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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello Paperless Geocaching - Goodbye Creative Cache Pages

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In my half century of life, I’ve learned to “change with the times” and be flexible.  I use to get all pissed off when things I cherished would change. Not anymore. I roll with it and at times even embrace the change. I’m a changed man, so to speak! One change that technology recently took away from me, were the days when folks would actually read the cache pages on It was the only way at one time. You would log on, find the caches you wanted to do, then read and print the cache page and go searching with a whole pile of papers. Do you remember that? I had cache pages all over my car.

Not anymore. Today you can bring up local caches with a quick search on many different apps from your phone, GPSr or other devices that support GPS technology. Everything you need is right there at your fingertips. No more printing, shuffling papers, killing trees or reading stupid cache pages. 

No reading cache pages? Say it ain’t so!

I have had the wonderful experience of creating  geocache pages for my hides that are just as cool as the caches themselves (I think so anyway). I spent hours tooling with HTML codes to make it just right so that when a geocacher went to my page, they knew right away they had to find that cache, my cache. OK, sometimes I went wayyyyy overboard. I have been criticized by cachers that say, “Just give me the facts man, just the facts”, but that never seemed to stop me. Every once in a while I would get a complement on the cache page or the story but, not anymore. People have just stopped reading, period. The thought processes is to get as many as you can and as fast as you can. Stopping to read the cache page is just a waste of precious  time. A hindrance in achieving the goal of getting the numbers, not finding that special geocache.

Creative "cache paging" is a dying art that is practiced by only a handful of people that I know. I love to do them and have even done some pages for friends and family so that they can show off their cache pages too. However, once again, I have caved in and started to do things differently. I got away from some of the elaborate pages and I just add a small graphic and basic text these days. In my most recent hide, “The Salty Dog”, I blended basic text with hyperlinks and a jpeg story that is there to enjoy if anyone wants to read it but, who has time for that? All they really want are the freaking coords and a damn smiley anyway. And, if it’s a “cache and dash” so much the better!  Don’t even get me started......

So, I’ve hung up my HTML brushes and packed my stories away for a different audience and have joined the masses of geocachers who really don’t give a second thought to typing a few lines, maybe a hint and that’s about it. It’s sad really, but why should I toil over an HTML puzzle for hours if no one will ever even know the difference? Who cares?

Goodbye creative cache pages, you’ll be missed by me, while others may never even know the pleasure……..

Here is a selection of some of my unique geocache pages. Enjoy them while you can before Groundspeak "changes" and limits the cache page data limit and only “allows” text to save money and free up space. Our game is changing and I'm changing with it but, I don't have to like it! 



Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Living on the other side of the great pond I find that I,m the first to read and comment on the blog. In fact many fellow catchers are still pushing zzzzzzzzz as I type. As a pensioner I have had to progress with technology, and enjoy it very much, so much so that I have left my youngsters behind - so what am I rambling on about, well I agree with Bloodhounded completely here, trying to making caching interesting with cache descriptions only for the enthusiasm to dwindle as time gets precious. Good blog, enjoyed!!!

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

I come from a different perspective. As an IT guy, and a Linux user, I find the ease of working with text to be *MUCH* preferred over HTML. The issue with HTML is that not everything can render it properly, and some folks get it "ugly".

You can make text just as long and descriptive as HTML if you try, (ASCII art is one of the lost arts), and it works in so many more places.

Text for the win.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I love a well done and interesting cache page. You're lucky you are creative enough to come up with stuff like that.

BigAl said...

I too enjoy a good cache page. BH your's are the best. I appreciate how much time you put into them and I hope you don't stop making them. I also say thanks for the ones you've helped me create. I think we need to continue for those cachers who really enjoy them. Keep it up.

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