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Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and roll those cameras.

It all started with a post on the Northeast Pa Geocachers (NEPAG) web site. There was a post about Ryan Leckey wanting to interview some Geocachers for his Firday morning Live with Leckey show. I decided to respond to it and see what happened.

Well the next evening I received an email from Kathryn Davies who is not only the Producer on WVIA, our local TV station, but she is also helping out at WNEP, another local station. She said there were several Teams of Geocachers that would be meeting at the Perkins restaurant to do the live show and they would like me to join them. Well I was just a little excited about this email. Okay, I was a lot excited about it. Kathryn said I needed to be there at 4:45 AM and we would start and then we would finish up around 9:00 AM. I couldn't wait.

I set my alarm for 3:00 AM. I figured that way I would have enough time to get all of my stuff together and be there by 4:45. Then I went to bed. 

Somewhere in my dreams I heard an alarm going off so I turned it off so as not to wake my wife. The next thing I know my wife was saying it was 4:15 AM and didn't I have someplace to be. I sat up and looked at my clock and realized I had overslept. Well I have never gotten dressed so fast in my life. I grabbed my gear and headed out the door.

Now I must tell you that my truck only has second gear and does not go very fast. I arrived at the restaurant at about 4:55 and saw the WNEP truck all set up.

This photo was taken after the event. That's why there is sunshine.

I went inside and and saw Kyle, aka Nishollow, Tina and Duane from Travelnbhappy21, and then I met Ryan Leckey and Kathryn Davies. Ryan explained what we would be doing and that we had just a short bit of time before going live with the first teaser.

The plan was that he would introduce Geocaching and then ask one of us to explain how it worked. This was going to be lots of fun. He interviewed Tina and here is her interview:

During our breaks we got to talk and really get to know one another better than before. That is what I like about Geocaching events and events like this; you get to know people. Nishollow and I talked about caches he has hidden and he's even doing another series that I believe is soon to be released.

A little later Kevin, aka CaptainMath, and Kevin, aka Shoob&Sheeb arrived to join in on the fun. When we were done shooting one of the segments we went outside of the restaurant and found a nearby cache. (For filming purposes we moved the cache so don't think that it's a spoiler. When we were done we put it back where it really belongs.) Ryan also interviewed CaptainMath and here is his story: 

If you watch closely you'll see one of S&S Geodogs enter the picture. I guess he wanted to get in on the fun too. 

As soon as we had a break in our camera time we all ordered some breakfast and sat down to eat. Well it didn't take long for the food to come out, but that was when Ryan said it was time to get back on the set again. So we headed back to the other room to shoot once again. The reason we did so many segments is that they were doing this for both channels; WNEP and WNEP2.

Ryan also interviewed me for a segment and here is that one for those of you who did not get to see it live.

What was really nice about having CaptainMath and Shoob&Sheeb join us is that I had only met S&S once, and I had never met CM. This also gave us the opportunity to talk and become better acquainted with each other. I guess I just love hearing about other cacher's experiences while they are out in the woods, or in the city.
I also think it's important for others to see how that this is an activity that you can take your dogs along with you and have fun with them while everyone gets there exercise.

All in all I think the interviews went really well and I'm sure we all had lots of fun. When we were all done a group of them got together to go find some caches, which was what this was all about anyway. I, on the other hand, had to head into work.

What a bummer; no caching today.  I do hope that more folks understand what Geocaching is all about because of our efforts, and that they would take the time to go find a few with a friend and see just what fun this sport is.

So even if your a little slow at your walking, or you can't go as far, get out there and have fun with your family or a friend. Remember, we all have one thing in mind; to get out there and explore God's creation, get healthy, and find some caches. 

By the way, I'm sure if anyone wants an autograph you can contact one of the celebrities from this segment and they'll be glad to have you hide a cache, which they will then find and sign your log book and you can cherish it forever. Have a great week folks and we'll see you on the trails. 



Oh Man, I love your CacheCrazy.Com Author's cap big man! All of you did a fantastic job representing our sport and our area here in NEPA! Very well done to all!

kyle powell said...

That is awesome Big Al437,I just got done reading the blog and it was alot of fun that day talking to everyone and letting the world know that there is so much more out there to do then just sitting on your butt.

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

Excellent! I approve. That is one experience I have not had yet - talking to mass media about geocaching. Looks like a fun way to spend a morning :)

CaptainMath said...

Hey Rob, it was great meeting you too. I've shared with a few others about the surreal way that we actually met while I was rushed in to stand in front of the TV camera next to some tall guy I didn't know, and didn't realize who you were until Ryan Leckey said your geo-name.

I also thought it was cool that for each of the four of you there at the time that I knew of a really cool cache you had placed that I remembered fondly. It was a great group of which to be a part.

I hope we'll get together and cross paths some time in the near future, maybe even without the TV cameras.

smithie23 said...

Great article, BigAl! I'm pleased with the positive manner in which WNEP presented the sport to the viewers, both on the Friday morning news, and on Pennsylvania Outdoor Life. Yes, they consistently referred to geocaching as a sport!

Off topic: How many of our NEPA geocachers think Hatchy Milachy would have made a good geocacher? Also, who would have liked to take Joe Zone out caching, only to have "accidentally" lost him?

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That is so awesome and what a fun opportunity. You did a great job.

BGrace said...

This was a well-done segment, as was the Pennsylvania Outdoor Life show the following Sunday. It's great that REAL cachers were tyhere to give accurate and useful information to the non-caching viewers. Great job, folks!

Shoob&Sheeb said...

I was just glad to get the geo dogs included with the days theme. Woof woof

TravelnbHappy21 said...

What an awesome article BigAl ! We had such a great time with all of you Geocaching "Celebrities".

Yesterday we had to temporarily disable our Perkins 2012-Leap Day Cache-NEPAG...below is the post on the cache page:

Temporarily Disable Listing


With our electric out for 20 hours due to the severe storm from last night, we had the opportunity to check on this one and get some food and coffee as well!

We both checked, nothing to be found, then the Manager who assisted in the original hide went and looked for it while we ate - nothing to be found.


We did not take a container to replace it at this time. The manager is going to check around for a potential alternate place for a new one and we are going to wait at least a couple weeks before replacing and hopefully the "Celebrity" of the cache is past.

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