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Friday, June 15, 2012

Much Ado About Nothing

Things aren't always as they appear to be...

Fred and Ethel are a retired couple, who like to frequent the downtown.  They enjoy a morning coffee, with the locals, at the local diner.  After their morning coffee, they like to take a walk.  On this day, they decided to mix it up a little bit, and walk over towards another district.  What follows is the ensuing conversation:

Ethel: Hey Fred, look over there.
Fred: Where?
Ethel: Over there, near the building on the corner.
Fred: Why? What is it?
Ethel: There's some guy standing there.
Fred: So?
Ethel: What is he doing?
Fred: He looks like he's talking on his phone.
Ethel: No, he can't be talking on his phone. He keeps looking down at it.
Fred: Maybe he's looking at the ground. Perhaps he lost something.
Ethel: I don't think so, Fred. He looks suspicious.
Fred: What makes you think he looks suspicious?
Ethel: He just does. I mean, look at him!
Fred: Ethel, that's nonsense! He's definitely looking for something. Maybe we should help him.
Ethel: I'm not going over there! He's up to no good!

(A gentleman notices Fred and Ethel, and stops to investigate.)

Gentleman: Pardon me, I couldn't help noticed the two of you looking at that gentleman over there.
Ethel: Yes, sir! Something fishy is going on!
Fred: Ethel, relax. I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for what he's doing.
Gentleman: What if there isn't?
Fred: What do you mean?
Gentleman: I walk down this street almost everyday. This isn't the first time I've seen someone there.
Fred: Really?
Gentleman: Yes. They always seem to be looking over the wall, into the bushes.
Ethel: He keeps looking over here!  Fred, I'm scared. We should get out of here!
Fred: But, Ethel, he's done nothing to frighten you.
Gentleman: Maybe we should call the cops. There are turbulent times, you know.
Ethel: I agree! Fred, where's your phone?
Fred: Here, Ethel, you make the call. I don't see why you can't just cross the street and ask him.
Gentleman: Look, he's got something in his hands. It looks like a box.
Ethel: It's a bomb! Fred, it's a bomb!
Fred: Why would someone retrieve a bomb? That makes no sense.
Gentleman: You never know.
Fred: It looks like he's opening the box.
Gentleman: Maybe the bomb was supposed to go off, and someone called him to fix it.
Ethel: Run for your lives!

(Two uniformed police officers arrive at the scene.)

Officer 1: Someone called for help?
Ethel: Yes, officers! That man over there just pulled a bomb out of the bushes!
Officer 1: Ma'am, relax, it's not a bomb, it's..
Ethel: Officer do something!
Officer 1: Ma'am, I need you to calm down.
Ethel: I will not calm down! We're about to die, and you're just standing there! Do something!
Officer 1: Ma'am, if you'd let me explain. The gentleman across the street just found a geocache. A friend of mine placed it there a few weeks ago. The company who owns the building knows it's there.
Officer 2: A geo-what?
Officer 1: A geocache. It's a game played with a GPS unit where people go and look for treasures, called geocaches, placed by other players.
Gentleman: There must be a lot of people playing this game. I'm always seeing people in that area.
Officer 1: Yes, sir. There are geocaches all around this area. Over in the park. On the guardrail at the end of the street. They're even hidden under lamppost skirts at the mall.
Ethel: People these days, with their fancy gadgets! Who knows what they'll think of next!
Fred: All this fuss over nothing. C'mon, Ethel, let's go.
Officer 2: This was a waste of time.
Officer 1: I agree. Let's go get some donuts.

"Look, Muldoon, I told you I was First To Find!  See my name, right there, on top of the logsheet?"


Big_Dog1970 said...

Eggcellent Story Smithers.........
Funny story but not far off of what probably happens a lot.

((( CAR 54 Where Are You?????? )))


HAHAHA! That is exactly how it goes! I would much rather be out in the wilderness and away from all that speculation. BUT, I have done grabs in high muggle areas for sure.....

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