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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

St Leo’s School 8th Annual Trout Derby and Geocaching “Fish” Run

Herk Zameroski is a geocacher back in the Dodger Lizard Crew home stomping grounds of Elk County, PA.  He and his gang have some fun hides throughout that part of the Commonwealth, and I was fortunate to get to know him while trying to complete the very fun “In For A Penny” geocache series.  I was thrilled to receive a recent email from Herk touting what sounds like an absolutely great time – a trout fishing AND geocaching derby!  It’s held in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Allegheny National Forest and benefits St. Leo’s School in Ridgway, PA.  Hopefully many of our Cache Crazy readers can attend, and many thanks, Herk, for sharing this with us! 

Check it out…!


The St. Leo's School Geocaching "Fish" Run started in 2008 and coincides with their Annual Trout Fishing Derby.  It was started to promote family and friends to get together and geocache for some fun and prizes.  The event has grown each year and is a great way for everyone to enjoy a May afternoon.  As stated above, this event is a fundraiser for St. Leo's School.

How it Works

The entry fee is $10 per team if you register before April 30 or $15 per team after that date.  Caches are hidden throughout Elk County near Ridgway, PA in the heart of the beautiful Allegheny Wilds. 

This year there will be a $100 prize hidden in one of the caches!

Geocaching Rules 

Caches will be placed at local fishing spots and marked with GPS coordinates that will be given in a list to all registered teams.  The goal will be to visit all 10 locations and return within 2 hours to the registration area with the unopened envelopes that represent the “fish”.  The “St. Leo’s Fish Commission” will open the envelopes for each team as they arrive and post each team’s accumulated point total.  Any open “fish” envelopes will be disqualified, and no team should have more than 10 total envelopes.

Any Team Can Win!

The event starts at 2:00 PM on May 12, 2012 at the Ridgway Firemen’s Carnival lot.  Each team must bring their own GPS, and each team must sign a waiver.  Registered teams will then receive a cache list or “license” for “fishing”.

The event ends at 5:00 PM at the registration area where teams will be scored on UNOPENED “fish” envelopes.  

Prizes will be awarded by the St. Leo’s Fish Commission.

Just Like Real Fishing!

The caches will be stocked days before the event by the St. Leo’s Fish Commission.

Each team will proceed to the cache locations in any order they select.  

Each cache location will have a supply of fish envelopes.

Envelopes will be marked so that there can be only one from each cache for each team.  Teams that take too many fish from a cache will be given a point deduction by the St. Leo’s Fish Commission!

Only one fish may be taken by each team from a given cache location.  Open fish envelopes will be disqualified!

Not all cache locations will have fish which means no points!

Not all caches will have enough fish for every registered team so the first teams to the cache get the fish available!

Some fish will be "suckers" and have penalty points, or small fish with fewer points.  Some "fishing holes" will have only a few fish worth many points, but some "streams" will be posted for "fly fishing only" and will have penalty points.

No team should end up with more than 10 fish envelopes, one from each location.

There is one very high point fish available at one of the cache locations!

Fish envelopes must be returned UNOPENED to the St. Leo’s Fish Commission before 5:00 PM to be available for scoring and prizes.

Personal Note from Herk

“I’ve been to most of these and had a real good time.  My team also had the lowest score ever at a minus 19 points!  I donate geocache containers every year, and if you have something special you could bring along to donate like swag, travel bugs or whatever – thank you.  If you’re a fisherman, enter the geocache contest and spend the entire weekend looking for the $5,000 Lucky Leo fish!  The fish are stocked and donated by Island Run Sportsman’s Club so if you run into a club member be sure to thank them.”

Previous "Lucky Leo" winner Jeremy Fecko with St. Leo's Principal Mrs. Detwiler.  Jeremy donated a portion of his winnings back to the school!

More Information

For more information on these fun events, check them out: 

Hope many of you can make it!



AWESOME! I love when people take the game and use it in different formats to create another challenge or variation of geocaching! This is well done Dodger, you really did a great job on this post!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That really sounds like a fun time. What a great twist on the game!

Erika Jean said...

That sounds like a "neat" event! Wish i "lived" closer ;-)

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

What an interesting idea could be used over here in UK.

Debbie DeBaeremaeker said...

thats a great idea!

BigAl said...

Dan, great post. I love the idea. I might have to work up something for this area too. Thanks for a new game to try.

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