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Monday, April 9, 2012

Bloodhounded on Geocache Maintenance

Regularly preformed maintenance on a geocache is really important if you want your cache to pass the tests of time. The elements are bad enough, but add poor seeker sportsmanship, critters and even muggles to the mix and you have the recipe for an archived geocache. When I place my caches, I expected them to provide at least five years of service. But, you wont get five years of service without providing some services to the cache itself as well.

Today I took my top off, jumped in my cachemobile and instead of using the time for finding geocaches, I used it to do a power cache maintenance run! Come on, I'll show you what I saw.

First of all I planned my trip well. I have six caches in a seven mile area and I had the route all worked out ahead of time.
I brought:

  • Extra logs in three sizes
  • Lots of SWAG
  • Heavy Zip Lock bags
  • Small log bags
  • A few pens and a Sharpe
  • Spare Geocache container 
  • and my GPSr
That's it, and everything except the SWAG fit into a spare cache container, nice!

It really doesn't take much effort but sometimes you have to "find" your own cache because it was moved. Checking the container for cracks is a good idea. I keep track of the logs. Cachers will tell you whats going on. Maintenance also renews the feeling that you had when you placed the cache in the first place. You get to see all those sites you loved then and still do today.

The sundial at my Grace Chapel cache 
Bear Creek Dan is always beautiful no matter the season
Interesting little bridge in Bear Creek Township

Before you know it you'll have a good number completed. I did all six in under two hours. These caches are now ready for the summer and I get a piece of mind knowing that they are 110% ready for the next seeker. I want Bloodhounded caches to have a good "REP" in the caching community. I especially want the cache to be ready for the next little kid who finds the treasure and opens it up and says, "WOW"! That's what I strive for.

So, get out there and visit your old pals and rekindle that relationship. If you don't it's sure to end and disappoint folks. Make sure you add a 'Owner Maintenance" log to your cache page. This way the seeker can  be assured that there is quality in your cache and get your's on the list. Other cachers are a help to at times but, I would like to see a whole lot more of that going on. 

In the end it's just as fun as seeking and finding another smiley just isn't as important to me. After all, I'm a geocache hider who like to seek sometimes too, but, a hider first........

You'll find quality or we'll refund your swag, no questions asked, LOL!
Have fun!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Good idea and you're right - it doesn't take long to check them.

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