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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Annual Mother's Day Trip to the Philadelphia Zoo

As we wrote last year, a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo is a Mother's Day tradition for DLC.  America's Oldest Zoo is part of a 42-acre Victorian garden that is an easy 100-mile day trip from our Cache Crazy headquarters.  It's a great day out and we're happy to share our adventures again this year.  

Come on along...!

Annalie is hot on the Trail of the Lorax!

Dad and Sadie, two good shepherds tending to the sheep.

Did you know the greatest threat to orangutans is destruction of habitat due to the harvest of palm oil?  Annalie has pledged to only buy products from companies that use sustainable, renewable palm oil.   See her pledge tag?  Many popular businesses are committed to saving orangutan habitat.  Pennsylvania companies Hershey and Heinz are on-board, and the Midwest's ConAgra Foods is another!  To learn more about the plight of the orangutan and find out what other companies use only sustainable palm oil, check out the page on the Philadelphia Zoo website.

 Don't be a zoo rookie by asking for a straw when you buy the family an ice-cold pop!

Sadie takes a ride on Ol' Paint.  (I call all horses or ponies "Ol' Paint" when I don't remember their real names.)

 Annalie takes a ride on Ol' Paint.

EEK!  Mice in the cheese!

Ah yes.  A happy Mother's Day memory.  They just never cooperate for those touching moments, do they?

Three monkeys.  (Yes, I know, primate buffs, but I'm not going to call my daughters gorillas.)

Another egg-sellent day at the zoo!

And finally, as you learned from last year's article, with an annual trip to the Philadelphia Zoo comes an annual turkey hunting taunting photo to Big Al...

I got one roosted for ya!  
Wait a second... 
Something looks really weird about that turkey??





Love the zoo! It's always a nice day trip and fun for the whole family of all ages. Thanks for sharing your family fun with us!

BigAl said...

Dan, thanks for sharing this with us. We love going to the Zoo too. My wife says she loved the humor about the turkey. And that is the weirdest turkey I have ever seen. Yes, the turkeys did get the better of me this year. They stood in the field across from my house and laughed out loud at me the day after the season closed. Well there's always fall season.

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