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Friday, April 6, 2012


It's that time of the year.  Spring has sprung (a bit early), the days are longer, and the countdown to summer vacation has started.  Around here, the unofficial first holiday of spring is Easter.  The kids look forward to the long weekend, getting candy, and enjoying being able to get outside and enjoy the spring air.  Mom and Dad enjoy getting Aunt Gayle's homemade pierogies on Palm Sunday, as well as the extra day or two off from work.  Such as Christmas has its own traditions, so does Easter.

One new event worked in this year, on Palm Sunday, was an Easter Egg hunt.  Aunt Deb called us up a few days prior, and told us she and Uncle Dale were going to hide eggs around the yard.  "The kid who finds the most eggs gets a special prize!" she said.  Oh boy.  I had visions of three kids beating each other to a pulp over a nominal gift.  This could get ugly!

Aunt Deb and Uncle Dale have a small yard, mind you.  They live in a moderate-sized home located in a side alley.  Nice house-small, to no yard.  This is going to be interesting.  We bring the kids over on Sunday, after church and Sunday School.  They're all ready to hunt!  They're met at the gate with buckets, and the search begins.  The easy hides are quickly found-the corner of the wooden fence, inside the screen door, behind the ladder to the hot tub.  As expected, there are children wrestling each other to the ground.  Crying was involved (the 13-year old), as was cracked-open plastic eggs, with coins, rolling down the alley (the 12-year old) and even a little bit of blood (the 8-year old).  Uncle Dale tells Mom and I there are a total of 36 eggs scattered about.  One of those eggs contains a voucher for a "special prize."  The other eggs are stuffed with either coins (mostly quarters) or numbered sheets of paper.  Our 8-year old, Matthew, finds what I thought were the two craftiest hides-in the dryer vent, and behind the door to the gas cap on Uncle Dale's truck!  Hmmm, future geocacher?  Perhaps!

Too young to find eggs, but a prime target for Silly String!

As the pace slowed down considerably, we had the kids count their eggs.  They had 15, 12, and 8, respectively.  Thirty-five eggs found, one still out there.  At this point the adults joined in on this all-out scavenger hunt for the 36th egg.  We double-checked all the logical spots.  We even double-checked all the not-so-logical spots.  Nothing.  A recount of the eggs affirmed the count of 35.  Where was #36?

After ten or fifteen minutes, we abandoned our search for the egg, and headed inside to reward prizes.  The 12-year old, Madalyn, was the big prize-winner with 15 eggs.  She opened her grand prize envelope.  "April Fools!"  No grand prize for her!  By coincidence, she also found the egg with a penny in it.  (The rest were quarters.)  Her prize for the penny?  A decanter full of pennies, and a pack of penny-rollers.  Git to rollin'!

We all sat around the kitchen table, chit chatting, counting pennies, and sipping root beer.  All involved in the hunt are part of our Myrtle Beach trip in a few months, so a good deal was discussed of that trip.  I looked out the window and saw Matthew.  He's still looking for that darn egg.  That kid would not give up!  He must have spent another twenty minutes after that, searching and low (remember, he's eight years old.)  It reminded me of how interested he becomes with, basically, anything we put in front of him.  We walked through a cemetery last week, in hopes of finding a particular grave.  To him, it was a personal mission, and he wasn't going to rest until it was found.  I hope to take him out caching this summer.  I think if I explain the game to him, he'll fall in love with it.

We never did find the last egg.  Perhaps it will turn up in the summer, while they're out in the hot tub, or perhaps mowing the lawn.

Happy Easter!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That sounded like a really fun day! Happy Easter!

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