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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY - The Backyard Cache by Erika Jean

This cache was developed and contributed by friend and fellow geocacher Erika Jean. I had it posted to my website but decided this would be a better format to feature it. Be sure to let Erika know how you liked it and who knows, maybe she will make a second cache for us at CacheCrazy! You can visit her excellent blog here Erika Jean

Have fun and go fetch that cache!



Erika Jean said...

wooo !! Love it! and thanks for posting it and getting the word out! I reallly really wish I had an HD camera to redo this. maybe that will be on my next "to buy" list ;-)

(and my latest blog post in NO way has anything to do with the posting of this video, I promise!)

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

I really enjoyed that, even took me three guesses before I found the cache. Thanks Erica Jean.


I have always loved this! This video goes way back to the original roots of CacheCrazy.Com. It was a website and very rough. Erika has been my inspiration for many things I did and still do on the site. I have an enormous amount of respect for her and she's the best friend that I have never met.
I think a second video cache is in order.
Thanks Erika!

Ann said...

Took me a few attempts Erika-Jean but eventually found the cache lol.many thanks.

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