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Friday, March 2, 2012

Have A Heart: The Story of Why I Cache (Part III)

Today I present the third, and final installment in a series of articles explaining my motivations for geocaching.  In part three, you'll find out how I was introduced to the game.  I hope you enjoyed this series, and the candid look I offered into my life.  Perhaps I've inspired some to take a second look at one's attitude toward life, their health and to get out there and do something about it!  -Dave aka smithie23

Life was good in 2009, I must admit.  I was starting to come into my own at my job.  No worries there.  Family life was good.  I was an eligible bachelor (har har) and, as such, had a very busy social life.  I found the only time I had for "physical exercise" was the Wednesday night bowling league to which I belonged.  A drinking league with a bowling problem, as we used to call it.  I grew tired of the gym scene.  Overpriced memberships paid, just to stand in line to use ineffective equipment.  I really needed something else.

In person, seeing this dude gets old, real quick.

Sometime during that spring, I went to a party with a friend of mine.  At some point during the evening, I struck up a conversation with the party's host, a friend of my friend.  We were discussing Facebook, and particular, how envious I was of her travels.  She was fortunate to take various trips around the world with a youth group she mentored.  When discussing her travels, she was fortunate she was able to find geocaches in all these different countries.  My response?  "Huh?  Geo-what?"  She went into the explanation of geocaching which we've all come to know and love.  At the time, she would frequently take her students, at the college where she taught, geocaching.   She bragged of how much fun it was, and the awesome sights she's seen as a result of it.  Ok, now I was outright jealous!  "Miss Outdoorsy-Girl" had me rushing home the next day, and right to my computer.  In no time I had my account and smithie23 was born. (Smithie, for those not in the know, is a play off my name, penned by lady-friend, and 23 being my lucky number.  Think less Michael Jordan, more Don Mattingly...)


Fun times at the Seven Tubs


Great times, courtesy of geocaching.

I was hooked from the get-go.  I found a smart phone app for my cell phone, and not too long after, was able to find my first cache.  I spent most of that summer on the trails, in the woods, amazed that technology would lead me to an activity taking place, in good part, in the woods, and said activity would fill that exercise void in my life.  The friend and I have fallen out of contact.  In fact, I don't even remember her caching name.  But Phil, if you're out there, thanks for bringing up geocaching that night at your house.  One or two lines, as a tangent to another conversation, have provided me with almost three years of fun and exercise!


Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Being a pensioner I was called to the doctors yesterday for a check-up. My doctor was impressed how I've changed over a couple of years, 6 1/2 stone lighter (91 lbs), blood pressure right down, cholesterol halved. Thank you geocaching you have changed my life and life expectancy - not forgetting all my new friends.


What a super ending and a wonderful series with a life experience and a great message! What's not to love?

So, this is what got you into the amazingly great shape your in today? Right? I've paced behind you while geocaching and you move at a pretty good clip!

Initially, getting fit was for "YOU" which is the best place to start. However, today you have others who depend on you and love you. A real live family and friends like us.

I'm happy your back in top condition (or your getting close)and, that I was able to meet you through geocaching too! I remember sending you an email as a new cacher in our area welcoming you and offering any assistance that I could about the game. Now today, you're way to 700 found geocaches.

Good stuff!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Great story and a real inspiration for healthy living. Geocaching really does provide huge benefits!

Big_Dog1970 said...

Eggselent Story Smithers.....

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