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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Backyard Fun - DLC Re-Visits the D&L Trail

Last year we told of our adventures biking the D&L Trail between White Haven and Rockport.  Since that time, we’d been itching to do it again and when a new series of caches popped up, that was more than enough excuse.  Throw in the fact it was a beautiful Fourth of July, and you had the recipe for a fun day afield.

The D&L Trail follows the 165-mile route from Northeastern Pennsylvania’s anthracite coal fields to markets in the southeast part of the Commonwealth.  A significant portion of the trail follows old railroad beds along the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers where these lines eventually replaced the canal system that was previously used to ship coal. 

On Our Way to Rockport

Today Lehigh Gorge State Park oversees “our” section of this amazing trail.  They’ve taken it upon themselves to add eight fun and educational geocaches as part of the Ranger Rick Trail series.  Here’s how it works:

1.  You print out a passport from the Ranger Rick Trails website.
2.  Each cache along the trail has a riddle, a clue card, and a stamp in it.
      3.  Once you answer the riddle, you use the stamp to mark your passport. 
      4.  Other than that, it works just like any other geocache.

Taking a Break Along the Trail

The eight caches along the White Haven/Rockport stretch are as follows:

Believe me when I say, the kids love it.
We totaled 15.6 bike miles on our Fourth of July outing, logging seven of the eight caches in the trail.  We thought we got them all until we went to log all the finds later that night.  That’s when I realized that I missed entering one of them into the GPS.  No big deal, though.  If geocaching is about getting out and about on a beautiful holiday and enjoying nature with the family, then I’d call it a success.  The girls really enjoyed the riddles and clues, they got a kick out of stamping their passports, they learned something, and we all had fun.

We always leave our mark!

It was a great way to spend the Fourth, and I encourage everybody to enjoy this little gem right in our backyard.



Great post Dodger! Family fun and adventures is what we are all about. I saw this series come up awhile back and have been meaning to make the time to do a few with my gang. Thanks for sharing your adventure. It looks like a fun time and I love the fact that they geared these caches towards our future in geocaching, kids.

BigAl said...

What a nice time spent with the family. I love it when a family comes together, enjoys some fun, and makes a lot of memories that will last for many years to come. Great job with a nice post.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

You are right Dodger, it's getting out and about with the kids and keeping them interested that's important. Good and enjoyable post.

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