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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kiss Your Cache Goodbye

exhibit A 
That's right, you may as well just stop putting them out all together. Throw away your swag and use those Lock N Lock containers for storage, because you won't be needing them any more. Forget about that great multi you've been working so hard on and the day's of hissing ammo cans opening are over. This is how the world of geocaching would be for Bloodhounded if it weren't for a few good geocachers who help with emergency cache maintenance.

And you thought I was going to relate this to kissing a frog and/or's new Challenges, right? Weren't you?

I call it "Cooperative Caching" and I have blogged about it before. I've been ridiculed, condemned and some skeptics have even written that they disagreed with me. "It's your responsibility as a CO" I'm told, "get off your lazy ass and do it yourself" says others. Still I follow my own path and shun the negativity knowing that I am a trend setter and "someday" it will become common play. That is if we want the game of geocaching to continue. Quite frankly, if it weren't for these guys/gals who assist it would be "GAME OVER" for a few of my hides. A few here get archived, a few there get archived and before you know it, that little counter on that tells you every minute how many caches there are, starts counting down instead of up.

So, I'm guilty as charged! Yes, I enlist geocachers who have found my caches to gain secret information. Questions like, "how was it holding up" and "is the log full or does it have enough room" or the dreaded "did it have enough swag". You can take the tracer off my account, stop following me and taking pictures, I DID IT! I DID IT! IT WAS MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

exhibit B 
OK, so I saw a log that said the "log is full" on one of my series caches and then I saw a group of cachers (costa84 - robbinsmt - GO TEAM STEAK! thanks guys) who were likely going there because it appeared they were going after that series and they needed that one to complete it! I ASKED THEM TO CHANGE THE LOG, I DID, I DID IT!

YES, YES, YES it was me who lured the helpful, unsuspecting geocacher to one of my caches only to have a hidden agenda for them to pick up a bag of swag at a coord prearranged, to fill up the container because it was noted as "getting light on swag". I DID THAT TOO!

I'm a freak, an outcast to the geocaching community, a user and enabler of geocachers who unsuspectingly answer my emails requesting of them to do the deed that is rightfully mine as a CO (cache owner). I suck, I know and should be banned from anything that even has to do with geo, flogged, dragged through the mud, tar and feathered, kicked in the crotch and worse! An embarrassment to my fellow hiders and a disgrace to the entire geocaching sport!

BUT, I have the most awesome caches, filled with swag, dry logs and some of the most creative hides around my area, so there!
AND, compared to the new Challeneges on GC.COM, I don't look so bad after all, now do I?


YES, I DID IT, and I did it all forYOU!



Kim@Snug Harbor said...

LOL! I don't blame you. I've been asked to help out other CO's and I'm guilty of asking others to fix mine. That's called "Helping each other out." No problem!

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Nothing wrong with that at all, wish others would be so helpful. I carry a few spare log sheets just in case, what's the point of writing log full needs replacing when you can do it. Also nothing wrong with standing on your soap box, oh do you know what I mean with that phrase over there in he States?

Ann said...

I try to help out as well at caches by replacing a full log book, and notifying the CO that i have the log book if they need it, but really we don't need a log book returned do we? But what i have noticed lately is, cachers using up too much space in a log book, i don't mean by writing too much what i mean is a signature across a page and then the next person just turns the page and signs their name when there is plenty of room for a few more signatures, i try to put my name onto the same page as the last cacher and leave enough space for the next. This is when it is a book being used or a pad as a log book. Moan over.

Erika Jean said...

Always have to pack that extra container, baggies, logs and pencils with you! You never know wha you might be forced to do ;-P

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