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Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and explore Buttermilk Falls, Long Lake, NY.

Last weekend my wife and I took our son, BigAlJr1693, to Snow Camp at Word of Life Bible Institute in Schroon Lake, NY. We dropped him off for the weekend, and then we headed North West through the Adirondack Mountains to a place called Long Lake, NY.

We were going to be staying for the weekend with our good friends Russ and Maxine Rider whom we had not seen for about 9 years or so due to the miles that separated us. I knew this was going to be an awesome trip.

We pulled into their driveway after about an hours trip through the mountains. Boy how I have missed the real mountains. These mountains are really huge and really high, and what was even more spectacular was that they were experiencing WINTER.  Yes, I said winter. The trees along the way were magnificent with snow covering the boughs and causing them to droop down towards the ground. I was thankful that the roads were clear and everything was just beautiful. They had lots of snow and most of the lakes there were frozen over unlike around Northeast PA where we had only had about 14 inches of snow the WHOLE SEASON. A real bummer.

Once we got into the house we were greeted by their daughters who had grown up so much. These little girls as I remember them were now young ladies and much taller than I remember. We talked with them for a while and them their mom, Maxine, arrived. What a joyous reunion to see her again. Her husband, Russ, the local doctor, would be coming home later since he was so busy with his office. The Rider's had arranged for us to stay in a little Chalet built by their neighbor, so she took us over to see it. WOW!! I was amazed at this little place. It was hand built by the owner and most of the wood, if not all of it, had been cut off of his own land. He did not have it totally done, but that was fine with us. At least we had a wonderful place to sleep at night and our days would be spent with our friends, their family, and good food and fellowship.

                    Living Room

                 Our bedroom. Don't mind the mess.

                 The Kitchen

                 Dining Room. Love those beams.

                   Boat Propeller lamp including Minnow bucket shade.

                    A Carpenter's Lamp; it's on the level too.

                       I just love hand-hewn beams.

After seeing the house we met the owner/builder and his wife. They really are a lovely couple. We then went back to our friend's house for supper. We visited for a while and then Russ came home and we were able to visit with him too before all of us turned in for bed. It sure is fun spending time with old friends.

The next day my friend Russ, who is a Scout Master, took some of his Scouts down to the lake for an ice fishing tournament held by the local Rod and Gun Club. After dropping them off he came back and since the rest of us were done eating breakfast he asked if we would like to go see a Deer Yard. Oh yeah baby. I'm up for that.  A large area where deer like to congregate during the winter to eat and keep warm. My wife decided to stay at home since she was starting to experience a really bad headache. I hope you get better soon Honey.

We loaded up in his van and headed down the road. Our first stop along the way would be Buttermilk Falls. This truly is a beautiful place to visit and I'm glad I had my camera. We hiked through the snow along the trail until I heard the roar of the falls. All I can say is  AMAZING!

                Doc Russ, Esty, Abby, Rose, and Naomi

After visiting the falls we loaded back into the van and headed for the deer yard. We arrived and even though the homeowners weren't home we walked through the woods looking at the deer who were around. There were not as many as what we had thought, but then again feeding time isn't till around 3:00 pm.

                  Who are you looking at. I was sleeping ya know.

After viewing the deer we headed back home and dropped the girls off. Then Russ and I went over to his office to see some really cool stuff he has there. No, I'm not talking about doctor's tools and instruments; I'm talking about furs. Russ and his family are also trappers. We were going to see some of his catches. These furs are so soft and cuddly.

                 Beaver Pelts

               Can you name them from left to right?

Then he took me into the waiting room to tell me a fish story. Yes, they fish too. This large fish hangs in the corner and has special meaning to him and the folks who come visit him. Now this isn't the story about the one-that-got-away. It's about the "ones that got CAUGHT".

These are all of the lures that people have caught in themselves and he has had to remove. On each lure is the name of the person, the date, and what appendage they got it caught in. These are pretty funny stories. So if you're ever in Long Lake, NY on a fishing trip make sure you don't catch yourself, or you might end up on a tag too.

After the doctor's visit we went back home and then the fun began. I took three of his daughters out Geocaching. Yes, they Geocache too. (They even make maple syrup.) Sounds very familiar to me. The girls have been Geocaching for a while and they took me to a few they had already done, and then we visited some that they had not found. This was a total blast.

We even got to go after one you usually need a canoe for, but since the lake was frozen we walked over to it. The only problem was that we think a huge tree fell on the cache because we could not find it where they knew it should be. Such is life. Maybe next time.

             The Island, and it's not Gilligan's

                    Walking over the frozen lake.

On one cache we found something very interesting. The girls had gotten up the snow covered hill faster than this old man, and I heard a small screech. When I got up to the top I saw what had startled them. It was this little guy peeping out of a hole to see who we were.

               I'd invite you all in, but it's a little cramped in here.

All in all we found 4 caches and logged 2 DNF's. We had a blast and I can't wait to visit them again and hit some of the night caches they are eager to do. This was a wonderful visit with old friends and I sure hope that we don't wait so long to see them again. Of course now we're all friends on Facebook and and it will be neat to watch their stats climb.

Thanks Russ, Maxine, Rose, Naomi, Esty, Abby, and Luke for a wonderful weekend.

And by the way, the Scouts caught 9 Northern Pike, 1 salmon, and some smaller fish. Way to go their Scouts. Be Prepared and Cache on.



What a great post! That baby was pack full of topics and what excellent pictures! Great job and I'm sure it was a great time too. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Great post and wonderful trip, wish I was there. Don't like snow and ice that much though, I tend to fall over to much in it.

Ann said...

Whilst geocaching last Sunday we walked past a small wood and against a tree fastened to it was a large blue barrel, I thought of you and your maple syrup, no idea why it was there or why. But it did make me think of your posting on how you make the syrup.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a fun filled trip. I would have enjoyed ALL of that. Love the lure fish!

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