had to wait in line to get our taxi. As we waited in line we got to do some people watching, which we love to do. Some folks are dressed so interestingly. Pretty soon a guy whistled at us and our cab pulled up. We got in and I told the driver we needed to go to 423 East 23rd street. He clicked his meter on and away we went.

It did not take very long at all to arrive at the VA. We paid the driver and then got out. This was a nice, fast, safe trip and we did not take the scenic route like I thought might happen. We then went inside and found the bathroom, which is a must even if your not pregnant. (See yesterday's post.)

Our wait for the doctor was not too bad. When we met him we decided that we really liked him. He asked a lot of questions and then we got to ask some. Upon discussing my options we decided that another ablation was the best option. He then said that he was scheduling 6 to 7 months out. Well that made us happy because it will not interfere with our vacation, nor will it hamper our taking two of our kids to college in upstate NY. Oh, and did I mention it will not hinder my hunting season? Yeah. Last year was a bummer.

With all of our questions asked and answered it was time for me to have an EKG. My wife went out to the main lobby since I had to wait for them to call me. She had just gotten over a cold and now she was struggling with laryngitis. Yes it was somewhat of a quite trip and I did not like that. My wife and I spend a lot of time talking to each other and this was not too fun.

They called me back to the exam room and the lady started hooking me up to the machine. Then she started having trouble with the computer and the machine did not want to register the leads on my chest. As she struggled to keep the leads attached she began asking me questions about our trip down here. Then she asked me if we were going to do any sightseeing. I told her our plan was to go find a few Geocaches once we left the hospital. She looked at me and said "Geocaching?" "What's that?"

I then began explaining to her what Geocaching was all about. She said it really sounded neat. The machine finally registered the leads and the test was done. I sat up and continued to talk to her about GC.  I told her to check out and her reply was "I'm already on the site." I started laughing. She then asked me to show her how to use the site. I had her bring up the "hide and seek a cache" screen and then I remembered she needed to be a member. She told me she would register right away. I was getting ready to leave when she said she wanted to know more so I told her to visit and she could learn plenty. She thought it was really neat that I am an author and she said she would have to check out the site. Oh yeah, hooked another one without even taking her out to find a cache.

I left the exam room feeling pretty good. I met my wife and told her why it took so long for the test. She just laughed; silently. We ate a quick granola bar and headed out the doors. Now the fun begins. Well most of it was fun.

We decided to go after the nearest cache, which was GCXRE1. This cache was along a nice bike and walking path. We got to GZ and began searching. Our efforts were a little hindered by a guy spray painting the garbage cans in the area. Since it was hot out we decided to stand under a few nearby trees along another foot path. We were having trouble with this one so we decided to use a life line and use a PAD. You know that is a phone a daughter. We called my daughter and had her look it up. She gave us the hint and my wife said "look right here" and there it was. She pulled out the cache and we signed the log. This was a really neat hide. The CO did a great job with it and we liked the fact that so many people pass by here every day and never notice it.

Off to the next one. We decided that since it was on the way back to PS we would skip the taxi and just walk. MISTAKE. About half way there my wife said her left foot was starting to bother her. (She was wearing sandals.) We kept forging ahead. We finally made it to GZ and started looking for this one. It was called Eye Spy. We looked and looked, but just could not find it. Time for another PAD. My daughter gave us the hint and my wife immediately said she had found it. I thanked my daughter and hung up. We signed the log and really enjoyed this neat container.

As we headed to the next cache my wife kept reminding me of the time. We did have a train to catch. We walked along and her foot began to bother her more and more. She said she thought she was getting a blister on it. It's not that much farther was my response. She also stated that she thought PS was the other way. I told her no it was just past the next cache because I thought it was. (I was not looking at the GPS correctly.) We continued on.

We were now at 38th street and she said her foot was really sore. I said okay and the cache would have to wait. I then asked a FedEx guy where PS was. He pointed in the opposite direction and said "around 34th street."  My wife leaned over to the guy and quietly said "thank you" and I knew what she meant. Not only had I made my wife walk about 5 blocks too far on a sore foot, but now we had to walk all the way back. Off we went.

We got down there and could not find it. I asked another guy and he said it was on 33rd street. So all in all we walked an extra 10 blocks. I see some TLC being deserved in her future. We arrived at the train station and we had missed the train. We had to wait for the next one, which we did catch. We arrived back at Dover and only had an HOUR wait for the next train. An hour? It's only about 3 miles to MAS; maybe we could walk. I don't think so.

We caught the next train and made it safely to MAS. I then took my dear wife to IHOP so she could rest her feet and get something to eat. By the way, for all of you who travel along route 80 from PA to NJ just remember exit 30 as DunkaHopaBarrel. That stands for Dunkin Donuts, IHOP, and Cracker Barrel. Our three favorite places to visit. Okay, so we like to eat there too.

We made it back safely to our home and what a relief it was. We were both exhausted, but we had gotten good news from the doctor and we had found 2 caches in Manhatten. What an escapade.

PS. my wife is on her 5th day of not being able to talk:( I sure hope she gets over this soon. I miss her lovely voice.

Enjoy some more pictures of Manhatten, NY.


                   I guess they need a Best Buy too

A cache

                Looks a little small

                   A double-decker bus

  A place to come back and visit

                           The cache is WHERE?

   I thought Military got Priority Seating, but I don't want it.


Sylinda said...

I didn't know you took a picture of me! Next time ask me to smile. I can still do that even if I can't talk! LOL :)

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

What a great story, really enjoyed that even if it had a medical reason for the trip. Think I might have to report you to the RSPCW. (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Wives), making Sylinda walk all that way in smart shoes, not even giving her a piggy-back ride.

At least you had good news ref your treatment and a couple of caches to, Must admit I don't like visiting London much, I'm also a country girl and find the city very tiring, glad to get home to the Cotswold. Good luck to you both.

Anonymous said...

What an adventure! Glad the news from the Dr was all good. And haven't you learned yet that the wives are always right!?! She totally deserves some TLC...more than just IHOP ;) ;)

Jamie :)


Somehow, someway you always seem to find a geocache wherever you go! Great post, good news and what an adventure! I love the city! But, I'm most comfortable at home in the country. I do love people watch though.......
And yeah, what Jamie said......

Team Firenze said...

Good story, caching in NY is fun. I get to work up there a bit so I have gotten few including Eye Spy (I have lot of history with that cache. Check the logs if you want).

The most fun for me is finding caching and being stealthy. Second would be all the great caches in Central Park I really got to spend a lot of time there caching that I had never done before.

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