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Friday, May 4, 2012

iGadgets-My Fitness Pal

About a month ago I stepped on over to the Dark Side, and purchased an iPhone.  It wasn't what I originally set out to purchase, as there were other phones I had eyed up, but I was familiar with the device, from dealing with them at work, so I figured it was the best way to go.  Besides, my top priority was ditching my current provider network and switching to a new one.  A jazzy phone was an added bonus.

I spend the first few weeks going crazy downloading apps.  There seems to be an app for just about everything.  If you're looking for anything, from getting a deal at a local auto shop, to a virtual squeaky pet toy, like the ads say- "There's an app for that!"  It didn't take long for me to stumble upon an app called My Fitness Pal.  I was looking for an app to help me monitor what I eat on a daily basis.  I've been intent on dropping some pounds for the upcoming vacation/wedding/honeymoon event, and nothing else seemed to work, so why not give this a try?

First and foremost, the app is free.  Can't beat free, can you?  Setting up my profile was pretty simple.  I answered a few questions, such as how much I weighed, what my goal was, and when I hoped to accomplish the weight loss by.  The app asked me to describe my daily lifestyle as well.  With my head hung in shame, I chose "sedentary," as I sit at a desk most days, and exercise has all but disappeared from my daily routine.  My Fitness Pal worked its magic and came up with a target number for me.  If I wished to lose 25 pounds in 10 weeks, and not be terribly active in the process, my daily calorie intake needs to not exceed 1300.  Seriously, it must be joking!  I'll be the first to admit- I like to eat.  Okay, I LOVE to eat.  I enjoy trying new foods, and gorging myself on my old favorites.  Limiting myself to 1300 calories is going to be a major task, but I'm determined to do this, so I figured I'll give it a whirl.

The app breaks down your day into four segments-breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.  Entering your meals is pretty easy.  You can either search the database for items, enter your own item, or scan the UPC barcode on the box, which fills in the numbers for you.  All you need to do is toggle the portion size!  The app not only tracks calories, but most other nutritional values listed on your basic nutritional label.  With this, I'm able to kill two birds with one stone, as I'm able to monitor my cholesterol intake as well.  Additionally, I'm able to track how much water I drink in a day (not enough), as well as how much exercise I get in, be it cardiovascular or strength.  Your cardiovascular exercise counts towards your net calories per day.  For instance,  if I walk 3 miles and burn 300 calories, my net calories for that day increase to 1500.  Lastly, it will let you know how many calories you have remaining for the day.

At the end of the day I click the "Complete This Entry" button to close out my food diary.  A window will pop up which gives me an estimation on where my weight is headed, based on my food consumption for that day.  For example, it will say "If every day were like today, you'd weigh 188.5 pounds in 5 weeks!"  I really like this feature, as it both provides motivation for the next day, and answers that nagging question in the back of my head- "Am I doing well on this?"  The Summary, Daily, and Weekly tabs allow me to see my progress not only for today, but where I'm at for the week.  I'm also able to track my measurements.  The app provides for the monitoring of weight, neck, waist and hip measurements.  At this time I only monitor my weight.  I prefer to weigh myself on Mondays, as the My Fitness Pal week runs from Monday to Sunday.  There is even a menu to add friends, in a social media environment, and it allows friends to view each other's diaries.  The only thing the app doesn't really provide, which its parent website, does, is the message board forum.

So, I'm sure you're wondering if the app has worked.  I'm in my fourth week of using My Fitness Pal, and so far its been a success.   I've lost about 8 pounds so far.  More importantly, I see where I go right on a daily basis with what I eat, and also where I go wrong.  I see little things, such as how I don't get nearly enough iron in my diet.  Going forward, my plan is to stay the course.  Losing two to three pounds a week is where I'd like to be.  I'm satisfied with my cholesterol intake, as will my cardiologist, and now know where I need to supplement.

Oh yeah, can't forget exercise!


Big_Dog1970 said...

Sorry Smithers -
Unlike your previous stories which I have found to be really interesting, my eyes started to glaze over about half way through this one.


Super job and great find on that app! I have a fitness app project coming up and I'll be posting on that as well. I think as outdoor enthusiasts we have to stay in shape to stay in the game at a level that supports our goals. I want to do long hikes and caving caches so I know I need to be in great shape. If you go down out there, you're pretty much a goner. Technology provides a link to information and motivation through your everyday phone! What could be better than that? All that's left for you to do is bring the willpower!
Thanks for sharing!

BigAl said...

I'm not much of an apps guy, yet, but this sounds very interesting. I guess you need the phone for it first, which I do not have. My current phone does keep track of how far I walk each day. That's kind of neat. Nice post and I look forward to hear how you're doing.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I just downloaded this app last week. I've yet to set it up, but I thought it sounded interesting because I want to track my exercise levels. Good job on the weight loss - you are on the right track. Visit my son's blog when you get a chance for more diet and nutrition information.

smithie23 said...

Kim, I've checked out your son's blog before, and his story is truly remarkable. His motivation is simple, yet it encompasses a broad spectrum of factors. Positivity breeds positivity, and wanting to be happy is solid basis for that. We can truly do anything we set our minds to!

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

My doctor recommended this app to me for my own weight loss regime. I haven't tried it yet tho, mainly cause I am lazy, which is really why I need a weight loss regime in the first place... :)

Big_Dog1970 said...

OK I read the story again and this time my A.D.D. didn't prevent me from taking some interest. Congrats on your success with this app and I hope you achieve your goal. I just might download it and give it a try myself.

Eggscellent Job Smithers..... :)


I'm still looking for the app that let's you scan your waistline, allows you to enter your desired results and then "sucks" the fat right off of you but, for some reason, I can't find it! lol!
TONY is the man! I attribute at least 8lbs of my own weight loss to him but Jamie's bacon donuts has been sighted for me putting it right back on!
Best of luck with your weight loss and fitness goals!

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Thanks Smithy - I've managed to download the squeaky pet toy app, that's going to annoy my Sister when I visit her. Good post as usual.

smithie23 said...

Mmmm bacon donuts....

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Alex Bandit said...

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