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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dodger Lizard Crew

This is why I can’t get out geocaching anymore:

- Transplanting an enormous number of Alberta Spruce trees;

- Painting the living room;

- Managing my daughter’s t-ball team (thrilled to do it, but why isn’t Little League played in the summer????);

- Working my regular job;

- Cleaning the yard;

- Teaching CCD;

- Running;

- Trying to get ready for spring turkey season;

- Taking care of two kids;

- Juggling between my job, my wife’s job, and my wife’s part-time job while taking care of two kids;

- Trying to get ready for the opening day of trout season;

- Trying to get ready for Easter;

- Trying to keep the house somewhat clean and orderly;

- Tax return (Geez, I did this last year after all – cut a guy a break already…);

- Cleaning, staining and assembling a used swing set (Remember that bashed shin???);

…And every other day-to-day chore….
…But that’s life, friends!  I wouldn’t change it for the world.  A good buddy once told me something that has stuck with me for many years now – "The more you have to do, the more you get done."  It is true, isn’t it???
This year’s spring milestones:
- First woodcock courtship flight – March 5, 2012
- First robin sighting – March 6, 2012
- First spring peeper sounds – March 12, 2012 (I know others heard them earlier, but that was the first time for me this year…)
- First turkey gobble – March 25, 2012 (Same as above…)
Geocaches I have my eye on for when the calendar clears:
- General Trexler’s Geocache (See our DNF from a week or so ago…)
- Out of Focus (Our blogging and geocaching buddy Smithie is a damn genius!  You all are gonna be cursing me for showing you this one...)
- Windmill Hunting in the Barrens (We’ve heard this story enough times, but I am now honorary CO, and that Stage 4 seems to be a constant problem…)
- ANY cache in Florida (DLC's going to Disney World, baby!  Stay tuned...)
- In addition, we’re trying to get the big gang together again this year to tackle another cache of epic proportions.
- AND – I almost hate to say it because it’s just so brilliant – but I’m conjuring up a real cool hide of DLC proportions!  Can't wait!

Rock on,


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

It stinks how life in general can sometimes get in the way of caching! LOL! You'll get out there soon. I'm looking forward to some cache posts!

smithie23 said...

I haven't been able to get out as much as I'd like to, as well. Work has been hectic, not to mention things at home. Can't I just get paid to cache? Problem solved!

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Sorry to say this retirement lark is hard work - sniggers like muttley, well OK I can get out quite often but currently looking after my Sisters journeys to hospital for her chemo, saying that I think I have done most caches near the hospital.

BigAl said...

And spending time in the hospital doesn't help you find any REAL caches either. Take it easy DLC and you'll be able to get out there soon. Just like the rest of us. Looking forward to not being busy sometime soon.

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