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Today I am pleased to have my wife share a guest blog. Sit back and don't get to close to the edge.

He says that he didn’t do it on purpose.  I’m not sure if I believe him.  But if he was trying to make my 100th and his 300th cache-find memorable, he totally succeeded. 
         Everyone knows that on Father’s Day it is Dad’s turn to decide the activity of the day.  Being Rob (bigal437), he chose to go geo-caching.  Once we returned from church and had lunch we headed out to take our daughter to work, leaving one tired teen at home napping.  That left us with our youngest son Levi (cacheking1998) to accompany us. 

         After doing some caches in the area we headed on to the ultimate destination, a virtual cache in Honesdale.  This is a quaint little town nestled in a narrow valley.  We found a place to park as near ground zero as was navigable with a car.  Finding the trail we were to follow was a little harder.  It was barely discernible… and it was STRAIGHT UP. 

         Now, I grew up on a Pennsylvania farm where nothing is close to level, and the only means of transportation I had was shanks horses.  I did a lot of hiking over the hills around our farm, but nothing prepared me for what I was currently looking at climbing.  As I said, it was straight up with loose dirt and pebbles and camouflaged with dead leaves and tree roots.
         But I was thankful for those tree roots.  They weren’t placed there to trip people up, as they usually are.  Their purpose was to give one a handhold to pull up to the next step or to keep from slipping and sliding back down to the starting place. 

         The GPSr said that the hike was 0.13 miles.  Normally I would consider that hardly a walk at all… but on this incline I was forced to stop to catch my breath frequently.  I was definitely getting my exercise today. 

         And what of our son?  He was nimbly skipping up the path like it was level ground.  He would patiently stop every now and then and wait for us or take pictures of us as we sat and panted.  How sweet of him! 

         But we did get our reward for our labors.    Eventually, we could glimpse a clearing up ahead.  That gave us the incentive we needed for the last few feet.  We climbed up the side of a huge rock formation embedded into the hillside and came out onto the greatest scenic overlook for miles around.  From our vantage point we could see the entire town of Honesdale with its creek and bridges and its church spires rising above the town.  And then we could see across the valley to the mountain rising on the other side of the town.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and we could see as far as the mountains permitted.  And on the far horizon we could make out the windmill farm against the skyline, counting at least forty windmills. 

         The guys thought it would be really cool to take pictures of themselves standing near the edge of the clearing where it dropped off into… nothing!  Being afraid of heights, this was not my idea of a fun activity.  But, after all the work I had done to get up to this height, I figured I had better at least try and see how close to the edge I could get before panic set in. 

         I began a slow patient walk toward the edge.  I figured if I looked down at the ground by my feet instead of out at the town below, I stood a chance.  The guys thought my performance was humorous, but I succeeded in inching my feet to the same spot where theirs had been.  


         An interesting discovery we made at the summit was that we had stumbled upon an actual park, Gibbons Memorial Park.  There was even a road that was navigable by car, but it seemed to come up the mountain from the opposite side.  We never did get a chance to find out where the road began so that we could have driven up.  But driving up really would have taken the adventure out of it. 

And so, after all of our picture taking, we turned to reverse our steps… very carefully… down the mountain, using saplings as ropes to keep us from taking the rapid route down the trail.  We discovered that downhill was just as difficult, and probably even more dangerous, than the trek up had been. 

  But we did safely reach our car and the comfort of turning on the A/C full blast! This will always be a Father’s Day cache to remember. So each of us has accomplished another milestone. Craftimom:  100 caches and Bigal437:  300 caches. Where's that next cache?


Sonny Davis said...

The excitement and exuberance that you feel really jumps off the page of this post! It is almost as if I (the reader) is there too. Thanks for this well written article, but I now must go and rest...LOL.

Thankfully, I was able to spend some time Geocaching with my family on Father's Day, too.

BigAl said...

Great post Craftimom. I really felt as if I was there...oh yeah, I was there and I had a blast. I could not have chosen a better crew to find this cache with, which made it all worth while. This has to have been my favorite caching trip. We have done many together, but none as equal to this one. Thanks.


See now this, is exactly what geocaching AND blogging is all about! Fun, family, sun shining day and sharing it with the ones you love (and your readers). Brother, you have the thank the big guy upstairs for that day! And pray that it happens 1000000000000000 times more.
Great blog, I agree with Sonny, you had me.
I always look forward to a fresh cup of coffee a crisp summer morning and my Thirsty Thursday like today, thanks!

I think it's going to be a great day!

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Congratulations to you both on your caching milestone achievements, onwards and upwards to the next. As for the upwards shouldn't you have been wearing a parachute whilst standing on the edge, actually even better, wouldn't the parachute been the better way of getting down again.

By the way you young lovers, with all that effort - WHERE WAS THE CACHE !!!!

Ron / Kathie Groll said...

What a fun day for the family and two milestones to celebrate! B ut yes, what was the cache?

BigAl said...

In reference to "where was the cache", it was a virtual cache. There really is no cache and no log to sign. A virtual cache takes you to a really interesting place, usually an awesome site, and when you get home and log it on you usually have to email the CO and answer a question or something like that. It really was worth it.

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