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Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and get ready to be shocked.

Recently someone asked me about my maple syrup production. They said they hoped I would write another article about how my season had gone. So I thought I would relate how my season went, which is not at all how I had planned it to go.

We started the season out quite strong and a little early, and I even wrote about What time of year is it. Well I had big plans for a major season of making maple syrup with the family. We had just gotten into our third week of syrup production when something major happened.

On Friday, March 9th, I noticed that my heart rate seemed a little fast. My wife (a homeschool mom and RN) had checked it before I left for work and said it was beating fast and that I should get it checked out at the VA hospital. When I got to work I had one of our RN's there check it too. (I thought maybe it would slow down at work I guess.) Well it was beating at 154 beats per minute. In case you didn't know it that is a tad fast. I called my cardiologist's Physician's Assistant (P. A.) and spoke to her about it. She asked if I could come in and have an EKG done so they could better understand what was going on. I told her yes I could.

I arrived at the VA hospital and went to the appointment. They did an EKG and said it was beating anywhere from 150 to about 170. I saw the  P. A. and she said she needed to speak to the Cardiologist about it. He then came in and said they were going to admit me so they could get the heart rate down to a manageable level and then I could go home the next day. I called my wife and told her and then I told the doctor I was ready. Little did I know that this was the start of a very long weekend.

The doctor admitted me and I got settled into my room. It was quite spacious with one large window and only one bed. This meant I would be all alone. Yippee! They started an IV of Cardizem, which is supposed to lower your heart rate. Later on my wife arrived with some friends who brought her down to see me. (I had her car with me and my daughter had my truck.) This would allow her to drive the car back home so she would have it to come see me again, and take me home the next day. She stayed for quite a while visiting me and she was nice enough to bring me plenty to do. My rate was now between 90 and 100.  She then had to leave so we said our goodbyes and she left. I watched some TV and then went to bed. Good night all, see you later.

The next day the doctor arrived and my heart rate had come down, but not enough for me to be sent home. He said they would be keeping me until Monday of the next week so they could figure out what to do. Great! Just what I needed. A long weekend in the hospital. Not exactly what I had in mind for the weekend. I mean didn't they know I had maple syrup to make. Boy, these doctors just don't get it.

That day my wife came and visited with me for a long time. My daughter also was able to come and visit me. This made the day go so much better.

On Sunday I had an unexpected visitor to my room. I was sitting there waiting for my wife to come, which I knew would be a while since she had to take care of my other kids before she would be able to come visit me, when all of a sudden Kevin, aka Bloodhounded, walked into my room. Wow, was I surprised to see him. We talked for a long while about all sorts of stuff, especially Geocaching. Then he presented me with a few gifts he had brought along. That was so nice and really made my day. So I say a big thanks to BH for spending some time with me and making my  hospital stay not too bad. He then left since he had to work. What a guy. My wife arrived and I was able to show her my loot and share with her what it meant to me to have him come for a visit.

Since I don't want to wear you out I'll continue this little series next week. Maybe then I'll get to the maple syrup portion.


littlebigal1985 said...

Glad you're doing better Dad! You need to send some of that syrup down here to Texas so I can share it with my friends!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better! Kevin is one heck of a guy, isn't he? Now that is a true friend.


That was a great talk. Get two bloggers in one room and there isn't a moment of silence. It was great to see you were doing so well and I enjoyed the visit. Keep that geocoin close to you and it will bring you good luck!

Sylinda said...

I'll wait until your next post to leave a real comment. I'm waiting to hear how wonderful your wife was through this whole ordeal. ROFL

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