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Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and prepare to be shocked.

Monday the docs decided they needed to keep me for another day and try some different meds to get the heart rate down. Well nothing was working yet and I didn't think anything they came up with would work either. They discussed all sorts of options and I was leaning toward having another ablation since I had had two back in 2010. The docs left and I spent the day looking for caches out of my window. Hey, what else should a Geocacher be doing. I think I see one over there in the back corner of the parking lot. I wonder if I could log it? Probably not. I'll have to wait until I get out.

Tuesday came and not much happened. They were able to get the heart rate down, but I knew it would not stay down, and it didn't. They were now giving me some more meds, which I did not think would help. Why don't doctors listen to their patients? I know my body better than they do and I know how it reacts to certain things. This stay in the hospital reminded us of when I was first diagnosed with A Fib. They gave me lots of meds that did not help and it finally took a cardioversion to correct it. Well this was looking like the same thing.

On Wednesday I talked to the doctors and explained that I wanted a TEE (Transesophageal Ecocardiogram) done and as long as there were no blood clots then they could do a cardioversion. I'm sure you have all seen that on TV. You know the EMTs take those paddles and shock someones heart to get it started. SHOCKING isn't it! Well the doc said he would talk to the Cardiologist and see what he had to say about it.

Later in the day the Cardiologist came in and said as long as I was not adverse to having the TEE done and then the cardioversion they would go ahead and schedule it for Thursday morning. Yippee!! They finally listened. When my wife came to visit she had to chase the doctor down to find out when they would do the procedure, which turned out to be set for 8:00 AM the next day. That night the nurse closed my door to allow me to get some really good sleep. I wish they would have told me they could close the door to allow me to sleep.  I would have had them do it long ago so I didn't have to listen to the guy down the hall making loud noises with his cane, and having his phlegm sucked out all of the time. Yuck!!

My wife arrived right on schedule for 7:00 AM. A little later our Youth Pastor arrived. He was going to sit with my wife while they did the procedure. Around 8:00 AM they came and got me and took me to the room where they were going to do the procedure. They did the TEE first and did not find any blood clots. This meant they could go ahead with the cardioversion. The electrical pads were already in place on my back and chest. They gave me some more IV meds which would help me not to remember anything. Then they SHOCKED me.

This is the pad placement

I still don't know how many joules they used this time, but I do know it was not as many as the first time I had it done back in 2001 (360 joules).

When I awoke they were taking me to the recovery room. My wife said she had come in to the procedure room and kissed me, but I don't remember that at all. I'll believe her though since she is always right. I was in the recovery room for about 20 minutes and then they took me back to my room on the floor. Wow, the whole procedure, TEE and Cardioversion, took less than 45 minutes. My heart rate was back in Normal Sinus Rhythm and beating like it was supposed to. Thank God. They listened and it worked. Neener-Neener. :p

They still kept me until Saturday morning because they had put me on a med that they wanted me to stay on after going home and they needed to monitor me. Well I didn't end up leaving the hospital until around 4:00, which got us home around 5:00. What a day, but at least I was home.

The whole time I was in the hospital my wife and kids did their school work outside at the fire pit while they boiled down the sap. They did an excellent job and some of that was done while she was visiting me, so the boys stayed there and kept the home fires burning. Thank you boys and Sylinda for not only taking good care of me, but for seeing that our syrup got made. I ended up bottling it after being home for a day so I guess we all had a part in it.

                     Golden Delicious Maple Syrup

Here's the lesson learned: Take care of yourself and when in the hospital always be an advocate for yourself. Don't be afraid to speak up and ask questions. After all it is YOUR body and YOUR health.


Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

That's shocking al-right, the things people will go through to get out of work at home, good for Sylinda and the family in getting the syrup done. I afraid it means you can't have any this yearas a forfeit. Oh forgot to say, GLAD YOUR OK REALLY.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I can tell what a close family you are. I'm so glad you're ok.


Thank the good Lord you are ok Big Al! I can't even imagine "Thirsty Thursday" without you!

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