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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


As a responsible cache owner I recently did my regular maintenance on some of my hides either by myself or have emailed friends to assist and report the findings 
(thanks guys). 
You know, make sure the cache is not negatively impacting the immediate area, check out the container, make sure it’s dry, replace the log with a new one or make sure it has enough room for another 30 or so visits and replace the pen/pencil.  Then comes my favorite part, I add some swag and look through the swag that others left for some neat stuff. 
But wait, where’s the swag???? 

I make damn sure when I place a cache that it’s filled to the brim with treasure. After all it is a treasure hunt, right? You can imagine my disappointment to see half of the swag gone and not many different items other than what I put in them. I suck it up, fill them up and move on but I ask you, “Whatever happened to trading up? Or, how about even?"

I’m cool with a TNLNSL log, BUT it appears that in many cases the TN is FALSE, the LN is TRUE and the SL is accurate most of the time (however, I have seen some inconsistencies and you know who you are)

My expectations as a newbie were awakened by the reality that about half of all geocaches are either not maintained well or/and that they have been robbed of most of their swag. You hit a good one now and then that’s really filled and it’s actually a refreshing change from the frustration of getting skunked. 

You would think that after awhile you would get beat down and just give up but guess what? I'm still going to continue to load up those caches because I know that some little kid out there is going to open that cache and go "wow, awesome, look at this and that" and I have received emails from folks who appreciate it. 
Let's face it guys, this sport is pretty cheap. I mean once you get the gear, you're pretty much set. It’s not like golf where you can drop $100.00 in one day no problem (one of the reasons I do not personally partake in that sport. That and chasing the little white ball around, I don't know, not for me).To go to the dollar store and spend $20.00 for a bag full of stuff is actually part of the fun to me. Adding items that I think little and big kids would like is my personal touch to a cache be it mine or others.

Let’s never forget, IT’S A TREASURE HUNT! Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not all about the trinkets but, some little kid who just walked what was like 10 miles in his/her mind, got scratched, bumped, yelled at a few times by Mom/Dad/Both and for what? Junk! Next thing you know the kids don’t want to go any longer, so you can’t go either because there is no one to watch the kids, the caches don’t get found, so hiders give it up and then before you know it, it’s history. 

My Daughter Andie saying to her child, "And this is your grandfather and me when I was 9 years old.
We use to do this thing called Geocaching. It was fun but no one does it anymore. We were Team Bloodhounded"

Don’t believe that the youth drive the future? Just ask the ex-CEO of a burger franchise named Jack in the Box who said 25 years ago, “We don’t have to compete with the youth market. McDonalds can have them”. That coupled with the 1993 E.coli breakout that killed 4 little kids and made 600 more seriously ill, pretty much put an end to the company. This from a company who had a more aggressive marketing strategy than today’s top dog McDonalds but, just didn’t think that kids and food safety were all that important. Think about that the next time you drive by the Dollar Store.

Thanks for reading......


Sonny Davis said...

Great article Bloodhounded, and though I've yet to place a cache, I can understand what you are talking about. In fact, my wife (KDAWG), and I, rarely expect to find anything exciting in a cache any longer. Our expectations have now been simply reduced to signing the log. We have recently made more of an attempt to leave more swag, however, thus increasing the existing amount.

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

Personally I care less what is in a cache, assuming a well maintained log book. I rarely even look inside the thing except to locate the log. The caches I've placed have had little to no swag in them. I simply don't care to trade my dollar store item for your dollar store item. If I want a dollar store item I will go to the dollar store.

I think not having swag also helps my son not care about it either. Although he has traded some stuff, he doesn't expect to be able to, which means a micro, or a large with no swag, are just as enjoyable. The excitement isn't in the stuff, it is in the adventure, where it belongs.

The exception to all of this is TBs and other trackables. Those make sense, but I'd personally rather keep the McToys and the dollar store stuff out.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The only thing I really like to find in caches are carabiners because I use them for so many things. I leave way more than I take. I leave signature items and shells for the kids. It's more about the hunt for me as well.

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