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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Got a Map? Part 1


Map Source Part 1

Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and learn how to use Map Source.

Map Source is a mapping program that came with my Garmin when I purchased it. I really love it. I use it for Geocaching, hiking, hunting, and whenever I am driving in the car. If you already have Map Source, or something similar, I hope you can still learn something from this post.

When you're Geocaching it's a good idea to have some kind of program that you can download all of your caches into. Yes, keeps track of all the ones you find, but what about the ones you WANT to find? I have many different types of saved maps on Map Source (MS) and this allows me to be able to keep track of caches I have found in a particular area. It also allows me to SEE the topography as well as the caches. It's sort of like an aerial photo. Here is a picture of Lackawanna State Park and the caches that were located there as of February 4, 2011.

You cannot see my house, but I live below the route 407 icon at the bottom of the page.

So let's begin with Part 1 and learn how to use this program for caching and other activities.

First, open up your program (MS) and then click on the map icon at the top of the screen, or just go under tools and choose "Maps". You'll need to zoom out of your current location. You can choose 10 miles, or more, and this is what it will look like. I have also loaded topo maps into my GPSr and my mapping program,  which then allows me to see the topography of the area. You don't have to use topo maps, but it sure comes in handy when your hiking through the woods.

Notice I have the Map icon highlighted at the top of the screen (it's 4th from the left.) Then I clicked on the area of the map that I want added. I continue doing this for each of the squares you see. I will do this until the entire map of PA, or wherever I am going, is highlighted. This will give me all of the maps that I want to have on my GPSr and on MS.

Now we will download some caches from into our GPSr. Once you have downloaded them you will need to transfer those caches onto the map. Click on Transfer and then choose "Receive from device".  

Once you have completed the transfer this will then put your caches (listed as Waypoints) onto the map. You should now have a good number of maps and waypoints loaded onto your program now.

               Here's 117 maps

       And 2530 caches

So now we have maps and caches listed on our MS page.

Here you can see the parking area and three caches. You can also see the terrain, road, and water.

Join us next week as we will go over Tracks, Routes, and much more.



As a kid I was attracted to maps. I use to sit in front of one for hours and plot my course. Like an explorer I imagined that would someday go to all those places.
Today, I find myself doing something similar. Looking at geocaching maps like you suggest and plotting my future endeavors.Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Nice post!

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