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Friday, April 20, 2012

Mother May I?

I was on my way home from work the other day, and I had my mind set on fetching a cache to fill in a calendar day.  I had selected on off the map from  The cache was near the highway.  Easy on, easy off!  I was on a schedule, and didn't have time to putz around.  With this one, I could park the car within 100 feet of ground zero, run and make the grab, sign in, and skedaddle.  Easy, peasy!

Then I got there.

I've come across this before.  I approach the cache area, only to see the dreaded "No Trespassing-Private Property" signs posted nearby.  This is where the "Good Dave" and "Evil Dave" appear on my shoulders, both putting thoughts in my ears.  Of course, it's wrong, not to mention illegal, to tread on private property without permission.  The cache owner surely wouldn't put a cache somewhere we couldn't seek it, now would they?  On the other hand, perhaps the cache owner has permission from the land owner to place the cache there, and subsequently, allow cachers on their property to seek it.  Nowhere on the cache description page does it state this, but perhaps it was an oversight, and permission was granted.  There's always the notion to just go for it.  Who cares, I'm only going for that cache over there!  It's no big deal!

"Get off my lawn!"

I drove by the area a few times, and surveyed the scene.  It was clearly marked private property.  It appeared to just be a wooded area, but on closer inspection, there appeared to be some type of equipment protruding from the ground.  A well, perhaps?  Additionally, there was no parking lot.  It was one of those "pull over on the side of the road and go get it" caches.  After all was said and done, I decided to turn off my GPSr and head home.  I probably could have ran 100 feet into the woods, grabbed the cache and signed in, and been back to the car without issue, but decided it wasn't worth the risk.

Perhaps being arrested for trespassing while geocaching falls into the same category as hiking?  I suppose getting a call from the police station would illicit the same reaction, it not worse, than one from the emergency room.

I covered a similar topic last year, in my post "Eh, No Thanks!"  Today's cache was not an FTF-type situation, but the principle remains the same.  I don't like to cross private property lines unless I know it's permitted.  Even then, I tend to only search for caches on private property if I know, and trust, the cache owner.  In too many instances, the cache owner will assume permission, when it, in fact, has not been specifically granted.

I bet the next time, he'll trade up!

How do you tackle No Trespassing/Private Property issues?  Do you instantly turn the car around, or is there a thrill which you can't avoid, and must go find the cache?  For cache owners, do you always seek out permission, and if so, do you relay that information to cachers on your cache page?


Anonymous said...

We check for another access point that may be public, maybe 300 feet away is a public access point. If not we turn around, we want no part of the No Trespassing and then we email the CO and ask, he may not have seen the signs if he came from a different access point. Great Article!! Tru2Cntry

Anonymous said...

oh... and I love the BEAR!! lol


As a seeker, I hate Private Property! I usually write a smart ass log or something but that's about it.
As a hider, I hate Private Property! So many awesome areas just out of reach!
Nothing good about it.....

Great post Dave! Your usual witty flare is such a compliment to our blog! I'm glad you're on our team! BH

BigAl said...

Unless it specifically states on the cache page that permission was granted, I usually pass them up. I don't like trespassing on private property. Great article.

Big_Dog1970 said...

Good story Smithers
I try to hide my caches in a public domain.
Any caches that are on private land I get permission and post that info on the page.

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