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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Would You Want a World Wide Flash Mob?

George aka gggeo2 brings us this awesome World Flash Mop article that I know you're just going to love. He not only tells you about what it is but he takes you to an event that he organized himself. The pictures look fun and the day was a complete success. So, dust off your trench coat and join George as he "bares all" in this fun article! 

Have you ever participated in a flash mob? I don’t mean the kind of flash mobs you might see on the evening news where a group of rowdy teenagers descend on a retail store and pick the place clean, destroying or stealing everything. At least, those are not the kind of flash mobs I’ve attended.

No, most flash mobs are peaceful and often humorous or creative events. Maybe a group of people appear from nowhere in the center of a mall and perform a choreographed dance routine, or act out a real life chess game.

Perhaps people show up at a park all dressed in trench coats or fedoras or Halloween costumes or all wearing crowns and act otherwise completely normal.

World Wide Flash Mob VII, May 15, 2010, Canada PEI Kensington 

Or everyone shows up with a banana then wanders around the area pretending to talk on their bananaphone.

World Wide Flash Mob VIII, June 4, 2011, Fort Wayne, IN 

And, if you are like me, you’ll invite a bunch of folks to your local park band shell to sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” in rounds.

World Wide Flash Mob VIII, June 4, 2011, Souderton, PA
Yup, that’s me, leading the singing 

And then, just like that, after just a few minutes, they disperse without a trace. Gone in a heartbeat. The only thing left is a memory.

What Could Be Better?
World Wide Flash Mob IX Logo
Add in geocaching, and the fun doubles! You get a chance to see your geo-buddies, plan some caching runs with friends before and/or after the flash mob, and of course, you get a smiley!
Still want more? Multiply by 215 and make it a simultaneous world-wide event across 25 countries (according to the World Wide Flash Mob site.) Last year on June 4, 2011 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time (and whatever time adjusted for local time zones) almost 10,000 people met up all around the world and did just that. They met for 15 minutes, and then dispersed. Each group did their “thing” (whatever their “thing” was,) and then were gone.

Team Podcacher originally started the first World Wide Flash Mob event back in 2007 with 1,000 attendees at 20 events in 2, though it has obviously grown much bigger now. Want to see more? Check out the Flickr photo set for pictures from most of the groups who met up around the world.

Find an Event Near You
So, are you interested yet? In 2012, World Wide Flash Mob number nine (WWFM IX) is scheduled for June 9 at 1:00pm Eastern time (or the equivalent in your time zone.) As of this writing, 80 events across 15 countries are scheduled, but as the date draws near more events will pop-up, up until 2 weeks before the event (which is the minimum time Groundspeak requires for events to be listed in advance.) This year, we can probably break 10,000! You can check the list and see if an event is listed near you yet. If you are not sure what to expect, the WWFM site has some tips for attending a worldwide flash mob.

What If I Can’t Find an Event?
Can’t find an event close to you? You have a couple of options. For most people, your best bet right now is to wait and see if one pops up close to you. You can check last year’s list to see if any events took place in the area in 2011. Many groups or areas will have a repeat flash mob. You could contact the event host and see if they are planning on having one again.

Another option is to plan a road trip and try to hit the closest worldwide flash mob. Make a day of it, bring some caching friends, and plan to hit the best caches in the area you plan on visiting. Meet some new friends and find some new places to go.

And your last option, if nothing else works out (other than not going, but that’s no fun!) is to host your own. No, I’m not kidding. That’s what I decided to do last year since the closest events to me were at least an hour and a half away. Being pretty new to geocaching at the time, I decided to go for it and got my event listed barely within the two-week limit. It was only my second or third event, and my first time hosting an event (and a good one to start with since it can only be 15 minutes!)

Create Your Own Event
With only two weeks before the event and not really knowing the local community I wasn’t sure how it would turn out (would it just be me and my family?) However, the local geocaching community was on the ball and I had 36 people, 1 dog, and 1 bird show up. We had a great time showing up at the band shell in the local park and singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” in rounds.

The “Singing in Souderton” Tricasextet (36) 

We wanted to sing in the actual band shell, but a magician was setting up for a show there so we sang in front instead. We got together, signed the log, divided into four groups to sing in rounds, sang the song a few times (which made it onto Show 323 of the Podcacher Podcast!) said goodbyes, and were gone.

Well, some of us were gone. Some of us stuck around and visited the community fair going on in the same park and got free hot dogs, drinks, snacks, crafts, swag, and so on. I’d love to say I planned it all like that, but it was just a fortunate coincidence that the community fair was the same day as the flash mob. Overall, it was a lot of fun and a minor success for my first event and flash mob. I’d encourage anyone who wants to host a flash mob, or geocaching event, or both to get started by hosting your own World Wide Flash Mob event!

More Pictures
And now, more pictures of last year’s event. I’m still working on what to do for this year’s event that’s a little different, quirky, and fun, and can be done by a group of people from 2-100 in 15 minutes.

First, we sign the logs:

Next, we split up into groups and begin our tune, so we can regale the waiting hoards with our beautiful singing…or something like singing ;) 

Now that we are accomplished singers and musicians *ahem*, we call in to the Podcacher Podcast and sing for them through HereIsHowe68’s speakerphone: 

And of course, as far as I can tell the unwritten rule of geocaching events is that group photos are always required, so we ended with a just such a shot before parting ways: 

And just like that, we were on our way. Relegated back to the stealthy shadows until the world would need our flash mob services once again.
Hope to see you there next time!
George aka ggggeo2



George is our most recent inductee to the Honorary Authors group here at CacheCrazy.Com and this post displays exactly why.

I couldn't wait until this was published!
I love this post! It's filled with such fun and games. People who really know how to live and George dose a great job bringing it to us, thanks for contributing.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

What a good idea might try and set one on at my local soccer club with all our cachers, my brain is ticking over, good post George.

Ann said...

Off to see if there is one near me. I am not brave enough to host one lol

George said...

Well, I finally got my event scheduled! I had to get rejected by a local mall, then have a talk with a local Parks & Rec director before I got it approved. It will be fun, it's "Red vs Blue in Doylestown" -

At the moment, WWFM 9 has 179 events in 22 countries and is growing daily.

Ann: There is even one in Scotland, in St Andrews:

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