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Monday, March 12, 2012

Why Haven't I Been Geocaching?

I think that one of the things that make CacheCrazy.Com so cool is that we not only have a network of friends all over the world, we are also local here in Northeast PA. We have writers from everywhere in the US and abroad but, half of the team in home based. The nice thing about that is we can support each other. And, occasionally we get together and do some geocaching.

They are the good times. Then there are the not so good times. Or, let’s at least say that I would have preferred to be under other circumstances.
VA Hostpital in Wilkes-Barre, PA
Awesome view of downtown
Today I visited BigAl437 at the VA Hospital in Wilkes-Barre, PA. He looked great and surprised to see old Bloodhounded. I took a seat and we chatted for the better part of an hour. Rob is as interesting to talk to as he is to read about. I just sat back and smiled because he was happy I was there. I left him with a lucky 2011 Lackey Geocoin (more to follow on this neat coin and how it came to me), a solid handshake and I reminded him that a lot of people love him, so do the right thing. He won’t listen, there’s too much to do but, not today. He was lounging and reading a book when I surprised him, while we were there a nice young lady brought him a beverage, his room had an incredible view and he was also served lunch. Just like a king! He’ll be fine and I know his wife is an RN so he can’t fool her. We are all praying for you big man! Get well soon.

I Got Mail

Look what I got in the mail

Most of you know that I was nominated for Geocacher of the month by Geocaching.con and Latitude 47. I didn't win but I was one of three finalists which in itself was an honor. They sent me a package!

I really liked the way the card was handwritten and so personal and the swag wasn't so bad either. The geocoin is a 2011 Lackey edition that is presented to players by Groundspeak who have done some type of good deed (you can also get on on ebay for about 20 bucks). Anyway, It was a real nice gesture and I love getting mail!

The Daily Grind 
My real job as a Program Director for a USDA subsidy school lunch program has been crazy lately! I have been working some big hours as now is the time when schools start to select their commodity foods for next school year. As the facilitator of this program for my company, I make sure the foods that our group selects are wholesome, nutritious, desirable by kids and cost effective. If you can get all of these jiving at the same time, I'm winning. If not, I just need to be more persistent with our group. 


At the restaurant where I am a saute' cook , we've been super busy! Folks around here know where the food is good so they will endure long waiting lists and crowded dining rooms to have a great meal. I can't say I blame them. The food quality has been at it's highest over the last few weeks with some awesome fresh fish (especially the tuna), nice looking hand cut steaks and of course everything coming out of the saute' station has been outstanding! Just say'n.

And Another BIG THING!
Scranton Preparatory School 
I'm pretty excited that my son Michael was accepted and is enrolling in on of the best high schools in the Northeast. He is officially going to Scranton Preparatory High School in Scranton, PA. He has earned a 45% grant based on merit, achievement and academical criteria. I toured the school a few weeks ago and OMG! All I kept thinking about is Hogwarts. This place is unbelievable, high tech and yes, expensive. That's why I work two jobs, lol! With the 45% grant, it was competitive with the Catholic High School alternative. 


 In Summary

So, I have been pretty busy these past few weeks. A lot of good things are coming out of the hard work and persistence though. I'm tired and haven't really been out geocaching much lately however, that doesn't mean I don't want to go! I DO! I REALLY DO! It's just that priority in life has a way of shifting balances and the key is to shift with them so you never fall! I know that it's beautiful outside, that spring is in the air and we just gained an hour of day light with setting our clocks ahead one hour with daylight savings time so, don't count me out. Before long I'll be logging about the great adventures again and things will get back to normal. Until then my friends, enjoy life and live it up!
I'll find you, just wait and see.....


Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Super post and we all do appreciate all the work you do for us geocachers. The amount of work you squeeze into the day makes me appreciate what my retirement is worth. Glad you saw BidAl, my days at the moment seem to be visiting my poorly Sister in hospital but I try to keep a few minutes for caching. Keep up the good work, what would I read at breakfast time if you didn't.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Yes, you sound super busy these days. Congrats to Michael! Be sure to squeeze a little caching time into that busy schedule - everyone needs to relax and have some downtime.

BigAl said...

Kevin, Thanks for the visit and the gifts. If you could stop by and see my I'm sure you could grab an LPC down at the mall parking lot. LOL. I know all about life getting busy and not being able to get out for some caches. I mean come on, I'm only 7 away from 300. How bad do you think I want to get out there and find them? Right; real bad. But it will just have to wait. And as for my wife, well she is just one totally AWESOME woman who takes the best care of me. I can't wait to see here each day. She is the bright spot in this dark area. Keep up the good work. And when you can go find some caches.

Ann said...

Congrats on being a finalist and great gifts as well, true as you say a handwritten letter is a great thing to receive. I enjoy your blog Kevin i would be out every day caching if i could, but as i am the cacher in the house i dont like to drag hubby along or suggest it all the time lol.
Congrtulations to Michael as well. Keep up the great work you put in on your great blog.

Erika Jean said...

Man, you are busy! don't worry... those caches aren't going anywhere. ;-)

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